54 Change Log 2017-01-16

[security] Fixed case SEC-196: Fixed password used for Munin MySQL test account. [security] Fixed case SEC-197: Self-XSS in paper_lantern password change screen. [security] Fixed case SEC-199: Self-XSS in webmail Password and Security page. [security] Fixed case SEC-204: Exim piped filters ran as wrong user when delivering to a system user. [security] Fixed case SEC-205: Leech Protect did not protect certain directories. [security] Fixed case SEC-206: Exim transports could be run as the nobody user. [security] Fixed case SEC-207: Improper ACL checks in xml-api for Rearrange Account. [security] Fixed case SEC-209: SSL certificate generation in WHM uses an unreserved email address. [security] Fixed case SEC-210: Account ownership not enforced by has_mycnf_for_cpuser WHM API call. [security] Fixed case SEC-211: Stored XSS Vulnerability in WHM Account Suspension List interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-212: Format string injection vulnerability in cgiemail. [security] Fixed case SEC-214: Open redirect vulnerability in cgiemail. [security] Fixed case SEC-215: HTTP header injection vulnerability in cgiemail. [security] Fixed case SEC-216: Reflected XSS vulnerability in cgiemail addendum handling. 2017-01-11

Fixed case CPANEL-7823: Fix the is_upcp_running() check in ChkServd. Fixed case CPANEL-10545: Update exim to 4.86.1-3.cp1154. 2016-11-21

[security] Fixed case SEC-158: Arbitrary file overwrite when account domain is modified. [security] Fixed case SEC-159: Stored XSS in WHM Repair Mailbox Permissions interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-160: Stored XSS Vulnerability in the WHM Manage cPAddons interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-161: File overwrite during preparation for MySQL upgrades. [security] Fixed case SEC-162: Open redirect via /cgi-sys/FormMail-clone.cgi. [security] Fixed case SEC-164: Arbitrary file overwrites when updating Roundcube. [security] Fixed case SEC-165: File create and chmod via ModSecurity Audit logfile processing. [security] Fixed case SEC-168: Enforce feature list restrictions when calling the multilang adminbin. [security] Fixed case SEC-173: Arbitrary file chown via reassign_post_terminate_cruft. [security] Fixed case SEC-174: Stored XSS in homedir removal during WHM Account termination. [security] Fixed case SEC-175: Stored XSS in MySQL database names during WHM Account termination. [security] Fixed case SEC-176: Stored XSS in perlinstaller directory removal in WHM Account Termination. [security] Fixed case SEC-177: Self-XSS Vulnerability in WHM Tweak Settings for autodiscover_host. [security] Fixed case SEC-178: Self-Stored XSS Vulnerability in listftpstable API. [security] Fixed case SEC-179: Stored XSS in api1_listautoresponders. [security] Fixed case SEC-180: Self-XSS Vulnerability in UI_confirm API. [security] Fixed case SEC-180: Stored XSS Vulnerability in ftp_sessions API. [security] Fixed case SEC-181: Self-Stored XSS in postgres API1 listdbs. [security] Fixed case SEC-182: Self-Stored XSS in SSL_listkeys. [security] Fixed case SEC-184: Self-XSS in alias upload interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-185: Sensitive file contents revealed during file copy operations. [security] Fixed case SEC-186: Apache SSL keys readable by the nobody group. [security] Fixed case SEC-187: Host Access Control improperly handles action-less host.deny entries. [security] Fixed case SEC-188: Arbitrary code execution via Maketext in PostgreSQL adminbin. [security] Fixed case SEC-191: Code execution via cpsrvd 403 response handler. [security] Fixed case SEC-192: HTTP POST to listinput.cpanel.net does not use TLS. 2016-11-17

Fixed case CPANEL-9827: Update cpanel-perl-514-Compress-Raw-Lzma to 2.068-2.cp1146. 2016-10-18

Fixed case CPANEL-8673: Fix spurious error message about Mailman archive permissions. Fixed case CPANEL-8993: Update MySQL55 to 5.5.52-1.cp1148. 2016-09-19

[security] Fixed case SEC-141: Code execution as other accounts via mailman list archives. [security] Fixed case SEC-152: Arbitrary code execution due to faulty shebang in Mail::SPF scripts. [security] Fixed case SEC-154: Arbitrary file read due to multipart form processing error. [security] Fixed case SEC-156: Stored XSS Vulnerability in WHM tail_upcp2.cgi interface. 2016-07-28

Fixed case CPANEL-7692: Update cpanel-perl-514 to 5.14.4-8.cp1146. 2016-07-25

Fixed case CPANEL-7633: Patch perl dual life modules for CVE-2016-1238. 2016-07-18

[security] Fixed case SEC-130: Apache logfiles start with loose permissions. [security] Fixed case SEC-137: Set the pear tmp directory during php install. [security] Fixed case SEC-139: Improper session handling for shared users. [security] Fixed case SEC-142: Code execution as other user accounts through the PHP CGI handler. 2016-06-07

Fixed case CPANEL-4350: Don’t treat version file as a Perl module. Fixed case CPANEL-4625: Don’t generate fatal when attempting to package a non-existent locale. Fixed case CPANEL-5694: Improve support for Amazon Linux AMI. Fixed case CPANEL-6346: Fix Firefox bug in transfer tool. Fixed case CPANEL-6397: Test Amazon package changes on RHEL compatibility version 5, not version 2015. 2016-05-16

[security] Fixed case SEC-58: SQLite journal allowed for arbitrary file overwrite during Horde Restore. [security] Fixed case SEC-109: Demo account arbitrary code execution via ajax_maketext_syntax_util.pl. [security] Fixed case SEC-110: Self XSS Vulnerability in Paper Lantern Landing Page. [security] Fixed case SEC-112: Limited denial of service via /scripts/killpvhost. [security] Fixed case SEC-113: /scripts/addpop and /scripts/delpop exposed TTY’s. [security] Fixed case SEC-114: /scripts/checkinfopages exposed TTY to unprivileged process. [security] Fixed case SEC-115: /scripts/maildir_converter exposed TTY to unprivileged process. [security] Fixed case SEC-116: /scripts/unsuspendacct exposed TTY’s. [security] Fixed case SEC-117: /scripts/enablefileprotect exposed TTY’s. [security] Fixed case SEC-118: Self-XSS in ftp account creation under addon domains. [security] Fixed case SEC-119: Demo restriction breakout via show_template.stor. [security] Fixed case SEC-120: Arbitrary file read for Webmail accounts via Branding APIs. [security] Fixed case SEC-121: Webmail account arbitrary code execution through forwarders. [security] Fixed case SEC-122: SSL certificate not verified during license updates. [security] Fixed case SEC-123: SQL Injection via ModSecurity TailWatch log file. [security] Fixed case SEC-125: User log files become world-readable when rotated by cpanellogd. 2016-05-04

[security] Fixed case CPANEL-5973: Update cpanel-ImageMagick to 6.9.0-4.cp1154. 2016-04-22

Fixed case CPANEL-2330: Fixed time zone detection for CentOS 7 systems. Fixed case CPANEL-3251: Improve nscd recommendation message. Fixed case CPANEL-4304: Implement an aggressive reconnect strategy for php-fpm. Fixed case CPANEL-4421: Update dovecot to 2.2.23. Fixed case CPANEL-4439: Fixed terminal detection for manual /scripts/upcp runs. Fixed case CPANEL-4494: UAPI locale text is in HTML context via JSON. Fixed case CPANEL-4662: Ensure the CONF value in templates loads data properly. Fixed case CPANEL-4928: Update Git to 2.7.4. Fixed case CPANEL-5019: Manage MySQL Profiles: Ensure that the script output is emitted as API output. Implemented case CPANEL-5692: Prevent clearing the cache during dovecot-auth. 2016-03-22

Fixed case CPANEL-5023: Fix redaemonization of cphulk when resuming from dormant mode. 2016-03-21

[security] Fixed case SEC-31: Daemons can access their controlling TTY. [security] Fixed case SEC-75: scripts/addpop discloses password in process list. [security] Fixed case SEC-88: Self XSS Vulnerability in X3 Reseller Branding Images. [security] Fixed case SEC-89: MakeText interpolation allows arbitrary code execution as root. [security] Fixed case SEC-90: Unauthenticated arbitrary code execution via DNS NS entry poisoning. [security] Fixed case SEC-92: Bypass Security Policy by faking static documents. [security] Fixed case SEC-93: Bypass Two Factor Authentication with DNS clustering requests. [security] Fixed case SEC-96: Self-Stored-XSS in WHM Edit System Mail Preferences. [security] Fixed case SEC-97: Arbitrary code execution via unsafe @INC path. [security] Fixed case SEC-99: Arbitrary file read due to multipart form processing error. [security] Fixed case SEC-100: ACL bypass for AppConfig applications via magic_revision. [security] Fixed case SEC-101: Force two factor auth check when possessing another account. [security] Fixed case SEC-102: FTP cPHulk bypass via account name munging. [security] Fixed case SEC-104: Username based blocking broken for PRE requests in cPHulkd. [security] Fixed case SEC-105: Account suspension bypass via ftp. [security] Fixed case SEC-107: POP/IMAP cPHulk bypass via account name munging. [security] Fixed case SEC-108: Arbitrary file read when authenticating with caldav. 2016-03-08

Fixed case CPANEL-3806: Avoid abort on error when running user-generated backups. Fixed case CPANEL-4151: Fixes scrolling on iOS 9.2.1 Safari for Webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-4395: Ensure transferring into WHM works on Mailing List page. Fixed case CPANEL-4549: Patch perl for CVE-2016-2381. Fixed case CPANEL-4597: Emit cwd=/path/to/caller to logs when exim is called from command line. 2016-03-02

Fixed case CPANEL-4236: MultiPHP INI Editor hides asp_tags directive for PHP 7 enabled hosts. Fixed case CPANEL-4406: Fix spelling of “OpenSSL”. Fixed case CPANEL-4441: Retain compatibility with old FTP quota format. Fixed case STS-376: Add support for keep_environment and add_environment to support exim CVE-2016-1531. 2016-02-20

Fixed case CPANEL-3948: Ensure PATH is not empty when running adminbins. Fixed case CPANEL-4039: Resellers are unable to create feature lists. Fixed case CPANEL-4112: Add time units to email text when a server is blocked over openssl upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-4186: Ensure bandwidth pages work with custom locales. 2016-02-16

Fixed case CPANEL-4220: Restore webmail auto load functionality. Fixed case CPANEL-4224: Cpsrvd: Ensure Forced Password Reset properly triggers resets. Fixed case CPANEL-4227: Ensure allowwhmparkonothers setting is honored in API. Fixed case CPANEL-4238: Fix parse of OIDC user_info responses with \uXXXX sequences. Fixed case CPANEL-4241: Ensure that symlinks are created properly when using custom STAGING_DIR. Fixed case CPANEL-4262: Correct capitalization of DNS and IP in Hulk error messages. Fixed case CPANEL-4276: Add UAPI Session::create_temp_user call. Fixed case CPANEL-4277: Fix failed backups to NFS/CIFS shares. Fixed case CPANEL-4296: Correct error handling message for Serialized loads of JSON via file handles. Fixed case CPANEL-4303: Pkgacct: leave multiphp .htaccess rules in place. Fixed case CPANEL-4307: Only migrate to paper_lantern one time instead of every update. 2016-02-12

Fixed case CPANEL-2885: Fixed Roundcube classic clashes with Paperlantern. Fixed case CPANEL-3189: Changed description and itemdesc for APIShell. Fixed case CPANEL-3984: Turn IPv6 handling off for mailips/mailhelo. Fixed case CPANEL-4140: Require NetworkManager on all C7 systems so network.online precedes multi-user. Fixed case CPANEL-4149: Fix x3/Calendars and Contacts. Fixed case CPANEL-4165: Render system backup download links in Paper Lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-4184: Cphulk: Handle invalid remote ip addresses as local. Fixed case CPANEL-4200: Increase the timeout for HttpRequest to defend against slow mirrors. Fixed case CPANEL-4213: Remove support for Prefer AAAA over A in exim. Fixed case CPANEL-4223: Revert all changes to scripts/updateuserdomains for 11.54 only. 2016-02-09

Fixed case CPANEL-3884: Fix paper_lantern display units for MySQL and Mailing lists disk. Fixed case CPANEL-4060: Allow tildes and pluses in MySQL version numbers. Fixed case CPANEL-4081: Show File Usage on the Paper Lantern dashboard. Fixed case CPANEL-4116: CPHulk needs to handle the remote host being sent as Fixed case CPANEL-4124: New upstream release - MySQL 5.5.48. Fixed case CPANEL-4131: New upstream release - MySQL 5.6.29. Fixed case CPANEL-4138: Webmail clients load endlessly when PHP-FPM limits are reached. Fixed case CPANEL-4164: Call ftpupdate only once to clear FTP caches, not once per user. Fixed case CPANEL-3695: CPGreylistd: Use the restartsrv system for service startup. Fixed case CPANEL-3914: Ensure Accept-Language is honored for login templates. Fixed case CPANEL-3916: Fixed webmail scroll issue on mobile devices. Fixed case CPANEL-3972: AdminBin ftp_LISTSTORE caches not invalidated on update to 11.54. Fixed case CPANEL-3993: Fetchmx fails to parse IPv4 from a zone. Fixed case CPANEL-3998: Make sure resold, non-dedicated accounts have correct mailhelo entry. Fixed case CPANEL-4033: Fallback to cpwrap when the system cannot read the maildirsize file. Fixed case CPANEL-4042: Ignore out of context users when logging in via external auth. Fixed case CPANEL-4048: Auto-rebuild corrupt email_accounts.json files. Fixed case CPANEL-4056: Cpsrvd: Set securitycontext properly when authenticating with an accesshash key. Fixed case CPANEL-4077: Reseller Accounts are not able to create subdomain accounts in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-4080: Roundcube intermittently errors with accept cookies. Fixed case CPANEL-4091: Delpop generates error about cpanel-email. Fixed case CPANEL-4093: Transfer Tool not Installing SSL for Some Addon Domains. Fixed case CPANEL-4101: API2 Email::getmxcheck always returns auto. Fixed case CPANEL-4113: Added media queries to scale custom logos and brand text for mobile. Fixed case CPANEL-4115: Check if mailman is enabled before trying to process stats. 2016-02-02

Fixed case CPANEL-3945: Clean up entropychat chkservd files more aggressively. Fixed case CPANEL-3965: Ensure mailips default entry is added to SPF records. Fixed case CPANEL-4000: Unable to Download Webdisk Quick Start Script for Windows. Fixed case CPANEL-4002: WebDisk does not detect El Capitan. Fixed case CPANEL-4007: Accessing WHM via cPanel using root pass transfers to root WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-4015: “Configure Mail Client” option in cPanel downloads a cgi script. Fixed case CPANEL-4029: Transfer tool analyze can timeout with a large number of database users. Fixed case CPANEL-3594: Prevent shared address book error when deleting email account. Fixed case CPANEL-3888: PHP-FPM service will not start if with some usernames. Fixed case CPANEL-3908: Show LTS versions properly that are version 54 and newer. Fixed case CPANEL-3927: Download the correct Change Log file. Fixed case CPANEL-3918: Allow Email Trace when the mysql feature is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-3923: Paper Lantern: Prevent Default Action on Drag and Drop. Fixed case CPANEL-3928: Make kernel comparisons work with unequal numbers of components. Fixed case CPANEL-3929: Fix missing file for x3mail. Fixed case CPANEL-3949: Raise number of open files for php-fpm. Fixed case CPANEL-3954: OpenID logins need to handle legacy root cpanel users files. Fixed case CPANEL-3974: Hide external auth in Email Accounts when all providers are disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-3976: Ensure the lastlogin file is updated for 54 paper lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-3979: Paper Lantern: Make Drag and Drop work in Internet Explorer. Fixed case CPANEL-3992: Jailshell setup can generate cron email due to race condition in setup. Fixed case CPANEL-4003: Stale cpanel user owner line makes x3 to paper_lantern conversion fail. Fixed case CPANEL-4004: Only update the last login if a username is provided. 2016-01-27

Fixed case CPANEL-3872: Disable monitoring of removed entropychat on upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-3881: cPHulk: Repair bad configuration values which block WHM logins. Fixed case CPANEL-3842: Fix misspelling of “compatibility” in Pure-FTPD config. Fixed case CPANEL-3870: 2FA: Fix documentation link in paper_lantern interface. 2016-01-25

Fixed case CPANEL-3844: Avoid switching accounts with custom root default branding to paper lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-3846: Update servers need to be skipped on SHA mismatch. Fixed case CPANEL-3828: FPM cannot be used for phppgadmin when bindp is needed. Fixed case CPANEL-3843: X3 Greylisting: Ensure that the service status is detected properly. Fixed case CPANEL-3640: Gather-update-logs: fix sending existing tarballs. 2016-01-24

Fixed case CPANEL-3425: Jailshell: Mount additional ca-certificates path on Centos 7 systems. Fixed case CPANEL-3807: Mailperm: fix permissions of unreadable files. Fixed case CPANEL-3840: Adjust PHP-FPM to work for roundcube with existing horde changes. 2016-01-22

Fixed case CPANEL-3335: Fix Horde mbox export. Fixed case CPANEL-3618: Demo mode triggers in error in cpsrvd. Fixed case CPANEL-3621: Update WHMCS ODIC Docs URL. Fixed case CPANEL-3626: Do not add domains into mailhelo or mailips using the shared addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-3632: Don’t die when a yum python script exits uncleanly. Fixed case CPANEL-3634: Added retries to Cpanel::Update::get_remote_tiers_info. Fixed case CPANEL-3665: PHP-FPM for cpsrvd needs to set session values as admin values. Fixed case CPANEL-3666: Improve handling of invalid http headers. Fixed case CPANEL-3691: Use cPanel perl when adding default cPanel users during install. Fixed case CPANEL-3692: Fix MySQL version parser for Percona server versions. Fixed case CPANEL-3708: Remove starting newline from scripts/ssl_migration. Fixed case CPANEL-3721: Jailfs now supports EasyApache 4 MultiPHP. Fixed case CPANEL-3739: DAV: fix download of files ≤ 16 KiB in size. Fixed case CPANEL-3750: Handle the mysql pid file changing locations between restarts. Fixed case CPANEL-3755: Increase openid connect timeout to avoid random failures. Fixed case CPANEL-3757: Increase HttpRequest default timeout to 180s. Fixed case CPANEL-3759: Ignore “/” as a given goto_uri for an AJAX login. Fixed case CPANEL-3769: Add missing library to scripts/suphpup. Fixed case CPANEL-3772: Created Cpanel::PublicAPI as a wrapper for cPanel::PublicAPI. Fixed case CPANEL-3774: Restore previous behavior in Cpanel::SocketIP for DNS clustering. Fixed case CPANEL-3785: User Manager: Fix handling of dismissed service accounts. 2016-01-18

[security] Fixed case SEC-46: Arbitrary code execution via unsafe @INC path. [security] Fixed case SEC-70: Arbitrary file read via bin/fmq script. [security] Fixed case SEC-71: SQL injection vulnerability in bin/horde_update_usernames. [security] Fixed case SEC-72: Arbitrary code execution vulnerability during locale duplication. [security] Fixed case SEC-73: Password hashes revealed by bin/mkvhostspasswd script. [security] Fixed case SEC-74: Limited arbitrary file read in bin/setup_global_spam_filter.pl [security] Fixed case SEC-76: Code execution as shared users via JSON-API. [security] Fixed case SEC-77: Password hash revealed by chcpass script. [security] Fixed case SEC-78: Arbitrary file overwrite in scripts/check_system_storable. [security] Fixed case SEC-79: Arbitrary file chown/chmod during Roundcube database conversions. [security] Fixed case SEC-80: Arbitrary file read and write via scripts/fixmailboxpath. [security] Fixed case SEC-81: Arbitrary file overwrite in scripts/quotacheck. [security] Fixed case SEC-82: Limited arbitrary file chmod in scripts/secureit. [security] Fixed case SEC-83: Arbitrary code execution via scripts/synccpaddonswithsqlhost. [security] Fixed case SEC-84: Self-XSS in WHM PHP Configuration editor interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-85: Missing ACL enforcement in AppConfig subsystem. [security] Fixed case SEC-86: Stored XSS in WHM Feature Manager interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-87: Self-XSS in X3 Entropy Banner interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-91: Unauthenticated arbitrary code execution via cpsrvd. 2016-01-09

Fixed case CPANEL-3496: Security Questions error when logged in as reseller with root privs. Fixed case CPANEL-3518: Cpmove files in / cannot be restored with restorepkg. Fixed case CPANEL-3541: Cpanel::HttpRequest does not handle all http errors. Fixed case CPANEL-3558: Print debug information on RPM hash mismatch. Fixed case CPANEL-3581: Retry downloading RPMs when there is a digest mismatch. Fixed case CPANEL-3593: Print IP address when sync fails due to bad digest. Fixed case CPANEL-3545: Ext Auth must show webmail providers for email accounts if disabled for cpaneld. Fixed case CPANEL-3547: Do not block upgrades for Amazon Linux. Fixed case CPANEL-3551: Dynamicui Loader validation is too strict for third party plugins. Fixed case CPANEL-3555: Failure to update bandwidth during account changes results in partial changes. Fixed case CPANEL-3561: Allow .htm files in webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-3570: CustomEventHandler cannot load non-cPanel modules. Fixed case CPANEL-3571: Cpsrvd sends status 307 when it should send status 302. Fixed case CPANEL-3585: Handle a user named global in php-fpm config. Fixed case CPANEL-3591: Address javascript error in EA4 WHM UI. Fixed case CPANEL-3596: Hide the Two-Factor Authentication options in WHM by default. Fixed case CPANEL-3609: Glob ea-* packages correctly. 2016-01-04

Fixed case CPANEL-3287: PHP DSO handler packages are removed if EA4 Apache is using a threaded MPM. Fixed case CPANEL-3300: Domains won’t be shown suspended when searched. Fixed case CPANEL-3336: Add PHP7 support to the Cpanel::ProgLang interface. Fixed case CPANEL-3337: The EA4 MultiPHP ‘none’ handler now updates a domain’s .htaccess file. Fixed case CPANEL-3418: ModSecurity settings are now migrated when moving from EA3 to EA4. Fixed case CPANEL-3418: Fix existing locale phrases in the EA3 to EA4 migration script. Fixed case CPANEL-3418: EasyApache 4 now sends notification during ModSecurity 2 migration. Fixed case CPANEL-3418: EA3 to EA4 migrate script updated for easier development. Fixed case CPANEL-3439: Use the CentOS YUM repos for Amazon Linux when installing mariadb. Fixed case CPANEL-3440: Ensure Content-Length is sent for empty files. Fixed case CPANEL-3458: MySQL/MariaDB cannot be upgraded if it is broken or missing. Fixed case CPANEL-3488: Update copyright on security policy pages. Fixed case CPANEL-3489: Change ERR->XID for exception message IDs. Fixed case CPANEL-3490: Always prefer the email as the human readable username when linking openid. Fixed case CPANEL-3492: If OIDC logins fail due to an invalid token reattempts result in a loop. Fixed case CPANEL-3495: MySQL/MariaDB upgrades fail if mysqld and the version cache are both missing. Fixed case CPANEL-3502: User Manager: Populate email quota field on edit. Implemented case CPANEL-3411: Promoted EA4 from Tech Preview to Beta phase. Fixed case CPANEL-2844: Allow API shell for logins with create_user_session. Fixed case CPANEL-3095: Suppress spurious unmonitored notification for cpanel_php_fpm. Fixed case CPANEL-3119: Update Dovecot to 2.2.21 from upstream sources. Fixed case CPANEL-3120: Fix bugs related to editing webdisk digest auth using User Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-3127: Make root bandwidth DB loads more fail-safe. Fixed case CPANEL-3166: Allow WHM users to create subdomains across accounts when enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-3188: Ensure kmod can be updated on CentOS 7. Fixed case CPANEL-3197: Paper Lantern: Fix JS errors on the Module Installers page. Fixed case CPANEL-3240: Paper Lantern: Fix JS errors on Address Importer Step 4 page. Fixed case CPANEL-3242: Paper Lantern: Fix JS errors on Virus Scanner dodisinfect page. Fixed case CPANEL-3244: Fix DB prefixing for DB user in Paper Lantern’s MySQL wizard. Fixed case CPANEL-3248: Make Password & Security external authn link login again. Fixed case CPANEL-3257: Fix Horde contact restoration coming from Plesk backups. Fixed case CPANEL-3258: Fixed Feature Search for WHM in Paper lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-3260: SECURITY: Accommodate default /u/l/c perms in UAPI Batch. Fixed case CPANEL-3265: Fix MariaDB/MySQL version fetching when the server is not running. Fixed case CPANEL-3276: Session password shielding is not sufficiently random. Fixed case CPANEL-3278: SECURITY: Plug an arbitrary file-read hole via PHP-FPM logs. Fixed case CPANEL-3290: Assure cpsrvd does license checks even if it’s never idle. Fixed case CPANEL-3294: Update icons for cPanel Retro style. Fixed case CPANEL-3295: Send linked accts to passwd & sec page if started there. Fixed case CPANEL-3297: Remove replaced links from user.db files. Fixed case CPANEL-3299: If an EA3 system has any php selected when migrating give all versions of php. Fixed case CPANEL-3306: Do not try to show postgres statistics if postgres is not installed. Fixed case CPANEL-3310: Restrict display of external auth links to accounts the user can modify. Fixed case CPANEL-3313: Correct icon for two-factore authentication in cPanel retro style. Fixed case CPANEL-3314: User Manager: Mark required fields with asterisk. Fixed case CPANEL-3320: Remove “Calculated sha for” lines from updatenow output. Fixed case CPANEL-3330: DnsRoots resolvenameserver behavior restored to 11.52 behavior. Fixed case CPANEL-3331: Evaluate all loaded security policies for violations in a single pass. Fixed case CPANEL-3339: User Manager: Hide hypothetical user after deleting candidates. Fixed case CPANEL-3344: Paper Lantern: Use whole numbers for quotas on the editquota page. Fixed case CPANEL-3344: X3: Use whole numbers for quotas on the editquota page. Fixed case CPANEL-3348: Install_locallib_loginprofile hangs if mirrorsearch hits a bad cpan mirror. Fixed case CPANEL-3353: Optimize Template-Toolkit when there are a large amount of template includes. Fixed case CPANEL-3359: User Manager: Disable cache, and fix ProFTPD-related warning. Fixed case CPANEL-3361: Dest_uri, redirect_uri, & goto_uri renamed goto_uri. Fixed case CPANEL-3362: Fix missing external auth icons in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-3365: Remove external auth from legacy noJS email password change screen. Fixed case CPANEL-3369: Fix MagicRevision in securitypolicy. Fixed case CPANEL-3378: Restore Manage External Auth to x3 webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-3392: Paper lantern sprite generation must happen on deployment. Fixed case CPANEL-3393: Tailwatch can never restart mysql if it was started with a bad TMPDIR. Fixed case CPANEL-3395: Allow account linking to continue if the incorrect password is entered. Fixed case CPANEL-3396: Remove useless triggerpostun from XML::SAX family of perl 5.14 modules. Fixed case CPANEL-3401: Trial license triggers fatal error in WHM after completion of GSW. Fixed case CPANEL-3427: Listaccts locks cpanel.config once per account after 2FA. Fixed case CPANEL-3436: Ensure cpsrvd releases the cork before closing the connection. Fixed case CPANEL-3437: Live cPanel pages need to send headers before processing. Fixed case CPANEL-3363: Present error when using an external account linked to a webmail user for cpanel. Fixed case CPANEL-3374: Transfer tool loops forever on exception during new in a transfer item. Fixed case CPANEL-1524: Prevent spurious warning about “cannot update cache”. Fixed case CPANEL-2981: Minor UI changes and bug fixes to EA4 interface. Fixed case CPANEL-3068: Improve MultiPHP invalid domain name handling. Fixed case CPANEL-3072: Added full URL to display config links to fix OIDC in proxy subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-3074: Remove Gzip page compression Tweak Setting as it is now auto discovered. Fixed case CPANEL-3092: Ensure NSCD logging is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-3102: Fix icon locale text - added new way to get locale obj. Fixed case CPANEL-3115: Fix incorrect values for MINIMUM and REFRESH TTLs in the SOA. Fixed case CPANEL-3117: Fix broken retro icons that cause inconsistent sprite map generation. Fixed case CPANEL-3122: Improve logging when commiting sync v2 fails. Fixed case CPANEL-3125: Fix relative urls on paper lantern landing page. Fixed case CPANEL-3126: Avoid to remove cpanelsync.nodecompress during updates. Fixed case CPANEL-3128: User Manager: Prevent bad password hash from being stored by AdminBin. Fixed case CPANEL-3134: Suppress spurious used only once warnings in cPanel installer. Fixed case CPANEL-3140: Switch paper lantern home icon to match name and avoid duplication. Fixed case CPANEL-3153: Made Cpanel::Mysql::DiskUsage ensure the path to the file. Fixed case CPANEL-3156: Fixed issue with inpage warning styles from API. Fixed case CPANEL-3158: Terminate an Account does not always remove MySQL databases. Fixed case CPANEL-3160: SECURITY: Add authz for Cpanel::Mysql::listprivs. Fixed case CPANEL-3161: Log from pl_update_users script should use quant. Fixed case CPANEL-3163: Fix invalid error message when adding a package with invalid characters. Fixed case CPANEL-3168: Improve failure mode behaviours of Cpanel::IP::Convert. Fixed case CPANEL-3170: Fix xml-api acl name for openid configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-3176: Executing the /bin/ip program needs absolute path specificed when called from whostmgr binaries. Fixed case CPANEL-3177: Update_neighbor_netblocks hangs forever with a large number of ips. Fixed case CPANEL-3179: Ensure root can always xfer to accounts they own. Fixed case CPANEL-3181: CPHulk: Do not count good login as hits. Fixed case CPANEL-3182: Fixed issue with WebMail templates on Horde Resize. Fixed case CPANEL-3187: Update cPanel disabled icon in WHM to match new style. Fixed case CPANEL-3196: Fixed quota setting on account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-3203: Remove calls to nonexistent functions. Fixed case CPANEL-3210: User Manager: Create subaccount storage with correct file mode. Fixed case CPANEL-3211: Clean temporary sprite files from bin/sprite_generator. Fixed case CPANEL-3214: Reset environment for each batched UAPI call. Fixed case CPANEL-3223: Generate sprite images consistently. Fixed case CPANEL-3227: Fix link to Tweak Settings from List Accounts. Implemented case CPANEL-3222: Skip authn links if they’re missing on account rename. Fixed case CPANEL-2322: Prevent building locale js on build servers. Fixed case CPANEL-3006: New upstream release Git 2.6.4-1.cp1154. Fixed case CPANEL-3018: User Manager: Miscellaneous bug fixes. Fixed case CPANEL-3053: Cpanelsync should not fail when not downloading files. Fixed case CPANEL-3054: Allow total, unconditional suppression of fast_update usage. Fixed case CPANEL-3063: Fix group indexing in sea of icons. Fixed case CPANEL-3073: Ensure locale JS files are put in the proper cpanelsync source. Fixed case CPANEL-3096: Do not die when a cpanelsync staged file commit fails to move into place. Fixed case CPANEL-3101: Do not produce compressed js/css files for cpsrvd during build. Fixed case CPANEL-3105: Change Features in sidebar back to Home. Fixed case CPANEL-3116: Adjusted CSS for pagination input width and button placement. Fixed case CPANEL-3118: Fail builds if theme cpanelsync targets exist in the cpanel cpanelsync tree. Fixed case CPANEL-772: Add error reporting and race lock workaround to js locale build. Fixed case CPANEL-901: Fixed isdedicatedip() results when performing set_reseller_mainip(). Fixed case CPANEL-1572: Generate DKIM headers if sender address has capitals. Fixed case CPANEL-1730: Gather-update-logs: avoid stating many files unnecessarily. Fixed case CPANEL-2037: Maildir Migrations: Handle unknown subscription prefixes properly. Fixed case CPANEL-2124: Fixed alignment of columns on Paper Lantern Email Accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-2187: Preserve UI functionality in Paper Lantern when over quota. Fixed case CPANEL-2232: X3 Statsbar: Raise AJAX timeout to 15 seconds. Fixed case CPANEL-2276: Fixed issue with feature lists containing special characters. Fixed case CPANEL-2359: Include the php-fpm error log in the restartsrv output on failure. Fixed case CPANEL-2402: Allow system accounts with reseller privileges to login to WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-2497: CPHulk: Do username-based protection when IP-based is off. Fixed case CPANEL-2571: PostgresAdmin warns when the user has no databases. Fixed case CPANEL-2581: Suppressed log noise from NSCD by sending it to /dev/null. Fixed case CPANEL-2598: Set Hostname: Remove lock when an invalid hostname is specified. Fixed case CPANEL-2705: Allow the login page to function when an OIDC provider is broken. Fixed case CPANEL-2711: Ensure mailips and mailhelo files are built on conf change. Fixed case CPANEL-2749: Ensure SMTP restrictions can be enabled in non-English locales. Fixed case CPANEL-2767: Pkgacct leaves packaging dir behind. Fixed case CPANEL-2795: Ensure apitool has the proper dependencies loaded. Fixed case CPANEL-2795: Allow use of enable_monitor_all_enabled_services API call on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-2820: Remove redundant rpm_locations entries from etc/rpm.versions. Fixed case CPANEL-2820: Remove all obsolete rpms which were obsolete in 11.52. Fixed case CPANEL-2820: Add lowest_cpanel_version_supported to url_templates. Simplifies rpm.versions. Fixed case CPANEL-2838: Gather-update-logs: fix version check for new version numbers. Fixed case CPANEL-2838: Gather-update-logs: fix warnings in test script. Fixed case CPANEL-2838: Gather-update-logs: correctly detect when services are down. Fixed case CPANEL-2838: Gather-update-logs: check up-to-date list of binaries. Fixed case CPANEL-2842: Fix splitlogs when using wildcard domains. Fixed case CPANEL-2847: Many changes to EA4 UI and bug fixes. Fixed case CPANEL-2848: Teach cpsrvd to look for index.html.tt in addition to index.html. Fixed case CPANEL-2856: Add localips to recently auth mail ips ignore list. Fixed case CPANEL-2857: Update cpanel-perl-514-Mail-SpamAssassin to 3.004001-3.cp1146. Fixed case CPANEL-2860: Fix typo in Exim configuration help text. Fixed case CPANEL-2870: Add ‘oauth’ and ‘oidc’ to command2 search. Fixed case CPANEL-2871: FTP Accounts: Use whole numbers for quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-2873: Scroll bars are mismatched sizes in webkit browsers in the Transfer Tool. Fixed case CPANEL-2874: Exim logs a spurious maildirsizefile warning when reading the file manually. Fixed case CPANEL-2882: Suppress spurious warning from cpsrvd when the user password cache is not built. Fixed case CPANEL-2883: Set_hostname: exit 0 on success. Fixed case CPANEL-2886: Prevent API1 calls from writing directly to the socket. Fixed case CPANEL-2893: Fix dead upcp-log tailer in WHM UI. Fixed case CPANEL-2896: Assure scripts/redhat5_pathtools_fixer only operates against /usr/bin/perl. Fixed case CPANEL-2898: Avoid calls of CGI::param in array context. Fixed case CPANEL-2913: Remove code to disable EntropyChat. Fixed case CPANEL-2922: Suspended email users should invalidate their current sessions. Fixed case CPANEL-2925: Fix UAPI Ftp::list_ftp_with_disk to show anonymous quota. Fixed case CPANEL-2932: Altered color in svg logos to match the brand guidelines. Fixed case CPANEL-2936: Resolve forward merge conflict with cPanel Post Install. Fixed case CPANEL-2938: New upstream release MySQL 5.5.47-1.cp1148. Fixed case CPANEL-2950: Pkgacct: provide error message when missing user. Fixed case CPANEL-2953: Update Geo::IPfree data files. Fixed case CPANEL-2961: New upstream release MySQL 5.6.28-1.cp1148. Fixed case CPANEL-2968: Paper Lantern: Display unlimited quotas for FTP accounts properly. Fixed case CPANEL-2969: Fix URI munging in dodoc_webmaild() in cpsrvd. Fixed case CPANEL-2983: Modify OpenSSL Blocker to deal with other languages. Fixed case CPANEL-2990: Adjusted wrap min-height calculation to fix unnecessary scroll. Fixed case CPANEL-2995: Race condition prevents some JS locales from being built (rot. Fixed case CPANEL-2996: Paper Lantern Webmail: Embed CSS files from css2-min correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-2999: Revert to CSS background for ext auth provider logos. Fixed case CPANEL-3003: Fix dovecot RPM to require Unix::Sysexits before install. Fixed case CPANEL-3009: Setupmailserver: don’t try to look up Courier certs. Fixed case CPANEL-3013: Fix multi-user select on WHM’s Assign IPv6 page. Fixed case CPANEL-3014: Repair IPv6 Javascript validators. Fixed case CPANEL-3023: Hide the cPHulk Feature Showcase item if cPHulk is disabled on the server. Fixed case CPANEL-3025: /etc/cpanel/ea4/php.conf can be updated when PHP isn’t installed. Fixed case EA-3931: Added Opcache to EA3 -> EA4 Mapping. Implemented case CPANEL-2645: Audit UTF8 roundtrip when using JSON::XS. Implemented case CPANEL-2722: NVData cache is never regenerated if corrupt. Implemented case CPANEL-2726: Show external auth link errors to user. Implemented case CPANEL-2739: CPHulk Config: Use default values for empty keys. Implemented case CPANEL-2739: CPHulk: Allow Username-based Protection against local IPs only. Implemented case CPANEL-2739: CPHulk: Showcase local IP Username-based Protection. Implemented case CPANEL-2746: Implement SRS support for the Basic Exim Config editor. Implemented case CPANEL-2773: Block CentOS 6 from upgrading to 11.54 if OpenSSL does not support TLSv1.2. Implemented case CPANEL-2791: Suspend incoming mail for email account, plus batch UAPI. Implemented case CPANEL-2823: User Manager Project - Release 3. Implemented case CPANEL-2839: Enable IPv6 listen on named when shared IPv6 is configured. Implemented case CPANEL-2840: Implemented HTML5 drag and drop behavior in angular app list. Implemented case CPANEL-2841: IPv6 validation and expansion refactoring. Implemented case CPANEL-2846: Resolver configuration supports IPv6 and multiple IPv6 account selection. Implemented case CPANEL-2849: Set cPanel and external authn provider logos to SVG. Implemented case CPANEL-2850: Use AJAX call for getting notifications count. Implemented case CPANEL-2878: Frontend/THEME without a slash is a redirect loop. Implemented case CPANEL-2889: Improve logging of Security Policy violations. Implemented case CPANEL-2889: 2FA: Issuer field should not ignore leading/trailing white-space. Implemented case CPANEL-2890: Open ID Login support for webmail and WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-2892: EA4 PHP Handler and MultiPHP Refactor. Implemented case CPANEL-2894: Update localized strings for User Manager. Implemented case CPANEL-2915: Allow cPanel users to unlink their webmail users OIDC links. Implemented case CPANEL-2916: Harvested Phrases for COBRA-1578. Implemented case CPANEL-2917: Block OIDC logins when an email user is suspended. Implemented case CPANEL-2919: Added a min-height to prevent link box from overlapping icon. Implemented case CPANEL-2924: Added authn link renaming on changeusername and change domain. Implemented case CPANEL-2927: Resolve conflict with icon_type in the Manage External Auth for email. Implemented case CPANEL-2934: External Auth for mail css not published. Implemented case CPANEL-2952: Made the php-fpm start/restart failures show the log file path. Implemented case CPANEL-2963: MultiPHP Refactor: Clarify/Consistify names. Implemented case CPANEL-2966: Harvest MutliPHP refactor. Fixed case CPANEL-1164: Fixed ProFTPd settings for passive ftp being updated. Fixed case CPANEL-1475: Avoid trying to restart tailwatchd in fresh installations. Fixed case CPANEL-1497: Fix Japanese mistranslation in Aliases page. Fixed case CPANEL-1681: Fix restoration of mailing lists with characters between 128 and 255. Fixed case CPANEL-1788: Don’t flag new options as invalid in Basic Setup. Fixed case CPANEL-1798: Disable EntropyChat upon installation. Fixed case CPANEL-1800: Clean up IPv6 addresses on account removal. Fixed case CPANEL-1900: Restore contact email for transferred accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-1909: Fix issue with vertical scrollbar not going away in Webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-2027: Manage MySQL Profiles: Fixed validation on the Add Profile page. Fixed case CPANEL-2185: Fixed the JS/CSS 404 bugs on the Auto Responders page. Fixed case CPANEL-2282: Paper Lantern: Fix 404 errors on the Track Delivery page. Fixed case CPANEL-2360: Don’t enable nscd by default if there are multiple UID 0 users. Fixed case CPANEL-2362: Convert MAX_EMAIL_QUOTA and DEFAULT_EMAIL_QUOTA constants to numbers. Fixed case CPANEL-2395: Fixed bug with removing users from databases in paper lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-2430: Paper Lantern: Fix 404 errors on the Mail Archive page. Fixed case CPANEL-2487: WHM: Terminate Account should not leave progress dialogs open upon completion. Fixed case CPANEL-2489: Update cPanel::PublicAPI rpm to version 2-1.cp1146. Fixed case CPANEL-2503: Ignore NS records when trying to resolve IP addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-2505: Don’t warn if default kernel version can’t be detected. Fixed case CPANEL-2555: Permit setting email destinations on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-2564: Restart clamd even if an extraneous init script exists. Fixed case CPANEL-2575: Load Cpanel::Regex quietly from Cpanel::Carp. Fixed case CPANEL-2582: Update sysinfo code to not run rpm as unprivileged user. Fixed case CPANEL-2587: Improve MIME::Type detection for attachment files. Fixed case CPANEL-2605: Improve handling of JSON-encoded number in PL email page. Fixed case CPANEL-2626: Update WHMCS OpenID Provider module. Fixed case CPANEL-2629: Email Accounts: Use whole numbers for quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-2637: Ensure Horde connections can be made when TLSv1.0 is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-2639: Fixed bug in handling of UTF-8 characters for global filter rules. Fixed case CPANEL-2652: Replace underscore with lodash in more places. Fixed case CPANEL-2654: Fix uninitialized value warnings on User Manager page. Fixed case CPANEL-2658: Fix encoding on login page. Fixed case CPANEL-2660: Paper Lantern Track Delivery: Prevent options from appearing above the header. Fixed case CPANEL-2663: Skip FTP quota check if quota value is not numeric. Fixed case CPANEL-2675: Suppress spurious warnings in cpsrvd. Fixed case CPANEL-2680: Improve performance of CPANEL_LOTS_OF_EMPTY_LINE_HTML SpamAssassin rule. Fixed case CPANEL-2688: Fix URL detection for Bitbucket Server. Fixed case CPANEL-2692: WHM API 1: allow root to operate on its own account. Fixed case CPANEL-2696: Update RPMs for TLS 1.2 and ECC support. Fixed case CPANEL-2724: Add .ptt files to the template cache build process. Fixed case CPANEL-2744: User Manager: Identify and report Web Disk creation errors. Fixed case CPANEL-2747: Ensure SMTP restrictions are restored on CentOS 7. Fixed case CPANEL-2771: cpsrvd: properly update quota cache. Fixed case CPANEL-2815: Improve error reporting for copying an account with user password. Implemented case CPANEL-2467: Inform the user when there’s a backend OIDC problem. Implemented case CPANEL-2519: Paper Lantern Webmail overlay should point to preference drop down. Implemented case CPANEL-2521: User should be able to go to sidebar links from feature search. Implemented case CPANEL-2522: Add padding to the top of the webmail pages. Implemented case CPANEL-2524: Improve system response on “access_denied” OAuth2 response. Implemented case CPANEL-2527: Update, create RPMs for UI work. Implemented case CPANEL-2528: User Manager Project - Release 2. Implemented case CPANEL-2536: Fix escaping for PgSQL DB names with special characters in x3. Implemented case CPANEL-2546: Fix MySQL privs assignment/revocation URI escaping in PL. Implemented case CPANEL-2550: Fix HTML- and URI-escaping for SQL wizards in Paper Lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-2551: HTML Elements in tables in notifications no longer get double encoded. Implemented case CPANEL-2554: Fix API1 Postgres::deluser() error message. Implemented case CPANEL-2560: Add UI include points to cPanel sidebar pages. Implemented case CPANEL-2578: Treat failures to write CDS cache files as non-fatal. Implemented case CPANEL-2586: Disable external auth providers that can’t work. Implemented case CPANEL-2630: Ensure OpenID errors are shown instead of timeout. Implemented case CPANEL-2638: Allow email account suspension and password verification. Implemented case CPANEL-2640: Implement cPanelID for cpaneld. Implemented case CPANEL-2651: Fix OIDC logins when one provider is corrupt. Implemented case CPANEL-2656: Fix error message first time you login. Implemented case CPANEL-2659: Require HTTPS for external authentication in cpsrvd. Implemented case CPANEL-2667: Support passing though security tokens with OIDC. Implemented case CPANEL-2682: Report OIDC “userinfo” failures more usefully. Implemented case CPANEL-2697: Make OIDC well-known config failures not “grow” dest_uri. Implemented case CPANEL-2698: Inform user to click Apply/Save to apply changes. Implemented case CPANEL-2699: Implement Two-Factor Authentication for cPanel and WHM web interfaces. Implemented case CPANEL-2699: CPHulk: Count all bad requests as ‘hits’ when 2FA security policy is enabled. Implemented case CPANEL-2700: Allow for custom RPMs to be signed with third-party vendor keys. Implemented case CPANEL-2709: Added SSH free pkgacct and log streaming to transfers. Implemented case CPANEL-2721: Convert Whostmgr::ACLS::Cache to use JSON caching. Implemented case CPANEL-2740: Create a well known endpoint for cPanelID. Implemented case CPANEL-2745: Remove legacy closefds from uapi. Implemented case CPANEL-2752: File Manager not showing files because of mime load failure. Implemented case CPANEL-2763: Fix padding on token-denied page. Implemented case CPANEL-2766: Prevent HTML entities from going into DynamicUI caches. Fixed case CPANEL-1208: Ensure privileges are dropped to the expected group. Fixed case CPANEL-1271: Fixed upper/lower-case issue with ftp accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-1284: Fixed bug that disallowed creation of 0@domain.com email users. Fixed case CPANEL-1327: Fixed bug in queueprocd causing ready tasks not to run when expected. Fixed case CPANEL-1357: Fix display of feature list names containing + in Edit a Package. Fixed case CPANEL-1361: xfertool: allow odd numbers of nameservers. Fixed case CPANEL-1395: Improve error handling of userdata guard. Fixed case CPANEL-1424: Fix broken locale string. Fixed case CPANEL-1424: Include pending queue when exporting a locale. Fixed case CPANEL-1453: Don’t corrupt non-ASCII subjects when adding spam header. Fixed case CPANEL-1626: Cpanel::Sync::v2 needs to update digest cache from sync children. Fixed case CPANEL-1651: Restore zones added through Add a DNS Zone. Fixed case CPANEL-1978: Restore RSS to Cpanel::ConfigFiles via lazy loading. Fixed case CPANEL-1996: Fixed angular inf-dig loop on List Databases. Fixed case CPANEL-2008: Avoid parsing DirName entries in subjectAltName X.509 extensions. Fixed case CPANEL-2066: Don’t fail to backup with remote file systems. Fixed case CPANEL-2137: Prevented duplicate cpanel-all.min.js file from being loaded. Fixed case CPANEL-2150: check_mysql: don’t fail if non-root UID 0 users exist. Fixed case CPANEL-2246: New Tweak: Allow WHM users to create sub domains across accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-2273: Fix/refactor Cpanel::SafeRun::Object::new_or_die()’s signal response. Fixed case CPANEL-2341: Fix mistranslation of “Databases” in German. Fixed case CPANEL-2344: Fix broken CSS when deleting user from MySQL database. Fixed case CPANEL-2347: Deleting cPanel Account does not generate an iContact Notificaton. Fixed case CPANEL-2351: Preserve IP information in eximstats database. Fixed case CPANEL-2351: Improve debuggability of eximstats processing. Fixed case CPANEL-2358: Updated existing docroot install check to check against full dir path. Fixed case CPANEL-2361: Resolved stack trace due to missing Attracta components. Fixed case CPANEL-2366: Remove additional CJT from being loaded on specific pages. Fixed case CPANEL-2371: Implement WHM API 1 listaccts want parameter. Fixed case CPANEL-2375: Invalidate browser cache for JS files loaded via RequireJS on upgrades. Fixed case CPANEL-2388: Backup: add missing dependency on Cpanel::Time::Split. Fixed case CPANEL-2391: Fixed text when no PHP is available. Fixed case CPANEL-2399: Cleanup possible existing PHP-DSO conflicts. Fixed case CPANEL-2400: DNSONLY: stop dnsadmin on upgrade if it is not a daemon. Fixed case CPANEL-2413: Reorder mail filter matching to be more user friendly. Fixed case CPANEL-2417: Resolve regex warning in openidconnect code for perl 5.22. Fixed case CPANEL-2424: Fixed improper invocation of Cpanel::Exception with list in message. Fixed case CPANEL-2443: Allow ability to create email addresses with “0” as the local part. Fixed case CPANEL-2454: Replace uses of Digest::SHA1 with Digest::SHA. Fixed case CPANEL-2483: Fix typo in call to _get_map_reader(). Fixed case CPANEL-2485: Ensure Modify Account does not clear jailshell setting. Fixed case CPANEL-2504: Add in missing templates for x3 MySQL pages. Fixed case CPANEL-2513: Improve variable passing in a private function. Fixed case CPANEL-2525: Force popbeforesmtp to off on DNSONLY systems. Fixed case CPANEL-2555: Permit setting email destinations on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-2557: Webmail: Users with delegation must be able access the Mailing Lists interface. Fixed case CPANEL-2568: Remove extra newline in multiparts iContact emails. [security] Fixed case SEC-29: Sensitive data revealed to subaccounts through comet feeds. [security] Fixed case SEC-60: Email sending limit bypass. [security] Fixed case SEC-64: Unauthenticated arbitrary code execution via DNS NS entry poisoning. [security] Fixed case SEC-65: Unauthorized password changes via Webmail API commands. [security] Fixed case SEC-66: WHM API allows for unauthorized zone modification. Implemented case CPANEL-2107: Improve EA 4 UI to allow MPM and module selection. Implemented case CPANEL-2174: Removed comments when showing directive values in MultiPHP interface. Implemented case CPANEL-2252: Use kernel splice for Cpanel::IO::Tarball, with fallback. Implemented case CPANEL-2300: Adjusted styles on login pages to account for ext auth. Implemented case CPANEL-2310: Properly color External Auth notifications. Implemented case CPANEL-2311: Add php-xml module when converting EA3 profile to EA4. Implemented case CPANEL-2334: Update libmariadb to use /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. Implemented case CPANEL-2346: Remove legacy load_userfile_as_root function. Implemented case CPANEL-2372: Ensure warnings are shown in cPanel during api1 calls in template toolkits. Implemented case CPANEL-2373: Added a new output format option for pkgacct and API. Implemented case CPANEL-2374: Support dest_uri for openid connect logins. Implemented case CPANEL-2376: Added passwd to the publish files for paper lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-2379: Basic Settings now allows ADDR6 entry to be empty or emptied. Implemented case CPANEL-2380: Add log rotation for the cpanel_php_fpm logs. Implemented case CPANEL-2381: Exim remote IPs and smarthosts now allow IPv6. Implemented case CPANEL-2383: Fix DB UIs (x3 & Paper Lantern) and APIs for new naming allowances. Implemented case CPANEL-2397: Added Expand/Collapse functionality back to the Sea of Icons. Implemented case CPANEL-2414: Resolved issue where slow connection speeds broke. Implemented case CPANEL-2418: Improve logic for removal of users. Implemented case CPANEL-2419: Resolve logo alignment on the login pages with an LG G4. Implemented case CPANEL-2434: Modernize the reseller center interface. Implemented case CPANEL-2458: Add help and multiple dbbackup options to pkgacct. Implemented case CPANEL-2491: New icons for cPanel. Implemented case CPANEL-2509: Update preview screenshots for cPanel styles. Implemented case CPANEL-2534: Fixed issue with notice displaying twice. Implemented case CPANEL-2552: Resolve invalid html output when license file missing in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-675: Remove the use of antirelayd from exim. Fixed case CPANEL-708: Dropped deprecated “Old Style Spam system” exim configuration option. Fixed case CPANEL-792: Mark skipantirelayd as dead in 11.54. Fixed case CPANEL-797: Remove ancient entropychat. Fixed case CPANEL-799: Remove pythonup. Fixed case CPANEL-809: Remove taskqueue upgrade code from 11.54. Fixed case CPANEL-817: Remove obsolete Cpanel::Compat::DBI. Fixed case CPANEL-817: Remove obsolete Cpanel::Compat::DBDPg. Fixed case CPANEL-827: Configure /var/log/named in /etc/named.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-843: Revert the use of override Time::Local to the one provided by RPM. Fixed case CPANEL-894: Remove rebuildeximbsd. Fixed case CPANEL-946: Make Cpanel::AdminBin::Call::call() have the namespace as first argument. Fixed case CPANEL-978: Add pre and post hook points to rearrange account. Fixed case CPANEL-990: Don’t handle MySQL/MariaDB upgrades when mysql_governor is installed. Fixed case CPANEL-1008: Reduce the number of stat()s significantly in PsParser.pm. Fixed case CPANEL-1137: Change to use cPanel::PublicAPI from CPAN. Fixed case CPANEL-1141: Fix custom cPanel error pages not being displayed. Fixed case CPANEL-1147: Restore Net::AIM and Net::OSCAR to fix builds. Fixed case CPANEL-1295: Get rid of version-specific Horde empty-db suffix. Fixed case CPANEL-1349: Restore missing titles on Paper Lantern pages on 11.54. Fixed case CPANEL-1362: Adjust SOA record in Zone templates to match recommended TTL values. Fixed case CPANEL-1391: Changed style on Toggle switch to better localize. Fixed case CPANEL-1406: Limit use of chdir in Cpanel::Horde::DB. Fixed case CPANEL-1411: Remove function name as argument to pre_exec_hook() in AdminBin Call base. Fixed case CPANEL-1412: Fix biased output in Cpanel::Rand::Get. Fixed case CPANEL-1417: Fixed select all checkbox on WHM Greylisting Trusted Hosts. Fixed case CPANEL-1441: Use port 587 for outgoing mail from Horde. Fixed case CPANEL-1470: Namespaced CJT Toggle switch to prevent style leak. Fixed case CPANEL-1481: Optimize binary startup time. Fixed case CPANEL-1488: Test for restriction on root bw DB cache. Fixed case CPANEL-1504: Fix biased output in Cpanel::Rand::Get. Fixed case CPANEL-1504: Improve error handling in Cpanel::Rand::Get. Fixed case CPANEL-1532: Remove Attracta support code. Fixed case CPANEL-1534: Fix rendering of DateTime in xml-api. Fixed case CPANEL-1536: Fix logout button alignment in paper lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-1538: WHM Manage MySQL Profiles: Fixed alignment of the Edit icon. Fixed case CPANEL-1541: Fixed expand stats in retro style. Fixed case CPANEL-1580: Consolidate homedir init logic for new cPanel users (real and temp). Fixed case CPANEL-1639: Allow root logins to cpanel to fail gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-1668: Added localization support for EA4 profile RPMs. Fixed case CPANEL-1677: WHM cPHulk: Added disabled styles to the gear dropdown. Fixed case CPANEL-1686: Highlight Error lines when displaying yum output. Fixed case CPANEL-1728: WHM cPHulk: Sorting by comment includes a secondary sort by IP address. Fixed case CPANEL-1756: Removed ancient pkgfix script. Fixed case CPANEL-1757: Fix Paper Lantern integration icons. Fixed case CPANEL-1767: Fixed text clipping in toggle when using non-en locale in cPHulk and Greylisting. Fixed case CPANEL-1768: Report an error if FTP account creation fails with addon domains. Fixed case CPANEL-1786: Convert WebDisk configuration landing page to bootstrap. Fixed case CPANEL-1787: Changed Apache configuration defaults to match PCI recommendations. Fixed case CPANEL-1794: Convert List Parked Domains to boostrap. Fixed case CPANEL-1795: Make DAV SSL port lookup more robust. Fixed case CPANEL-1814: Fix IPv6 DNS resolution with Perl <5.14 when missing dig. Fixed case CPANEL-1828: Add restartsrv_cpipv6 to allow unbinding and rebinding of IPv6 addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-1833: Allow sesellers with the all privilege to use Add to Mail Config feature. Fixed case CPANEL-1868: Exim support for outgoing mail on account’s assigned IPv6 address. Fixed case CPANEL-1915: Improve binary performance and memory usage. Fixed case CPANEL-1955: Update DBD::Pg to 3.5.3. Fixed case CPANEL-2002: Focus to feature search on home and dashboard. Fixed case CPANEL-2003: Fixing padding issues with header in webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-2018: Installer: touch Exim IPv6-related file correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-2022: Fix the base url in WHM MultiPHP apps. Fixed case CPANEL-2024: IPv6 improvements and SPF support. Fixed case CPANEL-2028: Remove italic font styling from placeholder text on login pages. Fixed case CPANEL-2059: User Manager Project - Release 1. Fixed case CPANEL-2123: Backup SpamAssassin configuration during system backup. Fixed case CPANEL-2168: Restore batch call performance in WHM json/xml api. Fixed case CPANEL-2218: Bump Exim from cp1148 to exim-4.86-3.cp1154. Fixed case CPANEL-2225: Major refactor of migrate_ea3_to_ea4. Fixed case CPANEL-2254: Reduce polling requests for service status in WHM cPHulk. Fixed case CPANEL-2254: Reduce polling requests for service status in WHM Greylisting. Fixed case CPANEL-2270: Remove prelinking support. Fixed case CPANEL-2349: Update cpanel-git to 2.6.3-1.cp1150. Fixed case CPANEL-2354: Remove killacct script. Implemented case CPANEL-897: Optimize login process and paper_lantern webmail access. Implemented case CPANEL-909: Compile restartsrv_base to speed up chkservd runs. Implemented case CPANEL-914: Encrypt AIM and ICQ message sending. Implemented case CPANEL-1162: Reuse AIM and ICQ logins to minimize rate limiting. Implemented case CPANEL-1212: Add feature list support to the WebDisk API. Implemented case CPANEL-1296: OpenID Connect support merge. Implemented case CPANEL-1345: Ensure CalDAV/CardDAV work after changing the hostname. Implemented case CPANEL-1352: Allow the cPanel user to enable/disable the global shared addressbook. Implemented case CPANEL-1393: API to create per user cPanel Integration Links. Implemented case CPANEL-1398: Updating new icons for cPanel Paper Lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-1401: Remove unused parameter from backend calls. Implemented case CPANEL-1404: Move the bulk of the DAV config code into its own module. Implemented case CPANEL-1415: UI now has access to upgrade to MariaDB 10.1. Implemented case CPANEL-1416: Hide private shared address book in Horde sidebar. Implemented case CPANEL-1425: Reduce bloat in boxtrapper web UI. Implemented case CPANEL-1433: Avoid loading cpanel.config for simple form parses in Cpanel::Form. Implemented case CPANEL-1451: Display version numbers without 11. in WHM and cPanel. Implemented case CPANEL-1456: Upgrade server config and packages to use Paper Lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-1479: Update IO::Interface to 1.06-2.cp1146. Implemented case CPANEL-1486: PwDiskCache should attempt to use the memory cache before disk reads. Implemented case CPANEL-1489: Change MariaDB 10.1 tag to Release Candidate. Implemented case CPANEL-1494: Remove unused table in the hulk database. Implemented case CPANEL-1499: Adding ability to convert EA3 profiles to EA4 ones. Implemented case CPANEL-1503: Avoid affecting Retro style with dashboard changes. Implemented case CPANEL-1505: Replace all usage of BSD::Resource with Cpanel::Sys::Rlimit. Implemented case CPANEL-1527: Create Cpanel::IO::Mmap to standardize reading mmaped files. Implemented case CPANEL-1540: Added button in WHM to run yum update to update server software. Implemented case CPANEL-1549: Simplify non-cryptographic hash generation in Cpanel::Hash. Implemented case CPANEL-1553: Improve localization in MySQL Upgrade. Implemented case CPANEL-1576: Optimize feature list lookups. Implemented case CPANEL-1591: Add FPM Support. Implemented case CPANEL-1636: WHM Update Preference should show three part version number. Implemented case CPANEL-1637: Bandwidth graphs should not be cut off. Implemented case CPANEL-1696: Add an upgrade blocker to stop servers using Courier from upgrading to 11.54. Implemented case CPANEL-1697: Remove the Courier mailserver from the product. Implemented case CPANEL-1701: Ability to assign shared IPv6 address to accounts. Implemented case CPANEL-1705: Create new icon set for cPanel. Implemented case CPANEL-1708: Implemented main icon screen in AngularJS. Implemented case CPANEL-1724: Sprite Generation does not happen for x3. Implemented case CPANEL-1750: Fix android filename encoding with multi-byte characters. Implemented case CPANEL-1773: Optimize loading of Paper Lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-1811: Improve Disk Status subject line for chkservd iContact message. Implemented case CPANEL-1823: update_horde_config: improve error handling. Implemented case CPANEL-1826: Improve PHP FPM support. Implemented case CPANEL-1873: Further improve PHP FPM. Implemented case CPANEL-1897: Fix lchown-related error messages, and remove unneeded modules. Implemented case CPANEL-1922: Add the ability to restore integration links. Implemented case CPANEL-1935: Migrate users away from x3 and x3mail on upgrade. Implemented case CPANEL-1948: Dashboard for Paper Lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-1956: Allow (almost) any printable ASCII character in a database name. Implemented case CPANEL-1979: Prefer /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock over /tmp/mysql.sock. Implemented case CPANEL-1990: Added External Authentication (OpenID Connect). Implemented case CPANEL-2000: Improve the speed of listing mailing lists when there are lots of lists. Implemented case CPANEL-2006: Simplify PHP FPM support. Implemented case CPANEL-2015: Resolve conflicts between external auth and PHP FPM. Implemented case CPANEL-2023: Changed ‘Account Security’ to ‘Password & Security’. Implemented case CPANEL-2038: Fixed incorrect exception in restore. Implemented case CPANEL-2052: Replace 10 with On/Off in cPanel&WHM INI Editors. Implemented case CPANEL-2076: Fix issue where Paper Lantern didn’t render proper maketext. Implemented case CPANEL-2100: More PHP FPM improvements. Implemented case CPANEL-2101: More PHP FPM improvements. Implemented case CPANEL-2122: Ensure users stay on x3 with custom branding. Implemented case CPANEL-2127: Updated INI editor to new CJT toggle switches. Implemented case CPANEL-2173: Improve listaccts speed when listing more than 1000 accounts. Implemented case CPANEL-2175: Speed up the ExternalAuthentication login display. Implemented case CPANEL-2186: Do not delay upgrades after a blocker has been ‘auto-resolved’. Implemented case CPANEL-2193: Updated text for MySQL Upgrade. Implemented case CPANEL-2194: Improved External Authn error reporting. Implemented case CPANEL-2196: Provide sample Amazon External Authentication Module. Implemented case CPANEL-2241: Remove external auth buttons in link_account mode. Implemented case CPANEL-2256: Add API Calls to create per user groups in paper_lantern and x3. Implemented case CPANEL-2259: Support WHMCS as an OpenID Provider. Implemented case CPANEL-2269: Improvements to cPanel Interface. Implemented case CPANEL-2278: Allow “5.5.5-10.0.14-MariaDB-log” as a MariaDB/MySQL version string. Implemented case CPANEL-2279: Fix Safari not displaying error messages on login. Implemented case CPANEL-2281: cpsrvd should not die when loading cpuserdata for a non-existant user. Implemented case CPANEL-2284: Defer temp session user creation until phpmy or backups are accessed. Implemented case CPANEL-2288: Accessing /502.shtml on a proxy subdomain generates an error. Implemented case CPANEL-2312: Stop sending notifications if no user is updated. Implemented case CPANEL-2331: Remove names from cPanel versions. Implemented case CPANEL-2337: WebMail Track Delivery fails due to thinking MySQL is down.