64 Change Log

64.0.42 2017-11-20

[security] Fixed case SEC-306: Unreserved email address used in DNS zone SOA records. [security] Fixed case SEC-309: Home directory backups written to incorrect location. [security] Fixed case SEC-310: Jailed accounts could restore files that are outside the jail. [security] Fixed case SEC-311: Unprivileged users can access restricted directories during account restores. [security] Fixed case SEC-313: Arbitrary code execution via Maketext injection in PostgresAdmin. [security] Fixed case SEC-314: Arbitrary code execution via Maketext injection in Reseller style upload. [security] Fixed case SEC-315: Jailshell fails to set umask before peforming sensitive file operations. [security] Fixed case SEC-318: String format injection vulnerability in dovecot-xaps-plugin. [security] Fixed case SEC-322: Code exectuion as root due to loose permissions on incremental backups. [security] Fixed case SEC-323: Backup files are briefly world-readable. [security] Fixed case SEC-325: PostgreSQL databases assigned to multiple accounts caused collisions. [security] Fixed case SEC-326: Add ‘postmaster’ to the list of reserved usernames. [security] Fixed case SEC-327: Expand the list of reserved usernames. [security] Fixed case SEC-328: Add ‘ssl’ to the list of reserved usernames. [security] Fixed case SEC-329: Arbitrary file read via Exim vdomainaliases. [security] Fixed case SEC-330: Preserve permissions for local backup transport. [security] Fixed case SEC-331: DnsUtils allows zone creation on hostname and account subdomains. [security] Fixed case SEC-332: Root crontab visible when enabling or disabling sqloptimizer. [security] Fixed case SEC-333: Local root code execution via cpdavd. [security] Fixed case SEC-334: User accounts partially created with invalid username formats. [security] Fixed case SEC-336: Stored-XSS vulnerability via cpaddons moderated upgrade. [security] Fixed case SEC-337: Code execution as ‘nobody’ account via Mailman archives. [security] Fixed case SEC-341: Domain data can be deleted for domains with ‘lock’ TLD. [security] Fixed case SEC-345: Arbitrary file read in backup htaccess modification logic. 64.0.40 2017-09-18

[security] Fixed case SEC-276: SQL injection in eximstats processing. [security] Fixed case SEC-279: SSL hostname verification for support agreement download not enforced. [security] Fixed case SEC-282: Stored XSS Vulnerability in WHM MySQL Password Change Interfaces. [security] Fixed case SEC-283: CPanel backup interface could return a backup with all MySQL databases. [security] Fixed case SEC-284: User account backups could contain all MySQL databases on the server. [security] Fixed case SEC-285: Addon domain conversion can copy all MySQL databases to the new account. [security] Fixed case SEC-296: Account rename can result in Apache logfiles becoming world-readable. [security] Fixed case SEC-299: Backup system overwrites root’s home directory when mount disappears. [security] Fixed case SEC-300: Open redirect in /unprotected/redirect.html. [security] Fixed case SEC-302: Code execution as mailman user due to faulty environmental variable filtering. [security] Fixed case SEC-303: Arbitrary file overwrite via Roundcube SQLite schema update. 64.0.39 2017-09-12

Fixed case CPANEL-14175: cPGreylist: ensure canonical IPv6 ranges so Exim works. Fixed case CPANEL-14932: More gracefully handle /home/virtfs as a symlink. Fixed case CPANEL-15761: Update firewalld rules automatically for CentOS 7.4. 64.0.38 2017-08-31

Fixed case CPANEL-12760: Only call updateprivs during reseller session on PMA intersitial page. Fixed case CPANEL-13817: Silience spurious warning when there is no cache id. Fixed case CPANEL-13900: Use RAW_FORM for ssh password instead of HTML encoded value. Fixed case CPANEL-14020: Fallback to the default UDP packet size when EDNS fails. Fixed case CPANEL-14339: Add a test to ensure the resolver times out when a TCP peer stalls. Fixed case CPANEL-14360: Minimize the time that the ssl storage lock is held during install. Fixed case CPANEL-14400: Reset non-blocking before reading TCP DNS. Fixed case CPANEL-14945: Allow “any” as valid ACL for WHM plugins. Fixed case CPANEL-15104: Make firewalld rules compatible with CloudLinux 7.4. Fixed case CPANEL-15130: Update cpanel-perl-524-Net-DNS to 1.11-2.cp1162. 64.0.36 2017-07-25

Fixed case CPANEL-13543: Create conf to preserve hostname on systems with cloud-init. Fixed case CPANEL-14378: Update cpanel-perl-524-Net-DNS to 1.11-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-14497: Allow live_tail_log.cgi when authenticating via an API token. Fixed case CPANEL-14509: Transfer Tool: Handle source servers on early versions of 11.64 properly. Implemented case CPANEL-14598: Update the DNS Zone parser to understand CAA records. 64.0.33 2017-07-17

[security] Fixed case SEC-263: Stored XSS during WHM cPAddons install. [security] Fixed case SEC-265: Stored XSS during WHM cPAddons file operations. [security] Fixed case SEC-266: Stored XSS during WHM cPAddons uninstallation. [security] Fixed case SEC-269: Stored XSS in WHM cPAddons processing. [security] Fixed case SEC-271: Demo accounts allowed to create databases and users. [security] Fixed case SEC-272: EasyApache 4 conversion sets loose domlog ownership and permissions. [security] Fixed case SEC-273: Domain log files become readable after log processing. [security] Fixed case SEC-274: Apache configuration file changed to world-readable when rebuilt. [security] Fixed case SEC-280: The cpdavd_error_log can be created with insecure permissions. [security] Fixed case SEC-288: Resellers can read other accounts domain log files. [security] Fixed case SEC-289: Insecure log file permissions after account modification. [security] Fixed case SEC-290: Apache domlogs become temporarily world-readable during log processing. [security] Fixed case SEC-291: Apache SSL domain logs left behind after account termination. [security] Fixed case SEC-294: Corrupted user and group ownership when using ‘reassign_post_terminate_cruft’. [security] Fixed case SEC-297: Self XSS Vulnerability in WHM Upload Locale interface. 64.0.32 2017-07-12

Fixed case CPANEL-14413: Update IO::Socket::IP to 0.39 for blocking fix. Implemented case CPANEL-14437: Accomodate new Comodo DCV format and path. 64.0.31 2017-07-10

Fixed case CPANEL-12816: Don’t terminate queueprocd after 5 failed queue tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-13006: Send a new hostname cert request in response to X::CertificateRejected. Fixed case CPANEL-13303: Populate the optimize_htaccess setting if not initialized. Fixed case CPANEL-14100: If CSR prep fails for a users vhost prevent it from impacting the others. Fixed case CPANEL-14172: Cpanel::Kill::Single::safekill camn hang forever. 64.0.30 2017-07-06

Fixed case CPANEL-12470: ULC EA3map.pm changes for PHPSuHosin. Fixed case CPANEL-12688: Redirect unmodified x3 users to paper_lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-12872: Avoid error when formerly over quota account loads phpMyAdmin. Fixed case CPANEL-12899: Fix incorrect warning when loading reseller IP delegation. Fixed case CPANEL-12962: Ensure the transfer system can stream data using API tokens. Fixed case CPANEL-13315: Make listing files in Amazon S3 buckets more efficient. Fixed case CPANEL-13322: Proxy subdomain cannot be overwritten after SSL install. Fixed case CPANEL-13478: Avoid error when formerly over quota account loads phpMyAdmin. Fixed case CPANEL-13493: Stop installing the legacy WordPress on new systems. Fixed case CPANEL-13718: Add a timeout to Cpanel::Net::Whois::IP::Cached. Fixed case CPANEL-13752: Populate domain on SSL install when cert is picked. Fixed case CPANEL-13902: Limit DCV responses to a sane (constant for now) size. Fixed case CPANEL-14003: Stop trying unlink the OverQuota cache as a user. Fixed case CPANEL-14028: Update exim to 4.89-2.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-14081: Fix grammar in Feature Showcase entry. 64.0.29 2017-06-13

Fixed case CPANEL-13408: Allow installation of “soon-valid” certificates. Fixed case CPANEL-13529: Update cpanel-perl-524-build to 5.24.1-24.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-13529: Update cpanel-perl-524 to 5.24.1-24.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-13705: Update cpanel-git to 2.13.1-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-13732: Update cpanel-perl-524-Cpanel-OS to 0.9-1.cp1162. 64.0.28 2017-06-08

Fixed case CPANEL-13460: DnsRoots to handle delegation on the 3rd+ label & TCP fallback. Fixed case CPANEL-13640: Don’t create duplicate Listen blocks in Apache configuration. Implemented case CPANEL-13467: Allow AutoSSL to generate certs even if userdata for one vhost is broken. 64.0.27 2017-06-06

Fixed case CPANEL-12437: Fix display of ModSecurity rules in interface and API. Fixed case CPANEL-12516: Fix the documentation link for mail filters. Fixed case CPANEL-12531: Update MySQL55 to 5.5.55-1.cp1156. Fixed case CPANEL-13062: Run update_users_jail on upgrade to 64. Fixed case CPANEL-13063: Increased subprocess timeout for large db import via phpMyAdmin. Fixed case CPANEL-13181: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.6.6-2.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-13197: Map apache24_mod_authz_owner to ea-apache24-mod_authz_owner. Fixed case CPANEL-13212: Ensure API calls output unicode data properly. Fixed case CPANEL-13224: Pre-cache SSLStorage where possible. Fixed case CPANEL-13259: Ensure SafeSync directories are created with the proper permissions. Fixed case CPANEL-13262: Allow underscores in CNAME records. Fixed case CPANEL-13303: Ensure AllowOveride blocks are added when htaccess opt enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-13326: Change PHP-FPM error_reporting default from admin to normal. Fixed case CPANEL-13335: Ensure ftp user files are written with correct UID. Fixed case CPANEL-13336: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.6.6-3.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-13363: Make SSL install UIs handle mail and proxy subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-13395: Search /usr/local for EA3 phpinfo. Fixed case CPANEL-13427: Note that only dedicated IPs can send from dedicated address. Fixed case CPANEL-13458: Ensure parked domains can restore from Backup Restoration. Fixed case CPANEL-13462: Preserve locally configured hostname on systems running cloud-init. Fixed case CPANEL-13517: Handle PID 0 in process lineage detection. Implemented case CPANEL-13280: Fix reseller deletion timeout with large number of ssl certificates. Implemented case CPANEL-13289: Extend kill protection to ancestors in additional places. Implemented case CPANEL-13299: Use a single, locked SSLStorage object for SSL installs. 64.0.24 2017-05-23

Fixed case CPANEL-10124: Add timeout for apache_php_fpm service check operation. Fixed case CPANEL-11553: Don’t signal queueprocd during initial install. Fixed case CPANEL-12330: Touch /var/cpanel/fileprotect in EA4 in cpanel initial install. Fixed case CPANEL-12761: Could not download incremental backups from cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-12769: Choose mpm_prefork if DSO php present, remove DSO php if mpm_worker. Fixed case CPANEL-12822: Bump max_input_vars to 10000 for phpMyAdmin. Fixed case CPANEL-13024: Make etc/init/safekill not kill() its own ancestors. Fixed case CPANEL-13032: Email Routing: display correct detected configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-13038: Ensure that we open port 579 in firewall so services can access cphulkd. Fixed case CPANEL-13047: Improve error message when the CA bundle cannot be found. Fixed case CPANEL-13069: Make CachedDataStore more fault tolerant; speed up writes. Fixed case CPANEL-13087: Accomodate mod_proxy needing the post data recv before reading 308. Fixed case CPANEL-13103: rpmup: avoid inserting SHELL lines in root’s crontab. Fixed case CPANEL-13105: Ensure phpMyAdmin uses the correct ini files. Fixed case CPANEL-13107: Update URL for CPAN mirror search. Fixed case CPANEL-13128: Do not set save_path for phpMyAdmin. Fixed case CPANEL-13176: New sshd_config items are now placed above any Match blocks. Fixed case CPANEL-13219: Email Routing: avoid error when domain has no MXs. Fixed case CPANEL-13219: Email Routing: consider A records if no MX records exist. 64.0.22 2017-05-16

Fixed case CPANEL-12630: File Manager: Provide only one action to edit files. Fixed case CPANEL-12702: Update cpanel-squirrelmail to 2012.12.09-4.cp1158. Fixed case CPANEL-12734: Switch to HTTP 308 for proxy reconnects instead of 307. Fixed case CPANEL-12778: Silence reboot warning when Cpanel::Kernel::Status changes. Fixed case CPANEL-12787: Allow mail.domain creation for users who own base domain. Fixed case CPANEL-12797: Handle IP changing under proxies with proxysubdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-12886: Update restartsrv matching to handle additional cases. Fixed case CPANEL-12919: Avoid broken Try::Tiny lazy load in Task Processors. Fixed case CPANEL-12937: Solve out of sync 500 errors with cphulkd. Fixed case CPANEL-12973: Solve redirected too many times by clearing stale webmail cookies. Fixed case CPANEL-12982: Update cpanel-perl-524-Cpanel-OS to 0.7-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12984: Ensure last login files get created with dovecot dict lookups. Fixed case CPANEL-12986: Support future RPM-based cPAddons on v64. Fixed case CPANEL-13021: Avoid speaking plain HTTP to cabundle server on port 443. Fixed case CPANEL-13028: Run mainipcheck after updating main shared IP in Basic WHM Setup. Fixed case CPANEL-13045: Flush the accounts dovecot auth cache when (un)suspending. Fixed case CPANEL-13095: Update cpanel-git to 2.13.0-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-13112: Ensure writing htaccess PHP directives filters commented keys. 64.0.21 2017-05-15

[security] Fixed case SEC-234: Horde MySQL to SQLite conversion can leak database password. [security] Fixed case SEC-236: Code execution for webmail and demo accounts with the store_filter API call. [security] Fixed case SEC-237: Code execution as root via SET_VHOST_LANG_PACKAGE multilang adminbin call. [security] Fixed case SEC-238: Demo account code execution with BoxTrapper API. [security] Fixed case SEC-239: Demo account file read vulnerability in Fileman::getfileactions API2 call. [security] Fixed case SEC-240: Webmail account arbitrary code execution via forwarders. [security] Fixed case SEC-242: Demo account code execution through Encoding API calls. [security] Fixed case SEC-243: Demo account code execution via ImageManager_dimensions API call. [security] Fixed case SEC-244: Demo users have access to traceroute via api2. [security] Fixed case SEC-245: Demo accounts able to redirect web traffic. [security] Fixed case SEC-246: Cpanel::SPFUI API commands are available to demo accounts. [security] Fixed case SEC-247: Demo and suspended accounts allowed to port-forward via SSH. [security] Fixed case SEC-248: Cpanel SSH API commands are allowed for Demo accounts. [security] Fixed case SEC-249: Demo restrictions not enforced in SSL API calls. [security] Fixed case SEC-250: File read and write for demo accounts in SourceIPCheck API. [security] Fixed case SEC-251: Code execution for Demo accounts via ClamScanner_getsocket API. [security] Fixed case SEC-252: Limited file read via Serverinfo_manpage API call. [security] Fixed case SEC-254: Limited file rename as root via scripts/convert_roundcube_mysql2sqlite. [security] Fixed case SEC-255: Limited file chmod in /scripts/convert_roundcube_mysql2sqlite. [security] Fixed case SEC-257: User crontab publicly visible during cPAddon upgrades. [security] Fixed case SEC-259: Code execution via Rails configuration files. [security] Fixed case SEC-260: Supplemental groups lost during account renames. 64.0.20 2017-05-04

Fixed case CPANEL-12057: Rebuild httpd.conf for new shared ip vhost. Fixed case CPANEL-12405: Modify validators on cPHulk Config. Fixed case CPANEL-12643: Set user when convert_addon_to_account is run as root from cli. Fixed case CPANEL-12880: SSL Proxysubdomains break if they are proxied twice. Fixed case CPANEL-12924: Make list of installable certificates SNI aware. Fixed case CPANEL-12965: Allow cPAddons to recover from partial uninstall failure. Implemented case CPANEL-12905: Account for no expiration times in the SSL Paper Lantern page. 64.0.19 2017-05-01

Fixed case CPANEL-11571: Fix conflicting information in trial banner. Fixed case CPANEL-12637: Leave session.save_path if session.save_handler is not files. Fixed case CPANEL-12645: Add warning and education information to PHP Config Files. Fixed case CPANEL-12783: Display a warning in the UI when .local templates are in use. Fixed case CPANEL-12789: Ensure cpsrvd reloads cpanel.config when changing server locale. Fixed case CPANEL-12833: WHM top frame: encode ampersands. Fixed case CPANEL-12833: WHM top frame: use complete sentences in notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-12843: Fix bug where API shell autocomplete didn’t work with plugins. Fixed case CPANEL-12853: Accommodate CAs who return PEM in their CAIssuers payload. Fixed case CPANEL-12922: Insert Smart Banner meta data into main.tmpl. Fixed case CPANEL-12933: Notify admins of EA4 template changes if .local versions exist. 64.0.18 2017-04-26

Fixed case CPANEL-12666: Make best available SSL selection handle parked domains. Fixed case CPANEL-12782: Avoid sending OOM notifications for cgroups. Implemented case CPANEL-12744: Correct email change email when no contactemail was set. Implemented case CPANEL-12809: Fix a missing module load in chkservd. Implemented case CPANEL-12823: Ensure Email Disk Usage can be disabled in Feature Manager. 64.0.17 2017-04-24

Fixed case CPANEL-12069: Only check for disable_cpanel_terminal_colors once. Fixed case CPANEL-12298: Use chevron arrows in Email Disk Usage, as per style guide. Fixed case CPANEL-12587: Update cpanel-perl-524-Archive-Tar-Builder to 2.5002-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12629: Ensure clean_user_php_sessions calls the proper EA3 directive. Fixed case CPANEL-12663: Make Cpanel::Email::Object always add a Date header. Fixed case CPANEL-12726: Make Paper Lantern upgrade notification use right version. Fixed case CPANEL-12742: Update Backup System Feature Showcase with more information. 64.0.15 2017-04-19

Fixed case CPANEL-11305: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.23-9.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12381: Update dovecot to 2.2.28-4.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12558: Defer ApRestarts in ModSec before touching FS. Fixed case CPANEL-12606: Migrate x3 stragglers to paper lantern to avoid broken email listing. 64.0.14 2017-04-18

Fixed case CPANEL-12591: WHM: Display the ‘reboot for kernel’ notification only for root users. Fixed case CPANEL-12594: Prevent warning in MySQL/MariaDB upgrade interface. Fixed case CPANEL-12601: Avoid duplicate addon entries in UI. 64.0.13 2017-04-17

Fixed case CPANEL-12290: Update cphulkd chkservd driver to ensure port 579 is working. Fixed case CPANEL-12581: Zone Editor: Fix the Add MX Record functionality in the domains list view. Fixed case CPANEL-12608: Ensure cphulkd can terminate old processes. Fixed case CPANEL-12611: Fix notices for cpaddons for errors generated early in the lifecycle. Fixed case CPANEL-12618: Fix isolated translation failures. 64.0.12 2017-04-13

Fixed case CPANEL-12388: Fix dynamic load for WHMCS OIDC provider. Fixed case CPANEL-12438: Restore “mail” subdomain vhosts from account archives. Fixed case CPANEL-12467: pkgacct: ensure MySQL privileges are correctly dumped. Fixed case CPANEL-12469: Silence errors from cphulk when dropping HTTP connection (e.g., Dovecot). Fixed case CPANEL-12537: Avoid error when using certificates without an issuer commonName. Fixed case CPANEL-12546: Ensure new iOS Push certificate is used right away after install. Fixed case CPANEL-12548: Update cpanel-php56-Horde-Crypt to 2.7.3-2.cp1158. Fixed case CPANEL-12578: Ensure cached command running fails gracefully. Implemented case CPANEL-12522: Fix a few minor chkservd logging issues. 64.0.11 2017-04-10

Fixed case CPANEL-12051: Fix OSCommerce upgrades broken in 11.64. Fixed case CPANEL-12180: Optimize add/removal of key/cert pairs in SSLStorage. Fixed case CPANEL-12212: Fix issues with wildcard SSL purchase for a separate vhost. Fixed case CPANEL-12356: Ensure pluginscache is invalidated on register_appconfig. Fixed case CPANEL-12406: Optimize Install an RPM. Fixed case CPANEL-12429: Fix for handling pre-64 incremental backups. Fixed case CPANEL-12430: Ignore “suPHP_ConfigPath” when testing .htaccess syntax. Fixed case CPANEL-12432: Increased timeout to 2 hours when installing yum packages. Fixed case CPANEL-12455: Fixed a path issue with mysql_config during install. Fixed case CPANEL-12461: Adding more logging to chkservd check command failures. Fixed case CPANEL-12466: Failed install of cPAddons RPM still updates cache. Fixed case CPANEL-12488: PHP session save path is updated on a fresh PHP install. Fixed case CPANEL-12503: Catch and handle exceptions when loading backup meta-data. Fixed case CPANEL-12507: Ensure MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade works when MySQL is uninstalled. 64.0.9 2017-04-06

Fixed case CPANEL-1865: Silence spurious warning while restoring mailman attachments. Fixed case CPANEL-12151: Fixed foreach for domain_types with object domain sets. Fixed case CPANEL-12203: Adjusted responsive styles for the status page. Fixed case CPANEL-12250: Prevent AutoSSL from loading provider PROPERTIES during account removal. Fixed case CPANEL-12270: cPStore AutoSSL check needs to run DCV prep as user. Fixed case CPANEL-12310: Avoid adding proxy subs to vhosts when mod_proxy is not available. Fixed case CPANEL-12344: Fix missing HTTP version in cphulkd-dormant service auth response. Fixed case CPANEL-12345: Ignore login.defs maximums on account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-12347: Only examine excluded proxy subdomains for the installing user. Fixed case CPANEL-12350: Ensure checkallsslcerts always runs in plain text locale context. Fixed case CPANEL-12370: Update php.ini with correct session.save_path in /scripts/phpini. Fixed case CPANEL-12371: Ensure a default vhost is created for the main ip. Fixed case CPANEL-12373: cPAddons changes bring in code for changing uids to cpanel. Fixed case CPANEL-12375: Lazy load Whostmgr::Remote in Cpanel::SSH::CredentialCheck. Fixed case CPANEL-12378: DnsRoots: Fallback to TCP DNS if UDP DNS is blocked. Fixed case CPANEL-12382: Avoid compiling in the Digest:: modules. Fixed case CPANEL-12387: Prevent Cpanel::Repos from compiling in File::Slurp. Fixed case CPANEL-12388: Remove use load of dynamiclly loaded modules from OIDC modules. Fixed case CPANEL-12392: Cpanel::PHPINI should abort when the php version cannot be determined. Fixed case CPANEL-12393: Prevent SSL Status from appearing with no market providers. Fixed case CPANEL-12395: iOS webdisk appid missing in file manager and webdisk screens. Fixed case CPANEL-12397: StatsBar should only load cpanel.config when needed. Fixed case CPANEL-12402: Provide a backtrace when saferun refuses to run. Fixed case CPANEL-12404: AutoSSL fails if apache version global cache is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-12407: Do not migrate to PL if initial install. Fixed case CPANEL-12408: Prevent double clicking on uninstall and upgrade buttons. Fixed case CPANEL-12425: Map EA3’s Cpanel::Easy::ModBandwidth to EA4’s ea-apache24-mod_bw. Fixed case CPANEL-12447: Fix RPM version comparison bug in WHM Site Software page. Fixed case CPANEL-12453: Teach ApRestart to understand litespeed. 64.0.7 2017-04-03

Fixed case CPANEL-11278: Only install best available SSL when setting up a new vhost. Fixed case CPANEL-11832: WHM List Accounts: Ensure the Prevent Unsuspending help icon displays help. Fixed case CPANEL-12162: Optimize the SSL Status page’s interface; only search on domain. Fixed case CPANEL-12189: Fix grammatical error in WHM > Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges. Fixed case CPANEL-12228: Prevent mail SNI rebuild from filling queueprocd log. Fixed case CPANEL-12240: Restore safety to apache restarts. Fixed case CPANEL-12259: Avoid mistaken reboot suggestion on KernelCare systems. Fixed case CPANEL-12267: Handle inaccessible files when reading feature list. Fixed case CPANEL-12272: Fix maketext quotes in webmail menu. Fixed case CPANEL-12285: Ensure services without restartsrv scripts are shutdown when disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-12300: Allow login if mail quota file is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-12301: Update dovecot to 2.2.28-3.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12302: Handle legacy DES crypt password in email shadow files. Fixed case CPANEL-12306: Fix webmail proxy subdomain redirection under EA3. Fixed case CPANEL-12314: Let cagefs handle management of /var/cpanel/php/sessions. Fixed case CPANEL-12327: Ensure best available SSL is installed for new vhosts. Fixed case CPANEL-12341: Recommendation footnote is more visible. Fixed case CPANEL-12358: Fix Apache restart call in AP Global Configuration WHM UI. Implemented case CPANEL-12323: Allow suppression of certificate generation in WHM generatessl. 64.0.4 2017-03-30

Fixed case CPANEL-12254: Copy cP Paper Lantern responsive-table styles to Webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-12275: Avoid a warning when restoring Horde address book. Fixed case CPANEL-12280: Fix 535 webmail auth fail if /var/cpanel/conf/dovecot missing. 64.0.3 2017-03-29

Fixed case CPANEL-11297: Update B::C to version 5.024009-4.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-11877: Run EA4 Auto-Adjust PHP memory_limit during GSW. Fixed case CPANEL-12133: Fixed typo on FTP Server configuration interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-12154: Improved verbiage for enabling/starting firewalld. Fixed case CPANEL-12177: Avoid syntax checking SSL assets when already verified. Fixed case CPANEL-12178: Race conditions allowed CachedDataStore to be out of sync. Fixed case CPANEL-12179: Increase SSLStorage timeout to accomodate many certs. Fixed case CPANEL-12225: Ensure EA4 migration flags will correctly propogate via all code paths. Fixed case CPANEL-12264: Fixed bug where unchecked addons in WHM were still shown in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-12266: Remove prohibition on most punctuation characters for addons passwords. Fixed case CPANEL-12279: Ensure PHP session paths are added to jail configuration. 64.0.2 2017-03-28

Fixed case CPANEL-12161: Ensure list of generated domains does not warn. Fixed case CPANEL-12182: Avoid loading SSL domains from disk when in memory. Fixed case CPANEL-12183: Restore performance to building Dovecot sni.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-12184: Update Dovecot advconfig to use new certificate parser. Fixed case CPANEL-12187: Only load AutoSSL DCV rewrites when needed. Fixed case CPANEL-12193: Added a reload when the scroller skips a lot of items. Fixed case CPANEL-12206: Accomodate Cpanel::ApacheConf::apacheconf_data being a tied hash. Fixed case CPANEL-12216: Recreate AutoSSL DCV files when needed. Fixed case CPANEL-12224: Make the oneclick/advanced state persistent for cPAddon install. Fixed case CPANEL-12226: Fix upgrade and uninstall all installed addons from Manage Site Software. Fixed case CPANEL-12227: Update cpanel-git to 2.12.2-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12238: Update cpanel-perl-524-Template-Toolkit to 2.26-3.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12253: Ensure cpsrvd sets SERVER_ADDR correctly. 64.0.1 2017-03-28

Fixed case CPANEL-12172: Proxy subdomains are now properly listed as covered by SSL certs. Fixed case CPANEL-12175: Fix clearing the search on the SSL Status page. Fixed case CPANEL-12181: Install SSL storage assets before userdata update. Fixed case CPANEL-12185: Reload dovecot instead of restart on SNI change. Fixed case CPANEL-12200: Optimize render of drop-down in Email Disk Usage; restore AJAX reload. 64.0.0 2017-03-27

Fixed case CPANEL-11473: Disable all cPAddons interfaces and APIs for DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-11700: Unsupsend MySQL users upon account restoration. Fixed case CPANEL-11797: Replace immediate redirect with delayed meta refresh for some screen. Fixed case CPANEL-11807: Reworked partial failure to be less confusing. Fixed case CPANEL-11808: Prevent storage of passwords in cPAddons YAML files. Fixed case CPANEL-11820: Encode arguments to the maketext calls so they wont become XSS sources. Fixed case CPANEL-11847: Prevent cPAddons-related YUM db lookups in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-11875: Updated template to prevent XSS from a well crafted file name. Fixed case CPANEL-11909: Updated rsync handling code to avoid following hardlinks to sensitive files. Fixed case CPANEL-11992: Fix format string injection problem. Fixed case CPANEL-12030: Updated dark style to make API Shell look good. Fixed case CPANEL-12033: Dark Style info class for disk/file usage. Fixed case CPANEL-12041: Added the new url() vmethod and used it to plug XSS issues. Fixed case CPANEL-12048: Fixed style issue in Archive page. Fixed case CPANEL-12073: Updated apache configuration results page. Fixed case CPANEL-12075: SSL Status: Link to certificate even if it does not provide coverage. Fixed case CPANEL-12090: Fixed reseller uploading of custom paper_lantern styles. Fixed case CPANEL-12091: Note that Pure-FTPD no longer supports TLS 1.0. Fixed case CPANEL-12104: Call fts rescan for restored accounts if FTS is installed. Fixed case CPANEL-12109: Skip MySQLClean task if MySQL is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-12125: Rework display of messages and stack traces in HTTP exceptions. Fixed case CPANEL-12129: The cache_id must be reset when sprites change. Fixed case CPANEL-12130: Fix self-XSS in Synchronize DNS Records. Fixed case CPANEL-12131: Correct error message in cPAddons. Fixed case CPANEL-12140: Add support for generic root install rules for cpaddons. Fixed case CPANEL-12142: Ensure pagination controls work on the Autoresponders interface. Fixed case CPANEL-12154: Save iptables rules when running scripts/configure_firewall_for_cpanel. Fixed case CPANEL-12170: Updated Email Disk Usage icon to better mirror retro style. Fixed case CPANEL-12171: Fix roundcube updating schema from sqlite2 to 3. Fixed case CPANEL-12174: SSL Status: Make links work with browser status bar and middle-click. Fixed case CPANEL-12186: Restore performance to building httpd.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-12190: Fix calls to Cpanel::Logger by system perl on CentOS6. Fixed case CPANEL-12192: Update version number to 64. Fixed case CPANEL-12199: Added code to support amazon linux usage of rpm cpaddons. Fixed case CPANEL-12199: Fix problem with RPM-provided WordPress not showing up after upcp. Fixed case CPANEL-12199: Switch to Cpanel::Repos for installing repo files. Fixed case CPANEL-12202: Userdata_update mishandled proxy and * domains. Fixed case CPANEL-12210: Fix reporting so that errors can be reported to the user during conversion. Implemented case CPANEL-12103: Improve the check to see if SOLR is installed in dovecot.pm. Implemented case CPANEL-12164: Hide subaccount inboxes in default email account mailbox list. Implemented case CPANEL-12169: Fix odd-looking space while scrolling the SSL Status table. 63.9999.134 2017-03-23

Fixed case CPANEL-11369: Update pure-ftpd to 1.0.45-1.cp1156. Fixed case CPANEL-11470: Do not produce error when attempting to remove non-existent Munin database. Fixed case CPANEL-11616: Refactor Cpanel::API::Features to fix many bugs. Fixed case CPANEL-11661: Fixed issue with checkboxes not workings. Fixed case CPANEL-11754: Fixed an issue where installed_hosts weren’t refreshing after purchase. Fixed case CPANEL-11785: Avoid inserting unwanted references into userdata. Fixed case CPANEL-11816: Profile filenames can have spaces but no quotes. Fixed case CPANEL-11822: Add go link to dovecot search query help (opens in new window). Fixed case CPANEL-11826: Improve Email Disk Usage performance with many folders. Fixed case CPANEL-11844: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.2.4-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-11851: Check all featurenames in get_users_features_se.. Fixed case CPANEL-11864: Avoid CGI warning in Edit a Locale. Fixed case CPANEL-11865: Style fix for error messages in Backup Config page, also verbiage update. Fixed case CPANEL-11874: Fix eximstats cpanellogd errors in install log. Fixed case CPANEL-11888: Exim Configuration: prevent traceback when no file uploaded. Fixed case CPANEL-11891: Windows files can now be opened in the editor. Fixed case CPANEL-11892: Return correct limit values for getpkginfo. Fixed case CPANEL-11894: Convert Addon: Preserve FTP account quotas upon conversion. Fixed case CPANEL-11912: Don’t allow the user to attempt to delete the default package. Fixed case CPANEL-11918: Avoid warning about dedicated IPs file on initial setup. Fixed case CPANEL-11923: Fix autodiscover redirect to SSL with http proxy subs. Fixed case CPANEL-11935: Ensure that errors are properly reported by the ‘add_mx’ UAPI call. Fixed case CPANEL-11935: Zone Editor: allow users to add MX records for their subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-11942: Tighten directory permissions on DKIM file stores. Fixed case CPANEL-11952: Use proper MIME type for Comet JSON responses. Fixed case CPANEL-11958: Don’t warn if quotas aren’t enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-12005: Handle X::AuthenticationFailure exception in checkallsslcerts. Fixed case CPANEL-12035: Restore cpsrvd serving performance to v62 level. Fixed case CPANEL-12059: Ensure the TZ env variable is set for apitool. Fixed case CPANEL-12066: AutoSSL proxy subdomains did not passthrough the user agent. Fixed case CPANEL-12067: DCV checks did not send the correct user agent. Fixed case CPANEL-12068: AutoSSL check logic in ssl adminbin to match Cpanel::SSL::Report. Fixed case CPANEL-12070: Ensure apache logs in the new timezone after change. Fixed case CPANEL-12076: SSL Status: AutoSSL does not support explict wildcard domains. Fixed case CPANEL-12081: Clarify that iOS devices must reopen Mail to enable push. Fixed case CPANEL-12089: Move new YUM functions into Cpanel::SysPkgs namespace. Fixed case CPANEL-12092: Quote interpolated values in SQL statements in convert_roundcube_mysql2sqlite. Fixed case CPANEL-12100: Update cpanel-git to 2.12.1-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-12107: Prevent rebuild-templates from storing all template in memory. Fixed case CPANEL-12113: The script offers a regexp parameter that was not a regexp, it is now. Fixed case CPANEL-12120: Updated retro icon to match others. Fixed case CPANEL-12127: Handle error returned from cPanel Store. Fixed case CPANEL-12128: Fix TLS Wizard console error when no products set x_validation_type. Fixed case CPANEL-12145: Created necessary schema update files for roundcube 1.2.4. Fixed case HB-2387: Add missing function for determining if FPM is available for Apache. Implemented case CPANEL-11746: Update instructions and messaging for iOS push. Implemented case CPANEL-11757: Update text for requiressl and alwaysredirecttossl Tweak Settings. Implemented case CPANEL-12050: Change cphulk policy auth port to 579. Implemented case CPANEL-12074: Expose the ability to control AllowOveride in WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-12079: Ensure chkservd.conf ends with a newline. 63.9999.132 2017-03-21

Fixed case CPANEL-2641: Disable quotas when moving roundcube dbs to sqlite. Fixed case CPANEL-9295: Allow update of user who is over quota to Paper Lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-9372: Fix mainip related NAT bugs which caused invalid apache configs. Fixed case CPANEL-10845: Fixed Default Address text issue. Fixed case CPANEL-10849: Address mobile responsive issues on Email Forwarders interface. Fixed case CPANEL-10851: Address mobile responsiveness of tables on MySQL Databases interface. Fixed case CPANEL-11104: Dovecot SNI: Ensure the names on the primary cert come first. Fixed case CPANEL-11525: Do not try to update users to Paper Lantern on fresh install. Fixed case CPANEL-11580: Fixed repetition of content in backup wizard. Fixed case CPANEL-11623: Restore YUM version matching logic to allow MariaDB upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-11631: Ensure Configure Security Questions works as reseller. Fixed case CPANEL-11647: Fix setting the default address with subaddressing. Fixed case CPANEL-11656: Fix styling on Email Disk Usage page for darker themes. Fixed case CPANEL-11744: Handle service auth users in cphulk-dormant over http. Fixed case CPANEL-11758: Clear dovecot auth cache in unsuspend login. Fixed case CPANEL-11761: Cloudlinux profiles can now be downloaded. Fixed case CPANEL-11784: Bullets aligned correctly in RTL. Fixed case CPANEL-11789: CPanel linked webmail pages were missing css. Fixed case CPANEL-11790: Remove peformance problem on each page load for WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-11793: Ensure domain quota file can be read by exim. Fixed case CPANEL-11795: queueprocd: Handle time moving backwards. Fixed case CPANEL-11796: Restore Cpanel/PHPFPM/Inventory.pm to the correct code. Fixed case CPANEL-11798: Add a redirect from the old Manage Plugins to the new one. Fixed cases CPANEL-11799,CPANEL-11794: Update Security Advisor to the latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-11799: Block some notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-11805: Prevent password from being stored in the access log. Fixed case CPANEL-11809: Fix scrolling issue in Backup Config page. Fixed case CPANEL-11823: Improve performance of manage email disk usage. Fixed case CPANEL-11827: Fix email disk usage SVGs. Fixed case CPANEL-11853: Avoid using batch mode when adding IP addresses on the Initial Setup wizard. Fixed cases CPANEL-11856,PH-5300: Implement topFrameWrapper on the EULA page. Fixed case CPANEL-11860: Use the locale in the cookie, if locale specified on the login page is invalid. Fixed case CPANEL-11861: Show error in Add IP when failing to map NAT IP. Fixed case CPANEL-11863: WHM Left Nav order should be the same as 11.62. Fixed case CPANEL-11868: Don’t display invalid date when no suspension date is available. Fixed case CPANEL-11870: Self-XSS vulnerability in /paper_lantern/filemanager/editit.html.tt. Fixed case CPANEL-11876: Updated preview image for light style. Fixed case CPANEL-11886: Fix typo causing caldavcarddav=0 to be ignored. Fixed cases CPANEL-11890,CPANEL-11889: Update mailserver setup validation. Fixed case CPANEL-11893: restartsrv: do not indicate failure if service is not installed. Fixed case CPANEL-11898: queueprocd: always process tasks even if the file is unchanged. Fixed case CPANEL-11900: Enforce a max for Apache RLimit on the Memory Usage Restrictions interface. Fixed case CPANEL-11902: Ensure same tasks are run regardless of which ea4 profile is in place. Fixed case CPANEL-11904: Rename cleanup to manage in Email Disk Usage. Fixed case CPANEL-11908: Prevent emailing an empty address when removing contact info. Fixed case CPANEL-11911: Prevent chkservd from waking cpsrvd. Fixed case CPANEL-11914: Ensure consistent gzip buffer size in pkgacct. Fixed case CPANEL-11915: Ensure queueprocd loads modules in the subprocess. Fixed case CPANEL-11925: Fixed issue with support panel styles. Fixed case CPANEL-11933: Fix DeliveryReports page using advanced search. Fixed case CPANEL-11940: Ensure users can log in as _archive users. Fixed case CPANEL-11947: Log conversion of accesshash to API tokens in accounting log. Fixed case CPANEL-11948: Fix IPv6 Example Address. Fixed case CPANEL-11950: Avoid warning in WHM on unknown tier. Fixed case CPANEL-11954: Manage API Tokens: Ensure that the error messages are within the container. Fixed case CPANEL-11955: A log creation workaround for concurrent AutoSSL runs. Fixed case CPANEL-11960: Harden permissions on log rotation dir. Fixed case CPANEL-11971: Remove unused symlink to angular-ui-utils. Fixed case CPANEL-11985: Protect expunge mailbox api from query arguments. Fixed case CPANEL-11986: IE11 now allows json profiles to be uploaded. Fixed case CPANEL-11989: Use more accurate warn/error messages in “Mailboxes” UAPI calls. Fixed case CPANEL-11991: Require a file to be specified when restoring an Exim configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-11996: cpsrvd: logging of unauthenticated requests should not cause errors. Fixed case CPANEL-12008: Remove CGI Center apps. Fixed case CPANEL-12009: Updated code to open plugins in new tab. Fixed case CPANEL-12011: Fix zone editor as an unprivileged user. Fixed case CPANEL-12017: Add details to system_needs_reboot API return. Fixed case CPANEL-12025: cpsrvd: ensure token-authenticated requests are made over SSL. Fixed case CPANEL-12044: Convert getremotecpmove to JSON API. Fixed case CPANEL-12045: New icons for WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-12082: Change all “New Backup System” to drop the “New”. Implemented case CPANEL-10476: Update merge squash tool for Cobra workflow. Implemented case CPANEL-11841: Reprepare DCV if AutoSSL has not delivered in more than 1 day. Implemented case CPANEL-12007: Ensure httpd.conf supports autossl proxy subdomains on update to v64. Implemented case CPANEL-12029: Swap out indicator arrows to use in Email Disk Usage. 63.9999.125 2017-03-13

Fixed case CPANEL-6892: Ensure dotfiles can be uploaded using the File Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-10368: Reduce system calls in touchfile. Fixed case CPANEL-10976: Address mobile responsiveness of pagination controls. Fixed case CPANEL-11123: IPv6 Ranges: fix typo of “cannot”. Fixed case CPANEL-11206: Modify Account: dedicated IP determines which zonefile template. Fixed case CPANEL-11453: Update cpanel-php56 to 5.6.30-2.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-11497: Update exim to 4.89-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-11590: Prevent stored XSS on the List Accounts interface. Fixed case CPANEL-11614: Fix logic issue when selecting or deselecting all vhosts in MultiPHP Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-11648: Silence HTML output from cpaddons_report.pl on TTYs. Fixed case CPANEL-11671: Fix requiressl for proxysubs on port 80. Fixed case CPANEL-11674: Enclose send name in quotations when sending server notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-11718: Add GO link for EA4 Distiller usage. Fixed case CPANEL-11743: Switch Legacy Backup Users to New Backups on Conversion. Fixed case CPANEL-11759: CPAddon improvements and rpm-ify WordPress. Implemented case CPANEL-11029: Have UI express whether different cert products charge right away. Implemented case CPANEL-11638: New “Manage Disk Usage” UI for Webmail. Implemented case CPANEL-11652: IContact should link to the users domain if valid SSL. Implemented case CPANEL-11657: Add the new SSL/TLS Status page to the feature showcase. Implemented case CPANEL-11658: Improve username parsing in OOM messages. Implemented case CPANEL-11659: Adjust APNS -> APNs in user facing text. Implemented case CPANEL-11670: Report immutable and append only files during locking. Implemented case CPANEL-11692: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.99.2-1.cp1164. Implemented case CPANEL-11704: Improved SSL Wizard to handle inclusion of proxy subdomains. Implemented case CPANEL-11713: systemd service integration improvements. Implemented case CPANEL-11716: Allow the user to get a list of all copies of a file in all backups. Implemented case CPANEL-11717: Allow rpmup to update the Linux Kernel. Implemented case CPANEL-11726: Re-enable chunking in exim. Implemented case CPANEL-11729: Explain more about iOS Push Notifications in UI. Implemented case CPANEL-11732: Only build locale once during update in the background. Implemented case CPANEL-11733: Added new SSL Status page to review the ssl status of your domains. Implemented case CPANEL-11734: Remove unused security token warning templates and functions. Implemented case CPANEL-11737: Link to the mail cleanup tool from quotacheck emails. Implemented case CPANEL-11745: Add EA4 Recommendations System. Implemented case CPANEL-11783: Extend Email Disk Usage screen into cPanel from Webmail. Implemented case CPANEL-11786: Add email expunge icons. 63.9999.113 2017-03-09

Fixed case CPANEL-11110: Use load_perl_module() for backup system to reduce memory footprint. Fixed case CPANEL-11584: Fixed issue with page specific JS not loading. Fixed case CPANEL-11611: Allow spaces in uploaded profile names. Fixed case CPANEL-11641: Add link to feature showcase article about backup system. Fixed case CPANEL-11686: Add back Backup Migration to dynamicui.conf and ACL check. Fixed case CPANEL-11689: Replace “Backups” to “Backup” in WHM for consistency. Fixed case CPANEL-11694: Consolidation of wrappers in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-11715: Remove JSON::XS utf8 workaround from the AdminBin Server. Fixed case SWAT-22: Update Security Advisor to the latest version. Implemented case CPANEL-10058: Fix missing space in TLS Wizard pending certificates display. Implemented case CPANEL-11599: Add more blank fields to the Zone Editor in WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-11630: Full-Text Search Indexing for Dovecot in feature showcase. Implemented case CPANEL-11643: Restore left frame performance in WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-11644: Display AutoSSL pending queue in local time. Implemented case CPANEL-11655: Restore WHM right frame performance. Implemented case CPANEL-11666: Improve xml-api/json-api performance. Implemented case CPANEL-11667: Implement API Tokens as an authentication method for WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-11677: Update dovecot to 2.2.28-2.cp1162. Implemented case CPANEL-11684: Update Whostmgr Template Plugin reduce unneeded calls. Implemented case CPANEL-11687: Make SubProcess handler select on EAGAIN and avoid mising PerlIO. Implemented case CPANEL-11693: Apply docs review to POD for SSL/Auto/Provider SORT_VHOST_FQDNS(). Implemented case CPANEL-11705: Add Multi-Year product support to the TLS Wizard. Implemented case CPANEL-11710: Add iOS and push as search terms for the Manage Service SSL ui. Implemented case CPANEL-11714: Speed up building dovecot sni.conf. 63.9999.107 2017-03-08

Fixed case CPANEL-3871: Version numbers in Update Preferences are inconsistent. Fixed case CPANEL-6366: Allow utf8 passwords when logging into phpmyadmin. Fixed case CPANEL-11380: Run ‘freshclam’ in the background from scripts/maintenance. Fixed case CPANEL-11388: Remove unwanted log message. Fixed case CPANEL-11482: Disallow selection of old versions for the LTS tier. Fixed case CPANEL-11495: Ensure DB cache is initialized when called API2’s listdbs. Fixed case CPANEL-11502: Update Security Advisor to the latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-11507: Update Git to 2.12.0. Fixed case CPANEL-11598: Stop using Cpanel::Config just to load Cpanel::Config::SaveWwwAcct. Fixed case CPANEL-11640: Stop updating ~/.my.cnf on cPanel account password changes. Fixed case CPANEL-11645: Reduce memory profile of pkgacct by removing File::Slurp. Fixed case CPANEL-11649: Fix username formatting for dovecot auth policy wiht cphulkd. Fixed case CPANEL-11662: Make pruning of backups smarter. Fixed case CPANEL-11663: Feature showcase for Backup Improvements. Fixed case CPANEL-11679: Update cpanel-pdns to 3.4.10-2.cp1160. Fixed case CPANEL-11680: Compile unshipped module in whostmgr5. Implemented case CPANEL-11498: Update dynamicUI and make null/undefined consistent. Implemented case CPANEL-11564: Avoid creating a Locales object for known ones with no fallback. Implemented case CPANEL-11586: Optimize checkval functions for HipChat iContact Provider. Implemented case CPANEL-11596: Complete YUI remove from paper lantern home page. Implemented case CPANEL-11603: Add iOS Push information to the feature showcase. Implemented case CPANEL-11624: Use api to enable cphulk in the installer. Implemented case CPANEL-11626: Avoid loading Cpanel::Autodie in Cpanel::Terminal. Implemented case CPANEL-11629: Guard tailwatchd drivers from causing destruction on process line. Implemented case CPANEL-11642: Improve cPHulk UI load time. Implemented case CPANEL-11660: Optimize WHM Partial templates. Implemented case CPANEL-11675: Update dovecot and dovecot-xaps to 2.2.28. Implemented case CPANEL-11682: Support deep linking into the iOS certs tab. 63.9999.97 2017-03-02

Fixed case CPANEL-8149: Replace cPanel issued hostname certs on hostname change. Fixed case CPANEL-8922: Allow disabling the replacement of certs during hostname mismatch. Fixed case CPANEL-10470: Fix backing up Apache config for transfers. Fixed case CPANEL-10671: Only submit one restart for addon domain creation. Fixed case CPANEL-10995: Disallow apache restarts during vendor updates. Fixed case CPANEL-11059: Prevent deadlock in updateuserdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-11089: Clarify how cPHulkd counts unique login attempts. Fixed case CPANEL-11136: IP Blocker: restore ability to specify an implicit IPv4 range. Fixed case CPANEL-11241: Fix problems with php_get_vhost_versions boolean values and xml-api. Fixed case CPANEL-11253: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.6.6-1.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-11286: Have PHP-FPM restart if PHP.ini values are updated from WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-11311: Fix syntax error in locale phrases. Fixed case CPANEL-11328: Ensure WHM API editzonerecord call can edit SRV records. Fixed case CPANEL-11406: Modify_packages: don’t warn if there’s no file for default package. Fixed case CPANEL-11416: Move .section-body related styles to Backup’s own directory. Fixed case CPANEL-11424: Convert theme to paper_lantern when transferring to server without x3. Fixed case CPANEL-11425: Resolve spurious dovecot warning during install. Fixed case CPANEL-11426: Ensure NOFILE is raised when starting services. Fixed case CPANEL-11435: Updated legacy pages to use master template. Fixed case CPANEL-11447: Xml-api: properly serialize DNSONLY error messages as JSON. Fixed case CPANEL-11447: Deprecate XML API serialization. Fixed case CPANEL-11447: Ignore notification failures in Cpanel::Logger. Fixed case CPANEL-11465: Remove legacy checkpassword and hulk code from exim. Fixed case CPANEL-11469: Ensure accounts are restored in the source mailbox format. Fixed case CPANEL-11472: Avoid warning about missing httpd.conf on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-11474: Cpanel::Sysquota inode cache is always empty. Fixed case CPANEL-11477: Restore some lost validations. Fixed case CPANEL-11478: Quota reboot message was dispalying to unprivileged resellers. Fixed case CPANEL-11481: /scripts/php_fpm_config –help has incorrect spelling. Fixed case CPANEL-11485: Ensure dovecot.conf is updated to use dict passdb. Fixed case CPANEL-11488: Allow AdvConfig to rebuild httpd.conf if httpd.conf is corrupt. Fixed case CPANEL-11493: Fix overquota rejection at smtp time. Fixed case CPANEL-11503: Add Update Preferences UI to DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-11515: Prefer IPv4 addresses for determining mx local or remote. Fixed case CPANEL-11516: IContact could not send if the default address was :fail:. Fixed case CPANEL-11536: Replace Cpanel::Sys::OS::Version calls with Cpanel::GenSysInfo. Fixed case CPANEL-11538: Redirect user to new backup system after migration. Fixed case CPANEL-11546: Warn the user when activating an unsupported local MySQL profile. Fixed case CPANEL-11560: Fixed template error in addip.tmpl. Fixed case CPANEL-11562: Require “postalCode” in OV and EV orders from cPStore. Fixed case CPANEL-11567: Add version number to WHM page-specific help links. Fixed case CPANEL-11578: Avoid missing directory warning when cpsrvd starts. Fixed case CPANEL-11592: Remove stray locale code from Global DCV tweaksetting text. Implemented case CPANEL-10891: Create new module for New Backup System’s feature showcase. Implemented case CPANEL-11296: Expose mailbox status and expunge apis via UAPI. Implemented case CPANEL-11422: Tweaksetting for global DCV exclude (avoid .htaccess edits). Implemented case CPANEL-11457: KernelCare purchase flow for WHM and cPanel Store. Implemented case CPANEL-11466: Hulk option to control if “root” is included in user lockouts. Implemented case CPANEL-11468: Prevent race condition with ssl install during restore. Implemented case CPANEL-11471: Streamline the UX for installing iOS Mail (APNS) certificates. Implemented case CPANEL-11475: Report inodes in disk usage checks and apis. Implemented case CPANEL-11504: Update dovecot validation for auth_cache_size. Implemented case CPANEL-11514: IOS push only supports INBOX at this time. Implemented case CPANEL-11519: Update ConfigObj inline docs for v64 spec_version change. Implemented case CPANEL-11540: Update cpanel-perl-524-Mozilla-CA to 20170227-1.cp1162. Implemented case CPANEL-11542: Fix typo in Cpanel::Dovecot::Auth mailbox path. Implemented case CPANEL-11543: Fix PKCS12 decodes in JS to accommodate multi-byte UTF-8. Implemented case CPANEL-11550: UAPI Email::list_pops_with_disk lists nothing under webmail. Implemented case CPANEL-11554: Prune backups even if they fail, on user choice. Implemented case CPANEL-11557: Ensure NewBackup META modules does not load main driver for performance. 63.9999.84 2017-02-23

Fixed case CPANEL-10081: Fix spacing issue in the list of vhosts in TLS store. Fixed case CPANEL-10203: Set ‘phpversion’ in userdata of converted domain. Fixed case CPANEL-10872: Update error message when attempting to exceed maximum number of addon domains. Fixed case CPANEL-10912: Change the ModSec SQL backup log to use SQLite. Fixed case CPANEL-10930: Do not show 11 in cPanel/WHM version in the WHM header. Fixed case CPANEL-11098: Switch to dovecot dict instead of checkpassword for passdb. Fixed case CPANEL-11109: Fixed top header appearing in tabs and popup. Fixed case CPANEL-11115: Ensure the modal dialogs for angular apps are not obscured by the header. Fixed case CPANEL-11197: Update cPanel stats bar when changing default PHP version. Fixed case CPANEL-11202: Migrate EA3 system php.ini when migrating to EA4. Fixed case CPANEL-11273: Suppress warnings about unrecognized RewriteCond lines in .htaccess. Fixed case CPANEL-11316: Fix verbiage for php auto-adjustment on installation. Fixed case CPANEL-11331: Turn SSLStaplingFakeTryLater off in EA3. Fixed case CPANEL-11346: Add ability to manage account suspension from List Accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-11398: Prevent locale loop while loading cpusers file. Fixed case CPANEL-11399: Fix error reporting when sending email. Fixed case CPANEL-11410: Update cpanel-perl-524 to 5.24.1-17.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-11417: Prevent userlist submissions with “domain” but no “user”. Fixed case CPANEL-11433: Added tests and better exception handling for Logd. Implemented case CPANEL-11347: Defer loading ConfigObj driver deps until needed. Implemented case CPANEL-11368: Profile can be uploaded downloaded. Implemented case CPANEL-11387: Update rpm.versions to include File::Rsync. Implemented case CPANEL-11389: AutoSSL UI now shows the duration for the expires soon state. Implemented case CPANEL-11392: Restore List Accounts performance. Implemented case CPANEL-11394: Ensure users can read enabled dovecot protocols. Implemented case CPANEL-11402: WHM Manage Plugins improvements. Implemented case CPANEL-11409: Improve SSLStorage rebuild behavior. Implemented case CPANEL-11414: Have WHM API v1 check for a stable AutoSSL PID on request. Implemented case CPANEL-11419: Harden SafeRun namespace. Implemented case CPANEL-11420: Exclude invalid non-mailman files from mailman diskusage. Implemented case CPANEL-11446: DCV always failed for server hostname on v63. Implemented case CPANEL-11462: Open Munin in new window. 63.9999.74 2017-02-21

Fixed case CPANEL-410: Fix bug in selecting autodetected OS instructions for WebDAV. Fixed case CPANEL-4455: Add disk-space checks to backup configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-4880: Use correct protocol for Web Template Editor Preview. Fixed case CPANEL-6071: Add an API Call to report installed application version information. Fixed case CPANEL-7009: Addon Domains: display better error message on exception. Fixed case CPANEL-7071: Update Security Advisor to the latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-7881: Use dedicated mail IP for forwarding domain, if available. Fixed case CPANEL-8372: Don’t break autoexpunge during dovecot_maintenance. Fixed case CPANEL-8647: Improve reseller-create account email limits. Fixed case CPANEL-8922: Allow disabling the replacement of certs during hostname mismatch. Fixed case CPANEL-9462: WHM: Address localization issues in various interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-9517: Improved error message when quota is violated during restoredb upload. Fixed case CPANEL-9528: Mod_security: handle timezone offset for nonintegral hours. Fixed case CPANEL-9676: FPM is available as long as fcgi and corresponding FPM package installed. Fixed case CPANEL-9739: Remove misleading text from template. Fixed case CPANEL-9789: Fork Bomb Protection: apply only to regular users. Fixed case CPANEL-9925: fixquotas: enable XFS quotas with UEFI. Fixed case CPANEL-10012: WHM: Converted the Upgrade to Latest Version interface to bootstrap. Fixed case CPANEL-10051: Fix error when trying to create a CSR with a subject longer then 64 characters. Fixed case CPANEL-10102: Change default value for nullable integer-based columns to NULL. Fixed case CPANEL-10109: install_cpaddons: ensure cPAddons are installed. Fixed case CPANEL-10120: suspendacct: remove extraneous “1”. Fixed case CPANEL-10126: Combine tail_upcp2.cgi and tail_ea4_migration.cgi into one script. Fixed case CPANEL-10137: Remove suspended_incoming touch file when email account is deleted. Fixed case CPANEL-10156: Process frozen messages when using ‘Deliver All’ in Mail Queue Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-10169: Update Security Advisor to the latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-10205: Backup Wizard: say “compressed”, not “zipped”. Fixed case CPANEL-10237: Use ‘cpanel’ user home dir when performing PureFTPd chkservd tests. Fixed case CPANEL-10252: If none exists, symlink 3rdparty git and friends in /usr/bin. Fixed case CPANEL-10266: State MySQL or MariaDB version in scripts/maint.. Fixed case CPANEL-10293: Remove CGI Center applications. Fixed case CPANEL-10293: Remove special case to orphan CGI Center RPMs. Fixed case CPANEL-10333: Throw a useful error message when adding IP to a bad ethernet device. Fixed case CPANEL-10348: Remove Perl 5.22->5.24 upgrade logic no longer necessary in v64. Fixed case CPANEL-10348: Remove cruft files related to cgi-sys removal in v64. Fixed case CPANEL-10379: Addressed localization issues in several legacy interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-10388: Make SquirrelMail its own target in rpm.versions. Fixed case CPANEL-10402: Removed duplicate ‘Change Site’s IP Address’ link from WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-10409: Paper Lantern: Localize the Close link on the MySQL dialogs. Fixed case CPANEL-10410: Removed unused files from file manager. Fixed case CPANEL-10426: Use .size() to measure the length of an array. Fixed case CPANEL-10430: WHM: Addressed spacing issue on the View Bandwidth Usage interface. Fixed case CPANEL-10445: Correctly load locale preferences for resellers in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-10446: updateuserdomains: do not read existing data with –force. Fixed case CPANEL-10446: Force updateuserdomains on DNS zone removal. Fixed case CPANEL-10457: Allow Rearrange Accounts UI to work without quota. Fixed case CPANEL-10464: Support deletion of MIME type with multiple extensions. Fixed case CPANEL-10470: Fix backing up Apache config for transfers. Fixed case CPANEL-10477: Update WHM to use the new ModSecurity ruleset. Fixed case CPANEL-10493: Fix broken updatenow.static on CentOS 6. Fixed case CPANEL-10508: Avoid using /root/tmp for mailman restores. Fixed case CPANEL-10522: Fix typo in site map error message. Fixed case CPANEL-10525: Ensure the Feature Search works on the MySQL Manage User Privileges page. Fixed case CPANEL-10559: Remove mention of removed binary cpsrvd-ssl. Fixed case CPANEL-10562: Fix errors in multiphp ini editor if no FPM rpms are installed. Fixed case CPANEL-10564: Add EOL notification to server admin if their current version is expiring soon. Fixed case CPANEL-10567: Provide error message when failing to sync zones. Fixed case CPANEL-10575: Account Owner column is added to MultiPHP Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-10577: Fix bug where .cpaddons feature file wasn’t being created. Fixed case CPANEL-10578: Ensure Feature Search does not cause a 404 on MySQL Manage User Privileges page. Fixed case CPANEL-10581: Write to correct cache file for DNS cluster config. Fixed case CPANEL-10586: Added new preview images for Basic and Retro. Fixed case CPANEL-10588: Save zone changes to MyDNS database when changing account IP. Fixed case CPANEL-10609: Only include directives in a user’s .user.ini that are valid there. Fixed case CPANEL-10610: Have cPanel INI editor edit .htaccess also. Fixed case CPANEL-10621: Updated feature names to match the applications. Fixed case CPANEL-10624: Conditionally remove empty message box on MySQL pages. Fixed case CPANEL-10632: Don’t truncate backup config when disk is full. Fixed case CPANEL-10638: Add new ticket types to Create Support Ticket. Fixed case CPANEL-10648: Post install step to add copyright and licenses. Fixed case CPANEL-10649: Updated topframe to get data from Whostmgr.pm. Fixed case CPANEL-10664: Fixed issue with WHM showing insecure all the time. Fixed case CPANEL-10671: Only submit one restart for addon domain creation. Fixed case CPANEL-10675: Add message to notify user about hardcoded version 62 for LTS. Fixed case CPANEL-10677: Add error detection in cgi and render in EA4 Migration. Fixed case CPANEL-10688: Alert user about impacted domains when changing a FQDN’s PHP. Fixed case CPANEL-10690: Lazy-load exception string translations. Fixed case CPANEL-10695: restartsrv_httpd: don’t kill service on 80 and 443 with alternate port. Fixed case CPANEL-10699: Fix get_inventory() for addon domains. Fixed case CPANEL-10715: Resolve incompat with perlcc and autossl_check. Fixed case CPANEL-10735: Fix Pool Options won’t open in MultiPHP Manager page. Fixed case CPANEL-10738: Remove updatecontact from legacy list. Fixed case CPANEL-10739: Add new Cpanel::Hook to allow for validation of package extension input data. Fixed case CPANEL-10745: Fix applying FPM to account. Fixed case CPANEL-10782: Regenerate domain key when changing account’s domain. Fixed case CPANEL-10788: cpsrvd: Ensure the ‘cpsrvd-domainlookup’ tweak setting works. Fixed case CPANEL-10797: Make cpsrvd’s SNI obey the server’s Web Services cipher list setting. Fixed case CPANEL-10805: Updated update_phpmyadmin_config directly in WHM provided code. Fixed case CPANEL-10812: Add HipChat provider to iContact, fix pluggability bugs. Fixed case CPANEL-10813: Audit calls to fetchcabundle() to ensure failure checking. Fixed case CPANEL-10818: ACE editor is our new FileManager code editor. Fixed case CPANEL-10839: Paper Lantern: Ensure Aliases page looks correct on mobile. Fixed case CPANEL-10847: Paper Lantern: Ensure Authentication page looks correct on mobile. Fixed case CPANEL-10857: Paper Lantern: Addressed mobile issues on the Autoresponders page. Fixed case CPANEL-10866: Turn down log noise from fixlogpermissions during updates. Fixed case CPANEL-10874: Prevent make obs-setup from being confused by many centos-releases. Fixed case CPANEL-10878: Add POD coverage analysis to testcover. Fixed case CPANEL-10886: Fixed issue with publish button non functional. Fixed case CPANEL-10892: Add notification for deprecating legacy backups system. Fixed case CPANEL-10902: Prevent stat()ing the ModSecurity log each tailwatch loop. Fixed case CPANEL-10925: Fix upcp log tail not updating progress bar in the UI issue. Fixed case CPANEL-10931: Disable CGIEmail and CGIEcho on update, and on new installs. Fixed case CPANEL-10946: Ensure ACE editor does not interpret control chars. Fixed case CPANEL-10961: Fix bug in wwwacct.conf entry based loads of iContact Providers. Fixed case CPANEL-10974: Log TIER warnings to update log rather than error log during updates. Fixed case CPANEL-10979: Do not check quotas on virtfs mounts in backup conf. Fixed case CPANEL-10984: HTML escape sharedcrtname in Manage SSL Hosts template. Fixed case CPANEL-10997: Adjust PHP memory_limit upon install of cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-10998: Mark GSW as Legacy in feature manager. Fixed case CPANEL-11007: EA4 fixes and reloads itself when yum cache fails. Fixed case CPANEL-11013: Don’t warn the user about cphulkd when disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-11017: Fix the display on the port on the webdisk setup page. Fixed case CPANEL-11020: Store Apache’s CA bundles leaf-first. Fixed case CPANEL-11026: Eximstats should ignore duplicate delivery bypasses. Fixed case CPANEL-11027: Avoid saving duplicates to the eximstats .sql and just log. Fixed case CPANEL-11033: Test .htaccess syntax in Directory context. Fixed case CPANEL-11043: Improve error reporting and socket handling in MySQL restore. Fixed case CPANEL-11072: xml-api: allow running accesshash API call on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-11075: Fix logic issue when selecting or deselecting all vhosts in MultiPHP Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-11076: Update hard coded version 62 expiration to 2018. Fixed case CPANEL-11081: Actually check the ftp destination if one is provided. Fixed case CPANEL-11085: Prevent slurping Exim logs on fresh installs. Fixed case CPANEL-11087: Added retry attempts on locked eximstats inserts/updates. Fixed case CPANEL-11093: Restore Moment.pm to satisfy Cpanel::CORE::Dependencies. Fixed case CPANEL-11094: Add Zendguard + Opcache logic to ea3 to ea4 profile conversion. Fixed case CPANEL-11099: Add www and proxy records back for subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-11112: Provide support for creating incremental backups in date based directory. Fixed case CPANEL-11118: Suppress some unnecessary error messages in logs during backups. Fixed case CPANEL-11135: Prevent user creation if an auto-created subdomain already exists. Fixed case CPANEL-11145: Permit Email::stats_db_status in webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-11157: Updated change sites ip address icon in whm. Fixed case CPANEL-11158: Fix Cpanel::Hulkd::Processor unit test. Fixed case CPANEL-11159: Updating DNS Function icons in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-11161: WHM: Ensure ModSecurity Hits List is sortable by IP address. Fixed case CPANEL-11162: Fix bad UPDATE query in cPanel Logd for eximstats. Fixed case CPANEL-11171: Clarify Transfer Tool wording, on how to view session via CLI. Fixed case CPANEL-11175: Ensure backups can run. Fixed case CPANEL-11177: Fix pruning with new incremental backup paths. Fixed case CPANEL-11183: UI checkbox to protect new backup system if legacy is enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-11184: Ensure DHE ciphers are available with SNI. Fixed case CPANEL-11185: Update cpanel-perl-524 to 5.24.1-16.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-11195: Fixed broken filtering of cPAddons by user in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-11222: Use hardlinks for incremental backups. Fixed case CPANEL-11225: Add text is in the Webmail nav menu for screen readers. Fixed case CPANEL-11226: Removed references to TopFrame. Fixed case CPANEL-11231: Fix movability bug with “Current Filters” Header in Email Filters. Fixed case CPANEL-11234: Remove the limit of 1 retention for incremental backups. Fixed case CPANEL-11239: Use a ban icon to indicate FPM is not available. Fixed case CPANEL-11242: Fix bandwidth processing with new sqlite eximstats. Fixed case CPANEL-11246: Bootstrapping all backup system pages. Fixed case CPANEL-11247: Save PHP session files in a secure directory. Fixed case CPANEL-11252: Add additional information to PHP memory limit update. Fixed case CPANEL-11256: Adjust wording of EA4 UI cache reload functionality. Fixed case CPANEL-11267: gather-update-logs: improve efficiency of RPM queries. Fixed case CPANEL-11275: Resolve load performance regression in WHM left frame. Fixed case CPANEL-11282: Update WHM MultiPHP INI verbiage about local.ini. Fixed case CPANEL-11283: Don’t display HTML entities in notification descriptions. Fixed case CPANEL-11284: update_db_cache: avoid warning on blank line in /etc/passwd. Fixed case CPANEL-11288: Fix API Shell erroneous table view when result is a list of non-objects. Fixed case CPANEL-11295: Have restartsrv_apache_php_fpm not consider no FPM packages as an error. Fixed case CPANEL-11299: Ignore the checking of legacy backup config file. Fixed case CPANEL-11309: Added a fallback to ensure Cpanel/Template/Plugin/Geo always returns. Fixed case CPANEL-11310: Fix NaN displayed for expiry in Manage Service SSL Certificates UI. Fixed case CPANEL-11312: Improve error reporting when an exception is missing text. Fixed case CPANEL-11314: Address duplicate ScriptAliasMatch via setupapache. Fixed case CPANEL-11317: Disallow compiling bandwidth for system users. Fixed case CPANEL-11324: Remember the page size in the Zone Editor Domains view. Fixed case CPANEL-11327: Disable CHUNKING in exim. Fixed case CPANEL-11344: Remove nexts as ‘exits’ from sub in autossl_check. Fixed case CPANEL-11354: Replace legacy backup check to ensure they are hidden if disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-11363: Update cpanel-perl-524-Authen-Libwrap to 0.22-3.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-11373: Change verbiage on Backup Migration page. Fixed case CPANEL-11374: All package toggle buttons have unique IDs. Fixed case CPANEL-11376: UI Improvements in Backup Configuration page. Fixed case HB-2089: Have PHP-FPM restart if PHP.ini values are updated from WHM. Fixed case ZC-2347: Update Security Advisor to the latest version. Implemented case CPANEL-10288: Replace MarkPhrase with Cpanel::LocaleString. Implemented case CPANEL-10350: Add cpsrvd session support for mobile clients with dynamic IPs. Implemented case CPANEL-10387: Repair obs-setup makefile target and re-enable for sandbox target. Implemented case CPANEL-10497: Sort AutoSSL certificate domains more intelligently. Implemented case CPANEL-10635: Optimize iContact Email Delivery. Implemented case CPANEL-10676: Make AutoSSL “gracefully” accommodate provider max-domains-per-cert. Implemented case CPANEL-10684: Fetch CA bundle from the cert’s own authInfoAccess data. Implemented case CPANEL-10694: AutoSSL for proxy subdomains. Implemented case CPANEL-10754: Improve DCV performance. Implemented case CPANEL-10755: Make iContact modules pluggable. Implemented case CPANEL-10794: Use ProxyPass for proxy subdomains. Implemented case CPANEL-10807: Cache authorityInfoAccess CA bundle lookups locally. Implemented case CPANEL-10822: Sync the behavior of alwaysredirecttossl in cpsrvd to match /cpanel. Implemented case CPANEL-10833: Added light style to Paper Lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-10863: Add webdisk proxysubdomain support to AutoSSL. Implemented case CPANEL-10867: Converted Eximstats DB to SQLite. Implemented case CPANEL-10880: Avoid SSL proxy subdomains for “parked” domains. Implemented case CPANEL-10895: Fix webdisk ports on proxy subdomains with a self-signed cert. Implemented case CPANEL-10907: Tweak “gl_longmess” from Cpanel::Exception. Implemented case CPANEL-10913: Remove stray flow control errors in AutoSSL logs. Implemented case CPANEL-10922: Tests and cleanup for tcp wrappers with proxy subdomains. Implemented case CPANEL-10952: Avoid sendmail fallback when all SMTP recipients fail. Implemented case CPANEL-10955: Properly handle certificates without authInfoAccess. Implemented case CPANEL-10957: Fix parsing of multiple expansions in eximstats. Implemented case CPANEL-10964: Added more logic to exim_mainlog import and db rebuild. Implemented case CPANEL-10967: Remove extra slash from ProxyPass proxy subdomains. Implemented case CPANEL-10972: Fix perl warning when a filter expands to a local user. Implemented case CPANEL-10993: Ensure tailwatchd does not load locale. Implemented case CPANEL-11000: Implement conversion feature from Legacy Backup system to new backup system. Implemented case CPANEL-11016: Simplify handling unix sockets in cpsrvd. Implemented case CPANEL-11024: Implement a DMARC record generator to the Zone Editor interface. Implemented case CPANEL-11030: Add an “x_payment_trigger” property to cPStore SSL products. Implemented case CPANEL-11032: Show all FQDNs on a vhost in the SSL install page. Implemented case CPANEL-11069: Removed Top Frame from WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-11070: iOS Push Support for Email. Implemented case CPANEL-11096: Hide legacy backup system references from new backup pages. Implemented case CPANEL-11107: Convert Cpanel::ForkSync to use AdminBin::Serializer. Implemented case CPANEL-11127: New API ensures a complete list of SSL’able domains. Implemented case CPANEL-11133: Eximstats: Handle multiple failures expanded from a single address. Implemented case CPANEL-11140: TCP fast open support in cpsrvd/cpdavd. Implemented case CPANEL-11142: Optimize exim routers and conf parsing. Implemented case CPANEL-11143: cpdavd: Ensure remote_host_is_localhost is checked before proxy. Implemented case CPANEL-11146: Update paper lantern optimizations for v64. Implemented case CPANEL-11147: Switch to JSON cache for subdomain rewrite rules. Implemented case CPANEL-11148: Add Mail for Windows 10 to the client config page. Implemented case CPANEL-11186: Support for the dovecot full text search plugin. Implemented case CPANEL-11187: Fix “View Relayers” screen to return results. Implemented case CPANEL-11250: Added search filtering and implimented in the TLS Wizard. Implemented case CPANEL-11251: Repair WHM header OS/environment display for cgi pages. Implemented case CPANEL-11259: Add Windows 10 support to the WebDisk UI. Implemented case CPANEL-11268: Convert command2 to json format. Implemented case CPANEL-11285: Fix ARRAYs in cphulk log. Implemented case CPANEL-11287: Skip invaild files when calculating mailman disk space. Implemented case CPANEL-11307: Add dark style for Paper Lantern. Implemented case CPANEL-11320: autossl: Sort domains longer than 64 bytes lower in the list. Implemented case CPANEL-11342: Prevent the locale system from being loaded in daemons. Implemented case CPANEL-11345: Update WHM CSR generation UI to match field requirements. Implemented case CPANEL-11361: Restore list accounts performance.