70 Change Log

70.0.69 2019-06-06

[security] Fixed case CPANEL-27764: Update exim to 4.91-4.cp1170. Fixes CVE-2019-10149. 70.0.68 2019-04-10

[security] Fixed case CPANEL-26536: Update dovecot to Fixes CVE-2019-7524. 70.0.67 2019-03-18

[security] Fixed case SEC-477: Unsafe file operations as root in SSL certificate storage. [security] Fixed case SEC-479: Local root via userdata cache misparsing. [security] Fixed case SEC-480: Code execution via addforward API1 call. [security] Fixed case SEC-481: Unsafe terminal capabilities determination using infocmp. [security] Fixed case SEC-483: Open mail relay due to faulty domain redirect routing. [security] Fixed case SEC-484: Limited file read as root via EXIM virtual_user_spam router. [security] Fixed case SEC-487: Demo account code execution via securitypolicy.cgi [security] Fixed case SEC-493: Remote Stored XSS Vulnerability in BoxTrapper Queue Listing 70.0.66 2019-01-28

Fixed case CPANEL-19362: Add missing module load for Cpanel::Imports. Fixed case CPANEL-20522: Maintenance: allow restarting outdated services to be disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-20522: Create a standard place for disabling touch files. Fixed case CPANEL-21260: Fix bug in date listing for LTS dropdown. Fixed case CPANEL-21694: Ensure getconfiguredips recognizes IPs configured on loopback devices. Fixed case CPANEL-22119: Fix handling of domlogs when changing the main domain rapidly. Fixed case CPANEL-23980: Accommodate AutoSSL certificates from cPanel LLC CA. Fixed case CPANEL-24716: Avoid replacing third party hostname certs until expiration is imminent. Fixed case CPANEL-24858: Fix phrasing for when an hostname certificate will expire soon. Implemented case CPANEL-19603: Add a disable option to the restorepkg script. 70.0.63 2019-01-21

[security] Fixed case SEC-415: Internal data disclosed to OpenID providers. [security] Fixed case SEC-460: Demo accounts allowed to link with OpenID providers. [security] Fixed case SEC-466: Arbitrary file read via Passenger adminbin. [security] Fixed case SEC-473: Demo account limited arbitrary file write via DCV UAPI calls. [security] Fixed case SEC-476: Limited file write as shared users during connection resets. [security] Fixed case SEC-478: Userdata cache temporary file can conflict with domains. 70.0.62 2018-11-29

[security] Fixed case CPANEL-23762: Update cpanel-perl-526 to 5.26.0-17.cp1170 for CVE-2018-18311, CVE-2018-12015, CVE-2018-18312, CVE-2018-18313, and CVE-2018-18314. 70.0.61 2018-11-19

[security] Fixed case SEC-366: PostgreSQL password changes performed in an insecure manner. [security] Fixed case SEC-452: Unauthenticated remote code execution via mailing list attachments. [security] Fixed case SEC-454: Virtual FTP accounts remain after their domain is removed. [security] Fixed case SEC-459: Self-XSS Vulnerability in WHM Additional Backup Destination. [security] Fixed case SEC-461: Stored XSS in WHM ‘Reset a DNS Zone’. [security] Fixed case SEC-462: Open redirect when resetting connections. [security] Fixed case SEC-464: Stored XSS in WHM MultiPHP Manager interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-465: Arbitrary code execution as root via dnssec adminbin. [security] Fixed case SEC-467: Do not enable debug logging in WebDAV transport. 70.0.60 2018-11-05

Fixed case CPANEL-10711: Prefer cpanel user over system user when a domain is owned by both. Fixed case CPANEL-13532: Fix DCV when ngnix is proxying the hostname to Fixed case CPANEL-14896: Make flock() mode based on whether or not file was opened read or read/write. Fixed case CPANEL-17423: Preload template modules before locking httpd.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-18329: Prevent multiple rndc calls from running at the same time. Fixed case CPANEL-19800: Use a single inotify setup in queueprocd to avoid a race condition. Fixed case CPANEL-20037: Ensure niceness is reset when starting services. Fixed case CPANEL-20425: Restore DKIM signing mail from hostname. Fixed case CPANEL-20487: Ignore disk with broken quotas when temporarily lifting quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-20617: Provide warning for hostname changes. Fixed case CPANEL-20642: Server statistics analysis is now opt-in on new install. Fixed case CPANEL-20717: Fix password file comment parser to handle #s in passwords. Fixed case CPANEL-20899: Workaround Cyberduck incompatibilities with WebDav and gzip. Fixed case CPANEL-21573: Populate empty password columns when updating to MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-23509: Fix MultiPHP Manager error caused by alt-php. Fixed case CPANEL-23542: Fix console error on load of MultiPHP Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-23602: Ensure exim is restarted to apply CPANEL-20425 fix. 70.0.59 2018-10-09

Fixed case CPANEL-6541: Implemented swap IPv6 for transfers, dedicated IPv6 not handled. Fixed case CPANEL-19702: Filter AAAA on transfer if destination doesn’t use IPv6. Fixed case CPANEL-20387: Add support for SSE arguments via URL path. Fixed case CPANEL-20544: Keep specific file handles open when daemonizing a process. Fixed case CPANEL-20552: Added local symlinks for the event source polyfill. Fixed case CPANEL-20797: Add option to skip EasyApache YUM repo setup during initial install. Fixed case CPANEL-20927: Remove unneeded regex check for the SSE module name. Fixed case CPANEL-20947: Add a NotFound cpsrvd style exception class. Fixed case CPANEL-21186: Add an authentication and application verification system to SSE. Fixed case CPANEL-21431: Fix mysqlconnectioncheck for systems running MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-21592: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.7-4.cp1166. 70.0.57 2018-09-17

[security] Fixed case SEC-409: ClamAV daemon can be shut off by any local user. [security] Fixed case SEC-428: Self-XSS in WHM ‘Create a New Account’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-433: Self-XSS in WHM ‘Security Questions’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-434: Self-XSS in cPanel ‘Site Software Moderation’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-437: Self-XSS in WHM ‘Style Upload’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-441: Actively stored XSS in WHM ‘File and Directory Restoration’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-444: Demo account code execution via Fileman::viewfile API. [security] Fixed case SEC-445: Invalid email_accounts.json prevents full account suspension. [security] Fixed case SEC-446: Self-Stored XSS on ‘Security Questions’ login page. [security] Fixed case SEC-447: Arbitrary file write as root in WHM ‘Force Password Change’. [security] Fixed case SEC-449: FTP access allowed during account suspension. 70.0.55 2018-08-27

Fixed case CPANEL-19596: Resolve a spurious warning when the userdata queue is already processed. Fixed case CPANEL-22043: Alter updatenow logic to switch directly from 70..78. Fixed case CPANEL-22049: Rpm.versions: install a cpanel-version RPM. 70.0.54 2018-07-18

Fixed case CPANEL-18958: Do not include remote mysql hosts for cpses temp user grants. Fixed case CPANEL-19390: Fix race condition in restartsrv_apache_php_fpm. Fixed case CPANEL-19544: Add a new tweak to configure eximstats_spam_check. Fixed case CPANEL-19571: Add hookability for AutoSSL installs. Fixed case CPANEL-20729: Filter out duplicate domains from AutoSSL orders. 70.0.53 2018-07-16

[security] Fixed case SEC-367: Stored-XSS in WHM File Restoration interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-416: Apache configuration injection due to document root variable interpolation. [security] Fixed case SEC-418: Insecure storage of phpMyAdmin session files. [security] Fixed case SEC-420: SQL injection during database backups. [security] Fixed case SEC-424: File modification as root via faulty HTTP authentication. [security] Fixed case SEC-425: Limited file read via password file caching. [security] Fixed case SEC-426: Arbitrary zonefile modifications allowed during record edits. [security] Fixed case SEC-436: Arbitrary file read during File Restoration. [security] Fixed case SEC-439: Arbitrary zonefile modifications due to faulty CAA record handling. [security] Fixed case SEC-442: File rename vulnerability during account renames. 70.0.52 2018-07-09

Fixed case CPANEL-20633: Rebuild Exim configuration and restart Exim on upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-20670: Modify Account: avoid failure with previously used domain. 70.0.51 2018-06-20

Fixed case CPANEL-20728: Upgrade Email::Address::XS to 1.03. Fixed case CPANEL-20848: Update cpanel-perl-526-Email-Sender to 1.300031-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20909: Better handle packages which exceed the allowed MAX_DEFER_FAIL_PERCENTAGE. Fixed case CPANEL-20915: Fix logic for getting LTS versions in update preferences page. Fixed case CPANEL-20968: Ensure HttpRequest.pm does not leave open file handles, blocking updatenow. Fixed case CPANEL-21254: Ensure saving named tiers in update preferences doesn’t misconfigure update settings. Fixed case CPANEL-21260: Ensure update preferences UI reflects currently configured settings. 70.0.48 2018-05-31

Fixed case CPANEL-20577: Work around MariaDB authn bug MDEV-16238. Fixed case CPANEL-20615: File Restoration: ensure backup feature is not required. Fixed case CPANEL-20715: Fix backup bug where metadata pruning fails due to being disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-20725: Setting up PHP-FPM on addon domains did not work correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-20732: Update Git to version 2.17.1. Fixed case CPANEL-20765: Ensure remote dns clusters load zones added via SYNCZONES. Fixed case CPANEL-20777: Fix corrupted htaccess files from pkgacct. 70.0.47 2018-05-29

Fixed case CPANEL-20535: Fix adding MX records to subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-20651: Resolve performance regression with Whostmgr::DNS::MX. 70.0.46 2018-05-24

Fixed case CPANEL-19045: Update cpanel-perl-526-Net-Google-Drive-Simple to 0.13-4.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20006: Update cpanel-awstats to 7.6-3.cp1168. Fixed case CPANEL-20331: Avoid transient error when installing exim.pl.local. Fixed case CPANEL-20449: Ignore empty zones when returning zone fetch results. Fixed case CPANEL-20518: Restored functionality where users could empty all spam folders. Fixed case CPANEL-20560: Avoid exception on invalid whois data. Fixed case CPANEL-20561: Restore functionality of VPS.NET DNS clustering. Fixed case CPANEL-20562: Update cpanel-perl-526-Net-Whois-IANA to 0.41-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20564: Ensure weekly and monthly backups can be downloaded in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-20565: Ensure REMOTE_ADDR is passed through to dnsadmin. Fixed case CPANEL-20566: Use correct path for pkgacct. Fixed case CPANEL-20566: Transfer Tool: disable API use over unencrypted connection. Fixed case CPANEL-20601: Fix undefined user warning when using ‘want’ arg of listaccts API. Fixed case CPANEL-20614: Fix zone parsing with empty leading names. Fixed case CPANEL-20632: Handle blank lines in Cpanel::ProcessInfo because of changes introduced in a kernel update. 70.0.44 2018-05-22

Fixed case CPANEL-6546: Ensure timestamps in Roundcube and SquirrelMail are correct. Fixed case CPANEL-18506: Fix backup destination showing sys backup option when sys backups disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-19808: AutoSSL runs will no longer continue notifying beyond seven days post-expiry. Fixed case CPANEL-19848: Avoid displaying startup log entries twice when restarting a service. Fixed case CPANEL-19943: Wordpress install via API no longer works. Fixed case CPANEL-20042: Ensure submit button is enabled when selection is made on WHM Edit DNS Zone. Fixed case CPANEL-20076: Fix MAX_DEFER_FAIL_PERCENTAGE issues with account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-20221: Render HTML output correctly in EA4 Recommendation. Fixed case CPANEL-20240: Statistics Configuration: ensure page renders fully. Fixed case CPANEL-20336: Don’t assign dedicated IPs during account creation unless instructed to. Fixed case CPANEL-20409: Make ResourceUsage handle exponent notation for maximum values. Fixed case CPANEL-20411: Cpuser notification preferences now are populated if empty. Fixed case CPANEL-20412: Make contactinfo->cpuser sync not clobber existing cpuser setting. Fixed case CPANEL-20499: Transfers fail when Copy Home Directory is deselected. Fixed case CPANEL-20542: Explicitly disable SMTPUTF8. Fixed case CPANEL-20573: File Restoration: control using correct feature. 70.0.43 2018-05-21

[security] Fixed case SEC-393: API tokens retain ACLs that are removed from accounts. [security] Fixed case SEC-394: Stored code execution injections in WHM cPAddons interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-395: Arbitrary file unlink via cPAddons moderation system. [security] Fixed case SEC-396: Email injection in cPAddons moderation. [security] Fixed case SEC-398: Remote-Stored XSS in WHM cPAddons installation interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-399: Remote-stored XSS in YUM autorepair functionality. [security] Fixed case SEC-400: Remote-Stored XSS in WHM Save Theme Interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-408: ClamAV installation reveals the contents of root’s crontab. [security] Fixed case SEC-421: Self-XSS in WHM Backup Configuration interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-427: Cron feature restriction not enforced for API calls. [security] Fixed case SEC-429: Backup feature restriction not enforced for API calls. [security] Fixed case SEC-430: Images feature restriction not enforced for API calls. [security] Fixed case SEC-432: Cpanel Mime::list_hotlinks API feature restriction not enforced. [security] Fixed case SEC-435: Arbitrary file read in pkgacct custom template handling. 70.0.42 2018-05-15

Fixed case CPANEL-20179: Make PHP-FPM daemons restart gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-20179: Ensure restartsrv_apache_php_fpm properly restarts PHP-FPM. Fixed case CPANEL-20454: Pkgacct: ensure .htaccess files are properly included. 70.0.41 2018-05-14

Fixed case CPANEL-20378: Update exim to 4.91-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20394: Permit decimal values in the Required Score Spam Filters tab. Fixed case CPANEL-20407: Don’t restart MySQL if timezone differs from server time. Fixed case CPANEL-20421: Don’t warn about missing backup metadata. Fixed case CPANEL-20422: Ensure Apache is restart when install best certificate fails. Fixed case CPANEL-20430: Remove call of a non-existant function when creating subdomains under PHP-FPM. Fixed case CPANEL-20440: Email: ensure that changemx API call produces valid data. 70.0.39 2018-05-12

Fixed case CPANEL-20408: Fix account creation with extremely large bandwidth limits. 70.0.38 2018-05-12

Fixed case CPANEL-19572: Correctly handle UTF-8 encoding in email address phrase. Fixed case CPANEL-19769: Provide YUM repo RPM for RHEL to install MySQL 7. Fixed case CPANEL-20316: Don’t process backup metadata validation for suspended users. Fixed case CPANEL-20383: Permit parsing lines with only tabs or spaces in zone files. Fixed case CPANEL-20386: Catch metadata generation errors for users in bin/backup. Fixed case CPANEL-20397: Bandwidth limit set to max int when set larger than 17592186044416M. 70.0.34 2018-05-10

Fixed case CPANEL-19222: Disable Add button on Mailing Lists page until form is valid. Fixed case CPANEL-20286: File Restoration: fix with trailing slash backup dir. Fixed case CPANEL-20314: Backup metadata leaves around zombie tar processes. Fixed case CPANEL-20319: Skip adding proxy subdomains when a record already exists. Fixed case CPANEL-20325: Ensure custom records for proxy subdomains are preserved when updating. 70.0.32 2018-05-04

Fixed case CPANEL-20180: Ensure DNS clustering can be set up with hostnames. 70.0.31 2018-05-01

Fixed case CPANEL-11532: Supplementary AutoSSL changes for production use of preemptive DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-19586: Ensure per domain mail ips acccounts for reseller dedicated IPs. Fixed case CPANEL-19921: Remove ineffective escaping in Metadata module. Fixed case CPANEL-20014: Allow certificate renewals to clear the order. 70.0.30 2018-04-26

Fixed case CPANEL-19671: Ensure the view_transfer command does not bog down the transfer. Fixed case CPANEL-19770: Make SQL and List Disk Usage reduce max space based on used quota. Fixed case CPANEL-19861: Reduce memory needed to restore bandwidth data. Fixed case CPANEL-19913: Prevent Cpanel::Encoding::BER from decoding impossible ints. Fixed case CPANEL-19928: Avoid enumerating all vhosts for a single ssl vhost notification. 70.0.29 2018-04-25

Fixed case CPANEL-6980: Add informational message to the Manage MySQL Profiles New Profile page. Fixed case CPANEL-7101: Shorten SMS messages sent from server. Fixed case CPANEL-7343: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.7-3.cp1166. Fixed case CPANEL-7561: Prevent double escaping when deleting an email forwarder. Fixed case CPANEL-9386: Pam_hulk: ensure SSH LoginGraceTime works. Fixed case CPANEL-9705: Pl_update_users –verbose is not verbose. Fixed case CPANEL-9941: Hide webmail client apps when ‘webmail’ feature is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-10301: Don’t list deleted accounts in reseller usage. Fixed case CPANEL-12418: Validation added for INI basic editor. Fixed case CPANEL-12873: Restored quota limit exception warning to WHM Backup Configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-13158: Limit AutoSSL DCV failure content logging to 1024 bytes. Fixed case CPANEL-13590: Restart tailwatchd when modsec_audit.log is rotated. Fixed case CPANEL-14184: Reject “/” and system directories for document root. Fixed case CPANEL-14523: Fix pagination issue in WHM->View Sent Summary. Fixed case CPANEL-15341: Remove Managing dropdown from Default Address application. Fixed case CPANEL-15777: Ensure non-root-resellers can retrieve messages from mail delivery report. Fixed case CPANEL-15787: Handle case of parent/sub zones both defined. Fixed case CPANEL-15948: Remove deleteddomains entries for users on ownership change. Fixed case CPANEL-15951: Report an error if php-fpm does not start. Fixed case CPANEL-16048: Disable adding IPv6 to account when no ranges available. Fixed case CPANEL-16266: WHM: Ensure the backtick will not collapse menu while entering input. Fixed case CPANEL-16366: Honor disk space limit when creating accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-16453: WHM: Avoid triggering a selection if a user or domain is already selected. Fixed case CPANEL-16562: Removeacct will now fail if a user isn’t more completely removed. Fixed case CPANEL-16578: Create and use API call for deleting account archives. Fixed case CPANEL-16725: Update GeoIP data files. Fixed case CPANEL-16824: URI encoder: add function to decode non-form inputs. Fixed case CPANEL-16824: Redirects: handle URI encoding. Fixed case CPANEL-16854: Refuse to run firewall rules on CentOS 7 when firewalld is masked. Fixed case CPANEL-16917: Audit Log Level: Log All has a security alert. Fixed case CPANEL-16966: Trigger the Paper Lantern search on keydown instead of keyup. Fixed case CPANEL-17084: Delete MySQL user when removing cPanel user with dot. Fixed case CPANEL-17105: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.99.4-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17152: Improve error message for ECDSA certificates. Fixed case CPANEL-17162: Don’t overencode text when visualizing Exim ACLs. Fixed case CPANEL-17212: Increase readability/visibility of custom iContact template errors. Fixed case CPANEL-17294: Rdate: don’t warn if ntp is not installed. Fixed case CPANEL-17345: Add yum cache check/fix to beginning of rpmup script. Fixed case CPANEL-17353: Provide way to exclude services from outdated processes restart checks. Fixed case CPANEL-17356: Add Unicode::LineBreak & MIME::Charset. Fixed case CPANEL-17375: Update cpanminus to version 1.7043. Fixed case CPANEL-17380: Stop shipping phpPgAdmin-5.0 now that CentOS 5 is no longer supported. Fixed case CPANEL-17440: Replace environment variable value textarea with plain text input. Fixed case CPANEL-17445: Fix up disable_prelink to coding standards and configure it to run nightly. Fixed case CPANEL-17448: Fix duplicate cPanel RPMs if found during find_and_fix_rpm_issues. Fixed case CPANEL-17453: DNS Zones: provide error message when TTL is set incorrectly. Fixed case CPANEL-17454: Update cpanel-perl-526-cplint to 0.106-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17484: Symlinked docroot results in incorrect acls applied by enablefileprotect. Fixed case CPANEL-17488: EasyApache4: Avoid unnecessary data fetch (minor speed up). Fixed case CPANEL-17498: Removing broken symlinks in /usr/local/cpanel/docroot. Fixed case CPANEL-17504: Remove broken symlinks in /usr/local/cpanel/base. Fixed case CPANEL-17513: Ensure growls use global configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-17518: Limit Bandwidth Usage: render header and breadcrumbs properly. Fixed case CPANEL-17519: Limit Bandwidth Usage: return to correct page. Fixed case CPANEL-17527: Fixed parsing error in recently updated strings. Fixed case CPANEL-17532: Error, warning and info growls do not auto close. Fixed case CPANEL-17537: Remove broken check and repair MySQL adminbin calls. Fixed case CPANEL-17551: Remove unused YUI compressor. Fixed case CPANEL-17560: Site Templates: correct malformed maketext string. Fixed case CPANEL-17562: ModSecurity: fix overencoded locale strings. Fixed case CPANEL-17572: Manage MySQL Profiles: fix typo. Fixed case CPANEL-17572: Transfer Tool: fix typo in warning message. Fixed case CPANEL-17593: Added Web Accessibility to alerts in cjt2. Fixed case CPANEL-17598: Dnsadmin: properly exit in forked child. Fixed case CPANEL-17601: Remove unneeded taskrun module for system perl. Fixed case CPANEL-17603: Avoid duplicate entries in userdomains-related files. Fixed case CPANEL-17610: Add error events to the upcp email template. Fixed case CPANEL-17640: Ensure labels can be used to check radio buttons on the MySQL Upgrade interface. Fixed case CPANEL-17648: Updates to X-Frame Tweak Settings help text. Fixed case CPANEL-17656: Update alert message style to match the current style. Fixed case CPANEL-17660: Transfer Tool: fix overencoding of ampersands. Fixed case CPANEL-17678: Created callout directive for CJT2. Fixed case CPANEL-17684: Forwarders: reject invalid characters in pipe commands. Fixed case CPANEL-17685: Forwarders: require email and domain to match. Fixed case CPANEL-17686: Forwarders: correctly list forbidden characters in script names. Fixed case CPANEL-17694: Cache bandwidth DB handles. Fixed case CPANEL-17696: Clear email search filter on log out. Fixed case CPANEL-17697: Allow API tokens to access “gethostname” with DNS Clustering perms. Fixed case CPANEL-17703: Transfer Tool: don’t transfer IPv6 address along with system config. Fixed case CPANEL-17716: Prevent changing main domain to subdomain of other owned domain. Fixed case CPANEL-17719: Update_db_cache reports errors if MySQL service is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-17720: Clarify that WHM’s Mail Troubleshooter legend is not an error. Fixed case CPANEL-17724: Report full MySQL and MariaDB version in installed_versions API call. Fixed case CPANEL-17759: Avoid EINTR in queueprocd by using inotify instead. Fixed case CPANEL-17787: Do not allow the simplezoneedit feature to manage AAAA and SRV records. Fixed case CPANEL-17811: Disable_prelink: ensure script reads file correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-17812: WHM: Ensure that ‘EasyApache 3’ menu entries are not displayed on EA4 systems. Fixed case CPANEL-17816: Verify valid punycode syntax in autossl_check. Fixed case CPANEL-17819: Removed learn more link from create account. Fixed case CPANEL-17826: Fix inconsistent ACL logic for dnsonly in scripts/whostmgr. Fixed case CPANEL-17829: Ensure autossl starts in a directory an unpriv user can chdir() into. Fixed case CPANEL-17833: Use domain’s TTL for IPv6 address. Fixed case CPANEL-17834: Filter out $HOME system directories from addon autocomplete list. Fixed case CPANEL-17859: Remove ancient deprecated table api1 calls. Fixed case CPANEL-17873: Provide more helpful error message deleting MX record via API. Fixed case CPANEL-17913: Change minimum email quota in UI to 1. Fixed case CPANEL-17923: Avoid DnsRoots checks for TLD for .com/.net/.info/.org. Fixed case CPANEL-17924: Update dovecot rules to be aware and enforce system quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-17936: Add a UAPI call for adding a subdomain. Fixed case CPANEL-17950: Pkgacct: don’t require user argument for –get-version. Fixed case CPANEL-17953: Removed deprecated Simple Zone Editor and Advanced Zone Editor interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-17962: Remove dead/useless redirections from whostmgr2. Fixed case CPANEL-17977: Remove unused legacy editpkg interface. Fixed case CPANEL-17979: Prevent editing of invalid domains in zone editor. Fixed case CPANEL-17995: Remove Demo checks from WHM scripts (no longer accessible). Fixed case CPANEL-17996: Ensure the main apache config is loaded before rendering vhosts. Fixed case CPANEL-18015: Remove unneeded Taskrun perl526. Fixed case CPANEL-18017: Reduce overhead needed to render an Apache vhost. Fixed case CPANEL-18024: Fixed validation of integer fields on WHM Backup Configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-18028: Upgrade an Account: pass user correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-18043: Multiphp_ini_editor feature not recognized. Fixed case CPANEL-18052: Reduce account suspend and unsuspend overhead. Fixed case CPANEL-18056: Breakup Cpanel::FtpUtils in order to reduce memory bloat. Fixed case CPANEL-18059: Reduce memory bloat from addition of Email Suspension Paths. Fixed case CPANEL-18073: Update mailman lists when main domain is changed. Fixed case CPANEL-18079: Vastly improve speed of site software. Fixed case CPANEL-18080: Move EA4 update sync from sysup to rpmup for consistency. Fixed case CPANEL-18081: Improve cpsrvd connections per second performance. Fixed case CPANEL-18083: Reduce overhead to display cPAddons configuration in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-18084: Reduce overhead to display email client configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-18085: Distribute Whostmgr::SSL. Fixed case CPANEL-18089: Reduce account removal memory overhead. Fixed case CPANEL-18090: Reduce integration links memory usage in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-18098: Improvements to callout directive. Fixed case CPANEL-18104: Fix several issues with PHP-FPM background tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-18106: Change Root Password: remove reference to non-existent CSS. Fixed case CPANEL-18117: Add ‘–hard’ option to restart a service. Fixed case CPANEL-18123: Avoid unlocked writes on FTP passwd files. Fixed case CPANEL-18128: Tweak Settings: ensure navigation is displayed. Fixed case CPANEL-18132: Yum timeout errors aren’t errors when trying other mirrors. Fixed case CPANEL-18140: Refactor Site Software with current UI standards. Fixed case CPANEL-18148: Convert base Paper Lantern stylesheet to LESS. Fixed case CPANEL-18163: Relocate Apache Syntax check code to Cpanel::AdvConfig::apache::Syntax. Fixed case CPANEL-18184: Rebuild PHP-FPM config for subdomain document root changes. Fixed case CPANEL-18246: Check proxysubdomains when resetting DNS zone. Fixed case CPANEL-18251: Add API to show if the PHP-FPM conversion is in progress. Fixed case CPANEL-18255: Allow reading root’s public contact info. Fixed case CPANEL-18266: Limit hostnames to 60 characters. Fixed case CPANEL-18268: IP Blocker: recognize numeric hostnames. Fixed case CPANEL-18277: Propogate spamassassin warnings if user_prefs creation fails. Fixed case CPANEL-18283: Check_exim_config: avoid destroying cipher suite settings. Fixed case CPANEL-18285: Convert src/wrap to cpanel-wrap RPM. Fixed case CPANEL-18308: Exclude invalid files from WHM package lists. Fixed case CPANEL-18310: Fix off-by-one in Tweak Settings error message. Fixed case CPANEL-18319: Subdomains: ensure directories with .. are handled consistently. Fixed case CPANEL-18320: Don’t add errordocument.conf include via setupapache. Fixed case CPANEL-18330: Fix typo in defaultwebpage.cgi. Fixed case CPANEL-18332: Edit MX Entry: reject overlong exchange labels. Fixed case CPANEL-18337: Resync backup metadata when backups are removed manually. Fixed case CPANEL-18344: MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade: ensure labels match radio buttons. Fixed case CPANEL-18355: Fixmailman: exit 0 on success. Fixed case CPANEL-18359: Remove unused anon_data_optout config setting. Fixed case CPANEL-18361: Don’t show DKIM and SPF options on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-18362: DNSONLY: allow display of upgrade blockers in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-18367: Fix for empty directories not showing properly in the UI. Fixed case CPANEL-18369: Use consistent domain validation with account creation and modification. Fixed case CPANEL-18374: Add go to cPanel button from WHM create account. Fixed case CPANEL-18379: Fix metadata when doing /bin/backup –force. Fixed case CPANEL-18382: Prohibit domain names starting with “www.”. Fixed case CPANEL-18382: Loosen restrictions on cluster server domain names. Fixed case CPANEL-18398: Improve reliablity and error reporting of kill_apps_on_ports. Fixed case CPANEL-18399: MySQL configuration: fix ampersand sigils. Fixed case CPANEL-18399: Ensure MariaDB protect home configuration is world-readable. Fixed case CPANEL-18399: MySQL configuration: specify permissions as an octal value. Fixed case CPANEL-18399: Ensure MariaDB limit configuration is world-readable. Fixed case CPANEL-18404: Fixed typo in Statistics Software Configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-18410: Basic WHM Setup: provide error message on invalid IPv6 address. Fixed case CPANEL-18422: Ensure users can edit MX records in Zone Editor. Fixed case CPANEL-18431: Site Software: ensure legacy addons are noted. Fixed case CPANEL-18441: Avoid shell call to set the password during account restore. Fixed case CPANEL-18455: Do not run cpanellogd, tomcat and dovecot_fts on dnsonly. Fixed case CPANEL-18462: Ensure applications on whostmgr7 with client-side navigation work properly. Fixed case CPANEL-18472: Increment serial number when resetting zone. Fixed case CPANEL-18484: Avoid backing up the mailman archives files that can be auto generated. Fixed case CPANEL-18504: Ensure Convert Addon to Account can be refreshed and still work. Fixed case CPANEL-18508: Add pre and post event hooks for Reseller setup. Fixed case CPANEL-18526: Fix broken link when no packages are present. Fixed case CPANEL-18533: Ensure the File Manager header title is readable in Internet Explorer. Fixed case CPANEL-18535: Ship phpPgAdmin as an RPM. Fixed case CPANEL-18538: Move Account Creation Resource Information to top of UI. Fixed case CPANEL-18539: Remove unused code in src/3rdparty. Fixed case CPANEL-18553: Fix typo in locked yum update blocker. Fixed case CPANEL-18561: Manage SSL Service Certs: render certs on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-18573: Avoid forking to backup mysql and postgres users. Fixed case CPANEL-18575: Avoid scanning cPanel & WHM controlled files for files owned by nobody. Fixed case CPANEL-18578: Fix Editor word wrap and font size to persists through sessions. Fixed case CPANEL-18596: Refactor php.ini parsing to be more functional. Fixed case CPANEL-18623: Mailperm: ignore all Dovecot uidvalidity files. Fixed case CPANEL-18623: Create mailbox format files with correct permissions. Fixed case CPANEL-18635: Fix typo in PHP-FPM configuration file comments. Fixed case CPANEL-18642: Report correct error message CPAPI2 add_zone_record. Fixed case CPANEL-18663: Inform user that service configuration transfer requires cPanel on source server. Fixed case CPANEL-18665: Prevent bind reload requests from overwhelming the taskqueue. Fixed case CPANEL-18675: Add end of life message for CentOS 6 systems. Fixed case CPANEL-18684: Add new MS Office MIME types to File Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-18689: Handle multiple emails properly in Site Software. Fixed case CPANEL-18712: Don’t allow disabling IPv6 for a user if there’s no ranges. Fixed case CPANEL-18720: Ensure subdomain dns records end up in the controlling zone. Fixed case CPANEL-18724: Improve process of enabling or disabling PHP-FPM as a service. Fixed case CPANEL-18725: Get rid of cache file on certificate delete. Fixed case CPANEL-18727: Make rearrangeacct add HOMEDIRPATHS in CPUSER file. Fixed case CPANEL-18741: Ensure enablefileprotect works from any directory. Fixed case CPANEL-18746: Update upper-limit error message in Tweak Settings. Fixed case CPANEL-18751: Update Mojolicious to version 7.67. Fixed case CPANEL-18758: Pkgacct: Fix warning, refactor password and digest shadow to modules. Fixed case CPANEL-18759: Upgrade product to use FontAwesome 5.0.6. Fixed case CPANEL-18761: Ensure manually created zones are fully removed from DBs upon delete. Fixed case CPANEL-18771: Tighten error reporting and I/O in cphulk server and client. Fixed case CPANEL-18778: Fix content escaping from tabs on Site Software. Fixed case CPANEL-18779: Refactor AutoSSL per-user processing and logging for legibility. Fixed case CPANEL-18782: Fix nested status item display quirks in Whostmgr::UI. Fixed case CPANEL-18786: Use domain exists in Whostmgr::Authz::verify_domain_access. Fixed case CPANEL-18787: Fix template lazy loading in xml-api. Fixed case CPANEL-18792: Fixquotas: don’t fail on CloudLinux 7 EFI systems. Fixed case CPANEL-18795: Ensure that the dnsonly check works correctly in WHM Manage API Tokens. Fixed case CPANEL-18801: Restore support for /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cpanel -F for DNS Only servers. Fixed case CPANEL-18805: Ensure mysql backups proceed if the user has more than 36k domains. Fixed case CPANEL-18810: Ensure verbose logging in dnsadmin does not break zone syncing. Fixed case CPANEL-18813: Allow cPanel Remote MySQL interface to take IPv6 addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-18818: Ensure Solr is restarted when it is enabled with configureservice. Fixed case CPANEL-18822: Don’t reset CPAN config on every update. Fixed case CPANEL-18825: Reduce locale bloat in account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-18834: Have EA3 factor in splitlogs.conf’s sslport for splitlogs. Fixed case CPANEL-18838: Extend timeout for Google Drive credential callback. Fixed case CPANEL-18858: EA4 layout Improvements. Fixed case CPANEL-18868: Significantly improve dns cluster zone passing performance. Fixed case CPANEL-18871: Fix install log warnings when /etc/chkserv.d doesn’t exist. Fixed case CPANEL-18872: Suspension: gracefully handle missing directory. Fixed case CPANEL-18873: Modify Account: ensure legacy YAML database files are cleaned up. Fixed case CPANEL-18876: Update ace-editor version to 1.3.1. Fixed case CPANEL-18878: Improve performance of setsiteip. Fixed case CPANEL-18879: Display human frendly error when setting a PHP that is not installed. Fixed case CPANEL-18887: Fix comma splice in PHP-FPM templates. Fixed case CPANEL-18889: Logout email users when the password is changed by the cPanel user. Fixed case CPANEL-18898: Simplify background processing of PHP-FPM tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-18899: Make cpses and hulk PAM modules into RPMs. Fixed case CPANEL-18907: Remove support for dnsadmin servers older than 11.25. Fixed case CPANEL-18915: Exclude proxysubdomainsoverride if we clobber proxy A records. Fixed case CPANEL-18920: SpamAssassin and SpamBox APIs and UI are now feature enforced. Fixed case CPANEL-18922: Improve error checking and usage output for scripts/swapip. Fixed case CPANEL-18923: Improve setsiteip error handling and input validation reporting. Fixed case CPANEL-18930: Resolve error loading cPanel users file for root on OIDC login. Fixed case CPANEL-18939: Transfer Tool: avoid warning about disconnection. Fixed case CPANEL-18942: Make PowerDNS and NSD integrations respect deferred restarts/reloads. Fixed case CPANEL-18944: Ensure queueprocd is started on DNSONLY startup. Fixed case CPANEL-18957: Revised MultiPHP Manager page to better report status of PHP-FPM conversion. Fixed case CPANEL-18961: WHM: Ensure Password Modification will only submit with a confirmed password. Fixed case CPANEL-18966: Update dovecot to 2.2.34-2.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-18972: Alter validation when adding user to userdata CacheQueue. Fixed case CPANEL-18982: Bwlimit_notify: handle invalid arguments more gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-18989: Fix rendering of Force Password Change UI. Fixed case CPANEL-18994: Provide useful message when no transfer/restore history exists. Fixed case CPANEL-18999: Address broken FontAwesome symlinks. Fixed case CPANEL-19012: Avoid checking notifications when forced to make a password change. Fixed case CPANEL-19022: Combine both paths in LoadConfig and report errors building the parser. Fixed case CPANEL-19034: Avoid superfluous CAB parsing/ordering in OCSP checks. Fixed case CPANEL-19037: Ensure MAX_EMAILACCT_QUOTA survives restricted restore. Fixed case CPANEL-19038: Create an iContact handler for CONTACTSMS. Fixed case CPANEL-19044: Add warning for restricted PHP versions. Fixed case CPANEL-19047: Improved table and notifications in backup configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-19057: Prevent extraneous newline in email quota file. Fixed case CPANEL-19071: Display checkboxes for default reseller privileges. Fixed case CPANEL-19074: Ensure backup restore menu can load with 1000s of accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-19096: Resolve refactoring error in fixnamedviews. Fixed case CPANEL-19100: Ensure feature showcase does not block if the cPStore is unreachable. Fixed case CPANEL-19109: Update B::C to release 5.026011. Fixed case CPANEL-19116: Avoid heavyweight mysql/postgres modules for checking if the server is up. Fixed case CPANEL-19117: Avoid loading package management system during account archive restore. Fixed case CPANEL-19118: Ensure backup restore manager does not bust taskqueue locks. Fixed case CPANEL-19122: Ensure new backup system uses fastspawn like the legacy system. Fixed case CPANEL-19124: Avoid frequent cpbackup_transporter respawns by waiting 5m for new work. Fixed case CPANEL-19127: Avoid rpm dependency calculation during file verification. Fixed case CPANEL-19130: Resolve scalability concerns with sqlite bandwidth databases. Fixed case CPANEL-19134: Improve wording of one message in Site Software. Fixed case CPANEL-19138: Fixed partial uninstall of WordPress instances. Fixed case CPANEL-19139: Update cpanel-perl-526-Directory-Queue to 1.9-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19139: Update cpanel-perl-526-File-Slurper to 0.009-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19140: Disable caching mainip lookup until wwwacct.conf exists. Fixed case CPANEL-19152: Only display cPAddons if they are actually installed. Fixed case CPANEL-19154: Add tweak settings for package setting defaults. Fixed case CPANEL-19157: WHM: Add validation for package selection on Create an Account. Fixed case CPANEL-19163: Getting Started Wizard: resolve nameserver IPs on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-19177: Remove effects from Close button to match Save button on YUI popups. Fixed case CPANEL-19181: Change Hostname: reject IP addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-19182: Disable SpamAssassin checkbox for globally enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-19187: Update field validation to be consistent with other areas on Set Up Networking. Fixed case CPANEL-19190: Password Modification: Show a notice about there being no users. Fixed case CPANEL-19201: Disable Apply button when INI Editor is invalid. Fixed case CPANEL-19203: Update table structure to better display long columns and remove resize. Fixed case CPANEL-19207: Avoid incorrect reference to obsolete versions in Exim Configuration Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-19210: Fixed parsing of ‘settings’ parameter in /usr/local/cpanel/bin/manage_features. Fixed case CPANEL-19211: Update cpanel-perl-526-DBD-SQLite to 1.56-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19212: Ensure forked processes don’t share temporary file names. Fixed case CPANEL-19214: Fix PHP versions alert bug. Fixed case CPANEL-19218: Cpanel/SpamAssassin/Config.pm now ensures .spamassassin directory exists. Fixed case CPANEL-19220: Fix bug in apache handlers page where message was misrendered. Fixed case CPANEL-19221: Disable the submit button until Apache Handlers form is valid. Fixed case CPANEL-19225: Zone Editor: report missing name argument correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-19230: Updated phrasing in spam filters. Fixed case CPANEL-19235: Improve LoadModule validation for legacy perl module syntax. Fixed case CPANEL-19243: Prevent path duplication from login profile. Fixed case CPANEL-19245: Added validation for the numeric field in the scores in SpamAssassin. Fixed case CPANEL-19246: Mainipcheck: handle non-zero MTU settings. Fixed case CPANEL-19251: Allow rebuilding httpd.conf even when it’s missing. Fixed case CPANEL-19251: Manage Redirection: prevent self-XSS. Fixed case CPANEL-19253: Fix several misspellings of SpamAssassin. Fixed case CPANEL-19254: Reconcile inconsistencies in the SpamAssassin update process. Fixed case CPANEL-19255: Fix column size issue on Email Accounts in retro. Fixed case CPANEL-19258: Ensure bandwidth DBs are readable for backup. Fixed case CPANEL-19260: Ensure MySQL profile activation rolls back upon failure. Fixed case CPANEL-19261: Ensure MySQL can be reinstalled when it is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-19265: Update cpanel-perl-526-Template-Toolkit to 2.27-6.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19270: Update cpanel-perl-526-Net-SFTP-Foreign to 1.89-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19274: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.26-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19280: Update ‘Basic WebHost Manager® Setup’ required fields. Fixed case CPANEL-19284: Replace grainy add.gif in exim advanced editor w/ web font. Fixed case CPANEL-19287: Updated SpamAssassin::Enable to use correct creation permissions. Fixed case CPANEL-19299: Fixed broken route command in ipaliases. Fixed case CPANEL-19329: Eximstats_spam_check now filters empty senders. Fixed case CPANEL-19333: Add hookability for WHM API1 installssl. Fixed case CPANEL-19343: Expire cpsrvd’s SNI cache after 10 minutes. Fixed case CPANEL-19348: Ensure backups can be downloaded in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-19348: Fix cPanel backup downloads when backup dir has trailing slash. Fixed case CPANEL-19350: Update cpanel-perl-526-Net-DNS to 1.11-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19356: Fix in-memory ungzip for larger documents. Fixed case CPANEL-19358: Fetch all zones needed to determine MailRouting in a single call. Fixed case CPANEL-19363: Show warnings when some email filters cannot be installed. Fixed case CPANEL-19368: Don’t report uninstall for RPM based addons when they’re not installed. Fixed case CPANEL-19383: Address timeout during restore of non-SSL vhosts. Fixed case CPANEL-19387: Reject over-large quota sizes in conversion and new submissions. Fixed case CPANEL-19394: Fix infinite “Gathering PHP-FPM packages information” loop. Fixed case CPANEL-19420: Fix WHM >> Modify An Account JavaScript error when SpamAssassin is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-19424: Ensure “Accounts Limits Based on Resources” appears as needed on Create Account. Fixed case CPANEL-19428: Deduplicate calendar handling between WHM and cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-19428: Handle literal strings in locale date formats. Fixed case CPANEL-19429: Transfer Tool: prevent warning when restoring from different server. Fixed case CPANEL-19438: Bypass http pid check when httpd has already failed. Fixed case CPANEL-19439: Ensure SQLite integrity check only runs once per DBI connect. Fixed case CPANEL-19441: Make Cpanel::Domain::Zone race safe. Fixed case CPANEL-19442: Update IO::Socket::SSL to version 2.049-5.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19457: Address timeout during restore of SSL vhosts. Fixed case CPANEL-19459: UAPI Email: fix maketext format string injection. Fixed case CPANEL-19460: Select the cPanel Site Software Install tab from the query parameters. Fixed case CPANEL-19464: Update cpanel-git to 2.16.3-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19473: Enable automatic and manual disabling of backup metadata system. Fixed case CPANEL-19478: Avoid dangerous situation leading to potential XSS. Fixed case CPANEL-19481: Add detail to outgoing suspension feature showcase. Fixed case CPANEL-19482: Fixed html encoding issues from the directory lookup service. Fixed case CPANEL-19487: Cpanel::PublicSuffix expire cache when PublicSuffix.pm size changes. Fixed case CPANEL-19495: Reduce OOM chance and improve Addon domain restore performance. Fixed case CPANEL-19513: When PHP version is inherit assume it is installed. Fixed case CPANEL-19514: Force upload_system_backup to be 0/1 in backup transports. Fixed case CPANEL-19534: Password Modification: allow submitting form. Fixed case CPANEL-19535: Update cpanel-squirrelmail to 2012.12.09-2.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19541: Restore dynamic ui caching when backup metadata state is enabled/unknown. Fixed case CPANEL-19543: Use top level clone instead of Clone::clone to avoid SSL object leak. Fixed case CPANEL-19564: Display notice when no Site Software is available. Fixed case CPANEL-19575: Updated CKEditor to use a custom preview button, fixing MagicRevision issues. Fixed case CPANEL-19576: Update cpanel-perl-526-Net-WebSocket to 0.17-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19582: Reduce account restoration memory consumption. Fixed case CPANEL-19588: Zone Editor: avoid error preventing saving from working. Fixed case CPANEL-19591: Update cpanel-git to 2.17.0-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19592: Reduce OOM chance and improve Addon domain restore performance. Fixed case CPANEL-19597: Prevent OOM during account removal of domain and TLS assets. Fixed case CPANEL-19601: WHM API listpkgs: avoid error with invalid package. Fixed case CPANEL-19616: Address cache race safety and leaks in CachedDataStore. Fixed case CPANEL-19629: Respawn transfer system restore children when memory limit reached. Fixed case CPANEL-19643: Ensure the Apache restart process never run longer than the timeout. Fixed case CPANEL-19675: Fix certificate cache saves in Domain/Apache TLS. Fixed case CPANEL-19684: Add missing Fcntl dependency. Fixed case CPANEL-19689: Fix order of operations bug in transfers. Fixed case CPANEL-19699: Optimize zone addition when there are multiple views. Fixed case CPANEL-19700: Improve SSL install parse time during addon domain install. Fixed case CPANEL-19707: Update the description of the max email quota. Fixed case CPANEL-19708: Update cpanel-perl-526-YAML-Syck to 1.30-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19709: Update cpanel-perl-526-Template-Toolkit to 2.27-7.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19732: Optimized backup metadata system. Fixed case CPANEL-19741: Allow account restore modules to run if prereqs are disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-19749: Quota Modification: allow setting to unlimited. Fixed case CPANEL-19762: Resolve performance regression with recent restore related changes. Fixed case CPANEL-19799: Webmail: ensure mail can be delivered when enabling SpamAssassin. Fixed case CPANEL-19855: Quit escaping newlines for incremental backups. Fixed case CPANEL-19903: File Restoration: avoid warnings in error log. Implemented case CPANEL-16201: Encode and decode URIs with XS. Implemented case CPANEL-17864: Have cPanel’s MultiPHP Manager adhere to the PHP feature items. Implemented case CPANEL-18096: Check cpanel user file for IP before loading userdata. Implemented case CPANEL-18252: Auto selection of PHP extensions. Implemented case CPANEL-18306: Updated and Added new SpamAssassin APIs for use in the updated UI. Implemented case CPANEL-18440: Avoid trying to restore RRDtool data when there is none. Implemented case CPANEL-18449: Add max email quota option to UAPI. Implemented case CPANEL-18457: Add max email quota to WHM accounts API. Implemented case CPANEL-18517: The Email Disk Usage page now allows you to deep link a search. Implemented case CPANEL-18531: Add max email quota to WHM packages API. Implemented case CPANEL-18669: Expose userdatadomains info via the get_domain_info WHMAPI1 call. Implemented case CPANEL-18676: SpamAssassin UI is new and improved both in design and UX. Implemented case CPANEL-18688: Convert Site Software to use tabbed layout. Implemented case CPANEL-18733: Teach recursive DNS query resolver not to resolve final CNAMEs. Implemented case CPANEL-18808: Remove legacy ssl userdata compatibility support from backups. Implemented case CPANEL-18859: Ensure mailips and mailhelo correctly respect reseller ips. Implemented case CPANEL-18900: Significantly improve webdisk file listing response time. Implemented case CPANEL-18919: Getting the status of the mailbox lists no longer requires features. Implemented case CPANEL-18926: Reduce duplicate regexes in Cpanel::DIp::MainIP. Implemented case CPANEL-18932: Make /usr/local/cpanel/bin/hostname send hostname changes to the correct place. Implemented case CPANEL-18945: Pkgacct now connects the tar/gzip pipe directly for single files. Implemented case CPANEL-18986: Add max_emailacct_quota to wwwacct. Implemented case CPANEL-18997: Add max email quota to account create/modify UIs. Implemented case CPANEL-19009: Add max email quota to WHM Packages UI. Implemented case CPANEL-19021: Update email accounts to support max email quota. Implemented case CPANEL-19033: Update user manager to support max email quota. Implemented case CPANEL-19055: Show PHP common extensions. Implemented case CPANEL-19064: Add max email account quota to feature showcase. Implemented case CPANEL-19065: Fix validation message when quota isn’t unlimited. Implemented case CPANEL-19143: Remove mistaken notification for NO_UNCOVERED_DOMAIN_PASSED_DCV. Implemented case CPANEL-19239: Removed the upper limit on the Spam Filters Auto Delete UI. Implemented case CPANEL-19248: Update cpanel-sqlite to 3.22.0-1.cp1162. Implemented case CPANEL-19259: Prevent submitting invalid quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-19635: Make EA4 updates aware of UPDATES=never in /etc/cpupdate.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-19729: Fix output issues with background MySQL upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-19779: Redirect STDOUT AND STDERR to the error_log file so we don’t lose info. Fixed case CPANEL-19795: Fix problem with setting backup failure status. Fixed case CPANEL-19842: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.3.3-5.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-19860: Safeapacherestart: provide a default success message. Fixed case CPANEL-19860: Safeapacherestart: avoid uninitialized value warning. Fixed case CPANEL-19879: Fix parsing of empty lines in zonefile. Fixed case CPANEL-19882: Fix converting mailboxes for email addresses with dash. Fixed case CPANEL-19892: Add a module to create random UUIDs. Fixed case CPANEL-19892: Backup Metadata: create UUIDs securely. Fixed case CPANEL-19892: Cpanel::Rand::Get: add “binary” alias. Fixed case CPANEL-19892: Create a Support Ticket: create UUIDs securely. Fixed case CPANEL-19894: Add message to regenerate metadata if the on disk backup is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-19897: Fix unescaped HTML in UAPI Restore::directory_listing errors. Fixed case CPANEL-19909: Prevent Dns installing from adding duplicate entries. Fixed case CPANEL-19927: Prevent multiple notify queue runners. Fixed case CPANEL-19935: Fix JSON UTF8 corruption in Cpanel::AccessIds. Fixed case CPANEL-19945: Resolve race contention lock clobber when there are 3 locks per second. Fixed case CPANEL-19963: Restore default value of 80 to webdav_port in webdav backup destination. 70.0.27 2018-04-16

Fixed case CPANEL-18756: Update cpanel-perl-526-build to 5.26.0-8.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18756: Update cpanel-perl-526 to 5.26.0-8.cp1170 for CVE-2018-6913, CVE-2018-6797, and CVE-2018-6798. Fixed case CPANEL-19094: Improve performance and timestamping on install/Perl526.pm. Fixed case CPANEL-19458: Remove unneeded exit in bin/backup when cpbackup_transporter running. Fixed case CPANEL-19481: Add detail to outgoing suspension feature showcase. Fixed case CPANEL-19487: Cpanel::PublicSuffix expire cache when PublicSuffix.pm size changes. Fixed case CPANEL-19535: Update cpanel-squirrelmail to 2012.12.09-2.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19541: Restore dynamic ui caching when backup metadata state is enabled/unknown. Fixed case CPANEL-19673: Pkgacct: skip PostgreSQL databases if it isn’t installed. Fixed case CPANEL-19680: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.3.3-4.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-19684: Add missing Fcntl dependency. 2018-03-28

Fixed case CPANEL-17603: Avoid duplicate entries in userdomains-related files. Fixed case CPANEL-18184: Rebuild PHP-FPM config for subdomain document root changes. Fixed case CPANEL-19365: Add file glob support for cPAddons file cleanup. Fixed case CPANEL-19387: Reject over-large quota sizes in conversion and new submissions. Fixed case CPANEL-19428: Handle literal strings in locale date formats. Fixed case CPANEL-19428: Deduplicate calendar handling between WHM and cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-19442: Update IO::Socket::SSL to version 2.049-5.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19449: Propogate spamassassin warnings if user_prefs creation fails. Fixed case CPANEL-19451: Force upload_system_backup to be 0/1 in backup transports. Fixed case CPANEL-19490: Fix memory increase in cpanel when checking for backup metadata status. Implemented case CPANEL-18859: Ensure mailips and mailhelo correctly respect reseller ips. 70.0.24 2018-03-23

Fixed case CPANEL-13158: Limit AutoSSL DCV failure content logging to 1024 bytes. Fixed case CPANEL-15006: Add further instruction on MySQL Profiles page. Fixed case CPANEL-15341: Remove Managing dropdown from Default Address application. Fixed case CPANEL-16280: Moved action_shrink_modsec_ip_database out of maintenance, into cron. Fixed case CPANEL-17704: Add verbiage about InnoDB errors. Fixed case CPANEL-18024: Fixes validation of integer fields on WHM Backup Configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-18246: Check proxysubdomains when resetting DNS zone. Fixed case CPANEL-18385: Fix JS console error on TLS wizard. Fixed case CPANEL-18454: Report MAXPARK=0 correctly in listaccts. Fixed case CPANEL-18554: Fixed typos in message used when resellers attempt to oversell bandwidth. Fixed case CPANEL-18613: Fix Public Contact link to refer to be version independent. Fixed case CPANEL-18619: Properly detect all tasks when flushing task queue. Fixed case CPANEL-18678: Empty line in cpbackup-exclude.conf skipping home directory. Fixed case CPANEL-18768: Improve efficiency of file-transaction write-outs. Fixed case CPANEL-18782: Fix nested status item display quirks in Whostmgr::UI. Fixed case CPANEL-18792: Fixquotas: don’t fail on CloudLinux 7 EFI systems. Fixed case CPANEL-18811: Prevent restore stall when autossl excluded domains cannot be restored. Fixed case CPANEL-18817: Ensure daemon startup clears TMP and TEMP env variables. Fixed case CPANEL-18818: Ensure solr is restarted when it is enabled with configureservice. Fixed case CPANEL-18824: Guard against stale vacuum metadata PID files. Fixed case CPANEL-18831: Warn when show_grants() gets an unexpected string. Fixed case CPANEL-18832: Restore functionality of SoftLayer DNS clustering. Fixed case CPANEL-18837: Move the location of the backups metadata file. Fixed case CPANEL-18874: Added last 2 crontabs entered, was breaking update on upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-18889: Logout email users when the password is changed by the cPanel user. Fixed case CPANEL-18892: Skip notifications for expiring self-signed certificates. Fixed case CPANEL-18915: Exclude proxysubdomainsoverride if we clobber proxy A records. Fixed case CPANEL-18941: Update cpanel-perl-526-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.049-4.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18950: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.99.4-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18972: Alter validation when adding user to userdata CacheQueue. Fixed case CPANEL-18973: Rpmup: ensure 0 exit on success. Fixed case CPANEL-18976: Avoid warning when creating account without proxy subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-18988: Avoid display bare number when removing accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-19004: Update proftpd to 1.3.6-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19006: Account Restoration: restore mailman archives even if missing. Fixed case CPANEL-19072: Avoid fault on loading Cpanel::Backup::Restore. Fixed case CPANEL-19074: Ensure backup restore menu can load with 1000s of accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-19098: Enable autoomatic and manual disabling of backup metadata system. Fixed case CPANEL-19100: Ensure feature showcase does not block if the cPStore is unreachable. Fixed case CPANEL-19106: Remove more Storable uses to avoid SEGV in BC. Fixed case CPANEL-19122: Ensure new backup system uses fastspawn like the legacy system. Fixed case CPANEL-19124: Avoid frequent cpbackup_transporter respawns by waiting 5m for new work. Fixed case CPANEL-19127: Avoid rpm dep calculation during file verification. Fixed case CPANEL-19129: Don’t queue items for transport if there are no transports. Fixed case CPANEL-19211: Update cpanel-perl-526-DBD-SQLite to 1.56-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19251: Allow rebuilding httpd.conf even when missing. Fixed case CPANEL-19260: Ensure Mysql profiles activation rolls back upon failure. Fixed case CPANEL-19261: Ensure MySQL can be reinstalled when it is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-19290: Refactor backup config changes to be less resource intensive. Fixed case CPANEL-19299: Fixed broken route command in ipaliases. Fixed case CPANEL-19325: Set Smoke OK instead of For Review when DNM is in the title. Fixed case CPANEL-19329: Eximstats_spam_check now filters empty senders. Fixed case CPANEL-19343: Expire cpsrvd’s SNI cache after 10 minutes. Fixed case CPANEL-19348: Fix cPanel backup downloads when backup dir has trailing slash. Fixed case CPANEL-19348: Ensure backups can be downloaded in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-19351: Update cpanel-squirrelmail to 2012.12.09-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19433: Ensure backup restore manager does not bust taskqueue locks. Implemented case CPANEL-19248: Update cpanel-sqlite to 3.22.0-1.cp1162. 70.0.23 2018-03-19

[security] Fixed case SEC-338: Arbitrary file chmod during legacy incremental backups. [security] Fixed case SEC-357: Self-XSS in WHM cPAddons showsecurity Interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-359: Code execution via ‘.’ in @INC during perl syntax check of cpaddonsup. [security] Fixed case SEC-362: Demo account code execution via awstats. [security] Fixed case SEC-364: Root accesshash revealed by WHM /cgi/trustclustermaster.cgi. [security] Fixed case SEC-368: OpenID providers can inject arbitrary data into cPanel session files. [security] Fixed case SEC-369: Stored XSS in WHM Edit DNS Zone. [security] Fixed case SEC-370: Stored XSS in WHM Edit MX Entry. [security] Fixed case SEC-371: Any user is able to shut down Solr. [security] Fixed case SEC-372: Remote Stored XSS in WHM DNS Cluster. [security] Fixed case SEC-373: Remote Stored XSS in WHM Create Account. [security] Fixed case SEC-374: Remote Stored XSS in WHM Edit DNS Zone. [security] Fixed case SEC-375: Remote Stored XSS in WHM Delete a DNS Zone. [security] Fixed case SEC-376: Remote Stored XSS in WHM DNS Cleanup. [security] Fixed case SEC-377: Remote Stored XSS in WHM Synchronize DNS Records. [security] Fixed case SEC-378: Arbitrary file read and unlink via WHM style uploads. [security] Fixed case SEC-379: Local privilege escalation via WHM Legacy Language File Upload interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-380: Local privilege escalation via WHM Locale XML Upload interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-382: Jailshell breakout via incorrect crontab parsing. [security] Fixed case SEC-391: Remote Stored XSS in cpaddons vendor interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-392: Open redirect via /unprotected/redirect.html endpoint. [security] Fixed case SEC-401: Htaccess restrictions bypass when “Htaccess Optimization” enabled. [security] Fixed case SEC-405: Demo account code execution via cPanel Landing Page. [security] Fixed case SEC-406: Apache logs exposed by creation of certain domains. [security] Fixed case SEC-410: Stored XSS in WHM Edit DNS Zone. [security] Fixed case SEC-411: Email account suspensions can be applied to unowned accounts. [security] Fixed case SEC-412: Stored XSS in WHM Reset a DNS Zone. 70.0.18 2018-02-27

Fixed case CPANEL-10163: Remove needless dismount of virtfs for quota check. Fixed case CPANEL-18392: Remove progress overly to hang when there is an error creating an account. Fixed case CPANEL-18415: Fix typo in KAM SpamAssassin ruleset. Fixed case CPANEL-18764: Pkgacct: don’t fail when unprivileged. Fixed case CPANEL-18764: Pkgacct: properly store quota when unprivileged. Fixed case CPANEL-18769: Update call to create metadata v3.0 for backups. Fixed case CPANEL-18772: Remove cpanel-perl-526-Mojo-Pg when coming from 72. Fixed case CPANEL-18777: Update dovecot to 70.0.17 2018-02-22

Fixed case CPANEL-17316: Fix UI validation of required items for the HipChat iContact provider. Fixed case CPANEL-17991: Make eximstats.sql import process less aggressive. Fixed case CPANEL-18577: Update outgoing suspend/hold when acct is modified. Fixed case CPANEL-18591: Update AutoSSL provider SORT_VHOST_FQDNS for Apache TLS. Fixed case CPANEL-18666: Ensure the dns zone is reloaded when adding a explict wildcard subdomain. Fixed case CPANEL-18672: Restore original fetchipv6list() behavior. Fixed case CPANEL-18680: Update cpanel-git to 2.16.2-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18728: Reduce size of the backups metadata database. 70.0.16 2018-02-20

Fixed case CPANEL-3208: Suspended transferred/restored accounts remain suspended. Fixed case CPANEL-18444: Ensure there is a newline after EA3 SSL hostname </VirtualHost>. Fixed case CPANEL-18552: Stop rebuilding httpd.conf every time a user is added. Fixed case CPANEL-18557: Restore SpamAssassin customizations on upgrade to 70. Fixed case CPANEL-18594: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.99.3-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18601: Ensure get_shared_ip is accessable to resellers. Fixed case CPANEL-18607: Implementing read backward of eximstats.sql file. Fixed case CPANEL-18614: Don’t allow metadata corruption to abort the backup script. Fixed case CPANEL-18617: Updated EULA. Fixed case CPANEL-18618: Ensure account removal success when running from a user non-readable dir. Fixed case CPANEL-18665: Prevent bind reload requests from overwhelming the taskqueue. Fixed case CPANEL-18696: Detect unexpected webserver exit during restart. 70.0.13 2018-02-13

Fixed case CPANEL-13337: Paper Lantern: Allow Contact Information to use updatenotificationprefs feature. Fixed case CPANEL-14816: Workaround crash in mysqldump when exporting many roundcube ids. Fixed case CPANEL-15777: Ensure non-root-resellers can retrieve messages from mail delivery report. Fixed case CPANEL-16453: WHM: Avoid triggering a selection if a user or domain is already selected. Fixed case CPANEL-17696: Clear email search filter on log out. Fixed case CPANEL-18092: Restore Cpanel::Validate::Username::Core performance. Fixed case CPANEL-18132: Yum timeout errors aren’t errors when trying other mirrors. Fixed case CPANEL-18139: Avoid warning in WHM in es-419 locale. Fixed case CPANEL-18356: Ensure cptkt users are excluded from cache updates. Fixed case CPANEL-18475: Prevent mail directories from being stored in metadata for backups. Fixed case CPANEL-18483: Improve reliability of mailman archive restore by reducing memory needed. Fixed case CPANEL-18565: Allow creation of forwarders to local domains owned by other users. Fixed case CPANEL-18571: Update exim to 4.90.1-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18574: Weekly backup on a day w/o a daily backup failed. Fixed case CPANEL-18589: Improve handling of backup metadata vacuuming. Implemented case CPANEL-18519: Cleanup checks for invalid users in UpdateCache.pm. 70.0.12 2018-02-08

Fixed case CPANEL-18437: Improve error reporting when a dbowner already exists. Fixed case CPANEL-18456: Ensure mailman archives are removed on account termination. Fixed case CPANEL-18458: Improve error reporting when setting quota. Fixed case CPANEL-18487: Gracefully handle MySQL users with empty passwords. Fixed case CPANEL-18493: Introduce a shim for Cpanel::Server::Type. Fixed case CPANEL-18493: DNSONLY: don’t try to clean database temporary users. Fixed case CPANEL-18510: Update exim to 4.90-3.cp1170. 70.0.10 2018-02-07

Fixed case CPANEL-18436: Make SSL/TLS Status report that it can’t secure wildcards via AutoSSL. Fixed case CPANEL-18460: Mark cptkt as a reserved username. Fixed case CPANEL-18488: Add safety to userdata cache update to prevent empty users. 70.0.9 2018-02-07

Fixed case CPANEL-2202: Ensure subdomain TTL complies with domain default. Fixed case CPANEL-16867: Change tweak help text to be clearer. Fixed case CPANEL-17156: Fixes flickering PHP-FPM indicator on cPanel MultiPHP Manager page. Fixed case CPANEL-17181: Update cpanel-perl-526-cPanel-TaskQueue to 0.850-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18134: Removed references to and suggestions based on usage of CentOS 5. Fixed case CPANEL-18357: Fix non-reporting of systemd failure when starting a service. Fixed case CPANEL-18381: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.99.3-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18388: Fix Amazon and Google transports to handle touch files. Fixed case CPANEL-18403: Ensure backups succeed when BACKUPDIR has trailing slash. Fixed case CPANEL-18416: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.7-2.cp1166. Fixed case CPANEL-18442: Ensure transfers can proceed if cpanel-roundcubemail is uninstalled. Fixed case CPANEL-18447: MySQL 5.7: ensure mysql_config is installed. Fixed case CPANEL-18464: Update Security Advisor to the latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-18468: Gracefully handle /etc/localtime not being a symlink. Fixed case CPANEL-18470: Ensure backup restores preserve custom zone records. Fixed case CPANEL-18479: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.25-2.cp1162. 70.0.8 2018-01-31

Fixed case CPANEL-17492: Prevent deadlock with updateuserdomains in account removal. Fixed case CPANEL-17582: Provide error message on invalid shared IPv6 address. Fixed case CPANEL-17608: Make “Rearrange Account” lift quotas while copying user data. Fixed case CPANEL-17867: Added missing validation notification in backup configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-17949: Mysql logins work after MySQL 5.7 -> MariaDB 10.2. Fixed case CPANEL-18115: Update cpanel-perl-526-build to 5.26.0-4.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18115: Update cpanel-perl-526 to 5.26.0-4.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18181: Set-tls-settings: save settings for Dovecot with missing config. Fixed case CPANEL-18183: Make the popup on exim conf restore version mismatch visible. Fixed case CPANEL-18264: Findphpversion: print a useful message when PHP isn’t installed. Fixed case CPANEL-18264: Skip phpversion taskrun on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-18273: Don’t warn about old passwords when migrating from MysQL 5.7. Fixed case CPANEL-18278: Prevent harsh die when we’ve made no changes. Fixed case CPANEL-18294: Update_spamassassin_config: handle missing pyzor gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-18297: Prevent warning in API 2 Park::park call. Fixed case CPANEL-18300: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.99.3-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18301: Update Gatherer: control all gathered information by configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-18307: Ensure accounts have correct quota values when created. Fixed case CPANEL-18324: Backup: avoid unexpected error when upgrade is in progress. Fixed case CPANEL-18326: Resolve race condition with forced and deferred Apache restarts. Fixed case CPANEL-18348: Remove unused newmailcgi iContact templates. Fixed case CPANEL-18349: Removes HTML styling from additional file restoration error messages. Fixed case CPANEL-18380: Update dovecot to 70.0.6 2018-01-25

Fixed case CPANEL-18270: Update dovecot to 2.3.0-7.cp1162. 70.0.5 2018-01-25

Fixed case CPANEL-15932: Filter out interfaces configured with the IP during IP allocation. Fixed case CPANEL-18013: Add MySQL grants for access from the peer IP address that MySQL sees. Fixed case CPANEL-18029: Update cpanel-re2c to 1.0.3-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18074: Allow proxy subdomain HTTP DCV to work over nonstandard non-SSL port. Fixed case CPANEL-18162: Ignore custom provided srs_config when srs is already enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-18250: Fix success-case DCV check. Fixed case CPANEL-18256: Avoid warnings when disabling anonymous FTP access. 70.0.4 2018-01-23

Fixed case CPANEL-17300: Prevent accidental MyDNS uninstallation during MySQL/MariaDB upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-17759: Avoid EINTR in queueprocd by using inotify instead. Fixed case CPANEL-17924: Update dovecot rules to be aware and enforce system quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-18108: Removes superfluous HTML styling from file restoration error message. Fixed case CPANEL-18122: Move display docslinks check to the global cache to avoid full conf load. Fixed case CPANEL-18124: Check quota at LMTP RCPT time to avoid dovecot crash in 2.3.0. Implemented case CPANEL-18047: Update title for reindex email messages. 70.0.2 2018-01-23

Fixed case CPANEL-6955: Exim_tidydb should ignore invalid dbs and move aside broken ones. Fixed case CPANEL-10456: Ensure jailshell is updated when rearranging an account. Fixed case CPANEL-13116: Ignore “publichtmlsubsonly” on account restore. (revert CPANEL-12847). Fixed case CPANEL-14485: Improve MagicRevisiion handling of symlinks. Fixed case CPANEL-15496: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.7-1.cp1166. Fixed case CPANEL-16664: Fix error in autossl when /var/cpanel/ssl/apache_tls cert goes missing. Fixed case CPANEL-16744: Add File Restoration to Feature Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-17604: Enforce upper bound on add_spam_filter() threshold score. Fixed case CPANEL-17902: EA3: Ensure the ‘default SSL’ vhost is bound to all of the shared IPs. Fixed case CPANEL-17902: WHM: Do not display the ‘default SSL’ on the Manage SSL Hosts interface. Fixed case CPANEL-17929: Update SQLite DBs that might be non-WAL to WAL. Fixed case CPANEL-17955: Set an upgrade blocker for the db ‘sys’ on 5.7. Fixed case CPANEL-17956: Updated model to send passphrase with other form data. Fixed case CPANEL-17967: Anonymous FTP: avoid warnings during configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-17970: Update MySQL55 to 5.5.59-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-17973: Fix recursive DNS resolver’s handling of CNAME records. Fixed case CPANEL-17988: Update cpanel-php-composer to 1.6.2-1.cp1158. Fixed case CPANEL-18002: Remove dead code in Cpanel::Park. Fixed case CPANEL-18003: Show DCV response preview when size exceeds limit. Fixed case CPANEL-18027: Remove potential quota errors on account suspension. Fixed case CPANEL-18036: Remove unneeded cpanel-perl-526-Scalar-List-Utils. Fixed case CPANEL-18037: Update cpanel-git to 2.16.0-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18045: Remove errant check of waitpid status. Fixed case CPANEL-18048: Tweak Settings: remove reference to CentOS 5. Fixed case CPANEL-18050: Generate SQL metadata for backup before transporting. Fixed case CPANEL-18067: Reduce overhead for the trash empty task. Fixed case CPANEL-18068: Notify_expiring_certificates no longer adds certs to the notify queue. Fixed case CPANEL-18071: Update dovecot to 2.3.0-6.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-18087: Fix conversion error in clamd startup timeout calculation. Fixed case CPANEL-18094: Update cpanel-git to 2.16.1-1.cp1170. 69.9999.150 2018-01-17

Fixed case CPANEL-6955: Exim_tidydb should ignore invalid dbs and move aside broken ones. Fixed case CPANEL-13116: Ignore “publichtmlsubsonly” on account restore. (revert CPANEL-12847). Fixed case CPANEL-14485: Improve MagicRevisiion handling of symlinks. Fixed case CPANEL-17902: EA3: Ensure the ‘default SSL’ vhost is bound to all of the shared IPs. Fixed case CPANEL-17902: WHM: Do not display the ‘default SSL’ on the Manage SSL Hosts interface. Fixed case CPANEL-17929: Update SQLite DBs that might be non-WAL to WAL. Fixed case CPANEL-17973: Fix recursive DNS resolver’s handling of CNAME records. 69.9999.149 2018-01-16

Fixed case CPANEL-14701: Improve robustness of .htaccess syntax checker. Fixed case CPANEL-15951: Report an error if php-fpm does not start. Fixed case CPANEL-17177: Clean up remnants from Interchange. Fixed case CPANEL-17431: Make login suspension msgs say log in not read. Fixed case CPANEL-17617: Initial support for ipV4 only servers. Fixed case CPANEL-17746: Send litespeed USR2 and TERM to ensure clean shutdown on forced_restart. Fixed case CPANEL-17749: Email Accounts: fix duplicate ID. Fixed case CPANEL-17770: Ensure the mysql temp directory is usable before allowing upgrade. Fixed case CPANEL-17821: Ensure cpses_tool is able to cleanup orphaned temp users. Fixed case CPANEL-17839: Avoid duplicate locale rebuild and apache restart during update. Fixed case CPANEL-17860: Ensure clamd can be restarted if /var/clamd is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-17869: Show warnings when a mailbox fails to convert mdbox/maildir. Fixed case CPANEL-17892: Update cpanel-perl-526-Pristine-Tar to 1.40-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17899: Ensure /etc/mailips and /etc/mailhelo are updated on account add/remove. Fixed case CPANEL-17910: Ensure that SQLite DBs are created with WAL journaling. Fixed case CPANEL-17921: Avoid trying to set systemd settings on non-systemd systems for MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-17932: Zone files: add default class if missing. Fixed case CPANEL-17935: Update dovecot to 2.3.0-5.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-17963: Cpanel::ArrayFunc: clean up some perlcritic warnings. Fixed case CPANEL-17963: Fix uninitialized value warning on install. Fixed case CPANEL-17963: Add min and max functions for arrays. Fixed case CPANEL-17965: Fix the URL that is called to load jsforge. Fixed case CPANEL-17969: Update MySQL56 to 5.6.39-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-17982: Change dovecot index for spam and sent. Implemented case CPANEL-17900: Add support for dovecot 2.3.0. 69.9999.145 2018-01-11

Fixed case CPANEL-16960: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.3.3-3.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-17197: Increased SQLITE_BUSY_TIMEOUT and added random jitter. Fixed case CPANEL-17479: Remove unneeded code in iContact provider for HipChat. Fixed case CPANEL-17578: Ensure connection loss message is displayed when updating in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-17798: Validating remote transport now displays success message. Fixed case CPANEL-17822: Resolve timeout in cPanel Track Delivery. Fixed case CPANEL-17837: Fix filesystem sort and use nanosecond precision in cPHulk subqueue. Fixed case CPANEL-17865: Run sqlite db maintenance in the proper context during upcp. Fixed case CPANEL-17885: Add validation to the change docroot dialog. Fixed case CPANEL-17898: Fixed unitialized value warning during nameserver setup on new installs. Fixed case CPANEL-17903: WHM API 1: allow get_users_features_settings without features. Fixed case CPANEL-17907: Reject .invalid as a TLD. 69.9999.141 2018-01-09

Fixed case CPANEL-12038: Fix bad margins leading to iframe scrollbars in webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-17583: Adding extra logging for backup transfers and fixed glob regex. Fixed case CPANEL-17774: Extend empty file checks to additional places. Fixed case CPANEL-17783: Ensure clicking the ‘MySQL 5.7’ label selects the associated radio button. Fixed case CPANEL-17793: Switch EximStats’s tailwatchd module to deferred notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-17800: Updated Rsync warning to look like warning instead of error. Fixed case CPANEL-17841: Ensure sysup fetches update config in scalar context. Fixed case CPANEL-17854: Avoid loading Cpanel::PsParser::SysInfo until needed. Fixed case CPANEL-17857: Switch missed InOut FastSpawn conversion in cpsrvd. Fixed case CPANEL-17861: Update exim to 4.90-2.cp1170. 69.9999.140 2018-01-06

Fixed case CPANEL-16352: Ensure MyDNS is updated when using SYNCZONES calls (DKIM, SPF, etc). Fixed case CPANEL-17669: Harden dovecot injection protection. Fixed case CPANEL-17767: Ensure lock is released when updating ssl vhosts. Fixed case CPANEL-17790: CPHulk: Implement a SubQueue for the ‘notify_login’ events. Implemented case CPANEL-17832: Make SQLite auto rebuilds “smarter” about when to run. 69.9999.139 2018-01-04

Fixed case CPANEL-5705: Ensure new postgres installs are setup for IPv6. Fixed case CPANEL-16511: Avoid adding DCV excludes during htaccess update if Global DCV enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-16856: Ensure hulk signal handlers do not leak into the DB processor. Fixed case CPANEL-17687: Avoid spurious SIGPIPE during DBWRITE commands in cphulk. Fixed case CPANEL-17688: Fixed typo of ‘nscd’ in cpanel_initial_install. Fixed case CPANEL-17725: Update cpanel-pigz to 2.4-1.cp1168. Fixed case CPANEL-17752: Suppress cpsrvd timeout for SSE/Tasks connections (Task Queue Monitor). Fixed case CPANEL-17753: Forgo logging on SIGPIPE for SSE connections in cpsrvd. Fixed case CPANEL-17756: Update cpanel-perl-526-munin to 2.0.30-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17780: Reflect global SpamAssassin force-enable in the Webmail spam UI. Fixed case CPANEL-17789: Fix spurious warning during boxtrapper delivery. Fixed case CPANEL-17791: Fix known-IP task queue subqueue’s contention handling, mocking. Fixed case CPANEL-17794: Update proftpd to 1.3.6-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17809: Update cpanel-awstats to 7.6-2.cp1168. 69.9999.138 2018-01-04

Fixed case CPANEL-16715: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.25-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-16820: Ensure outdated service checker can handle when a virtuozzo is run vzctl. Fixed case CPANEL-17369: Fixed issue with database user. Fixed case CPANEL-17590: Updated SecurityAdvisor to latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-17667: Use the combined file to check if a CAB needs to be updated. Fixed case CPANEL-17699: Create and use a TaskQueue subqueue for queueprocd notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-17700: Warn users of downtime caused by forced rebuild of MyDNS records. Fixed case CPANEL-17721: Update awstats to 7.4-3.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-17745: Updated MySQL systemd handling with jailapache. Fixed case CPANEL-17748: Avoid compiling in x3 Branding for paper lantern cpanel. Fixed case CPANEL-17750: Fix corrupt account backups. Fixed case CPANEL-17755: Add new validator for sub/addon domain directory. Fixed case CPANEL-17760: Fix greylisting from Cpanel::UnixDaemon conversion. Fixed case CPANEL-17763: Ensure block_on_send is set for deferred notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-17772: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.3.3-2.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-17784: Improve flock() lock contention. 69.9999.134 2017-12-29

Fixed case CPANEL-1478: Accomodate systems where the uname() call does not return a FQDN. Fixed case CPANEL-11264: Fixed systemd limits of MySQL and MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-17591: Do not claim to support KernelCare free on CloudLinux. Fixed case CPANEL-17657: Updated success alerts to close after 5 seconds. Fixed case CPANEL-17682: Fixed MySQL Upgrade button text. Fixed case CPANEL-17689: Replace “powered by Solr” with “powered by Apache Solr™”. Fixed case CPANEL-17702: Avoid unintended loading of SQLite for Hulk and notify queue. Fixed case CPANEL-17726: Deprecate all cpanelsync-distributed cPAddons. 69.9999.132 2017-12-26

Fixed case CPANEL-2825: Add pre-note of non-grant/db transfer when changing MySQL profile. Fixed case CPANEL-16328: Remove AOL Instant Messenger from Contact Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-16591: Ensure dead mailman lock files are cleaned up. Fixed case CPANEL-17289: Block empty certificates and keys from service SSL installation. Fixed case CPANEL-17290: Added controls to clarify behavior of nameserver switching. Fixed case CPANEL-17326: Clarify meaning of “Email Accounts” in cPanel Disk Usage. Fixed case CPANEL-17333: Make Cpanel::SSL::VhostCheck report invalid certificates. Fixed case CPANEL-17347: Reject “required_score” of 0 in Email::add_spam_filter (UAPI). Fixed case CPANEL-17349: Ensure related ips are considered when restoring zone files. Fixed case CPANEL-17370: Add validator for integer in backup configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-17403: Update cpanel-perl-526-cPanel-TaskQueue to 0.800-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17416: Make API2 CustInfo::contactprefs do a feature check. Fixed case CPANEL-17476: Consolidate the success messages when adding and editing IPs in cPHulk. Fixed case CPANEL-17478: Update cpanel-perl-526-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.049-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17480: Avoid crt install if a non-selfsigned valid crt installed. Fixed case CPANEL-17487: Update Security Advisor to latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-17544: Remove excess “.” characters from ‘View Mail Statistics Summary’. Fixed case CPANEL-17548: Avoid sending SSL expiry notifications for suspended accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-17549: Make pkgacct errors and warnings show as warnings in Transfer Tool. Fixed case CPANEL-17553: Added a notification to the notifications tab for root-resellers. Fixed case CPANEL-17566: Added a check to the dovecot adminbin to ensure the email exists. Fixed case CPANEL-17570: Ensure permissions for various metadata files are properly restrictive. Fixed case CPANEL-17576: MySQL Upgrade: fix incorrct dates for MySQL 5.7. Fixed case CPANEL-17577: Implement a subqueue for cPHulk’s taskqueue operation. Fixed case CPANEL-17579: Update cpanel-perl-526-Cpanel-CORE-Dependencies to 2.0-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17580: Fix appconfig’s ACL handling in cpsrvd. Fixed case CPANEL-17586: Disable cPanel backups when updates are in progress. Fixed case CPANEL-17589: Revised label for cPanel documentation checkbox for clarity in Tweak Settings. Fixed case CPANEL-17605: Update exim to 4.90-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17612: Improve SQL reliability. Fixed case CPANEL-17621: Ensure ssl certificates are available during replacement. Fixed case CPANEL-17623: Install an RPM’s GPG key after –upgrade to it. Fixed case CPANEL-17629: Make the MailFix restore module not rescan FTS if Solr isn’t enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-17638: Set default patch set when KernelCare is purchased via Security Advisor. Fixed case CPANEL-17653: Fix bad URL when ‘app’ specified in Custom Statsbar modules. Fixed case CPANEL-17655: Refine method for finding flawed process starts. Fixed case CPANEL-17659: EA4 Profiles page always shows loading panel. Fixed case CPANEL-17663: SpamAssassin: remove useless argument in locale string. Fixed case CPANEL-17683: Fix SSL install in the replacement case. Fixed case CPANEL-17690: Default to not allowing root-pass FTP logins. Fixed case CPANEL-17692: Removeacct: fix conjoined output. Fixed case CPANEL-17693: Ensure 0 byte bandwidth data does not slowdown the bandwidth page. Fixed case CPANEL-17701: Update cpanel-perl-526-cPanel-TaskQueue to 0.800-4.cp1170. Implemented case CPANEL-17444: Do not mark autossl runs in progress unless we add to the queue. Implemented case CPANEL-17483: Improve formatting of list numbers and alignment in Task Queue Monitor. Implemented case CPANEL-17514: Remove unused MySQL->SQLite Horde conversion logic. Implemented case CPANEL-17634: Fix storage and display of new cP AutoSSL notification settings. 69.9999.125 2017-12-19

Fixed case CPANEL-17086: Add table striping to Email Filters list. Fixed case CPANEL-17086: Paper Lantern: Make Email Filters usable in dark style. Fixed case CPANEL-17151: Resolve warning for undefined username in __createaccount. Fixed case CPANEL-17191: Application Manager: Ensure modal dismissal reenables interface. Fixed case CPANEL-17335: Handled an uncaught exception in autossl DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-17364: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.3-4.cp1166. Fixed case CPANEL-17452: Notification when Google Drive credentials are not generated. Fixed case CPANEL-17538: Transfers: fix error message on unreadable file. Fixed case CPANEL-17540: Update cPanel::TaskQueue to 0.800-3. Fixed case CPANEL-17543: Manage Wheel Group Users: ensure correct option is selected. Fixed case CPANEL-17543: Rebuild the IP Address Pool: render WHM interface properly. Fixed case CPANEL-17546: Ensure DiskUsage can be viewed when the user is over quota. Fixed case CPANEL-17550: Update cpanel-perl-526-Template-Toolkit to 2.27-4.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17557: CloudLinux migration documentation is shown on CloudLinux boxes. Fixed case CPANEL-17564: Include translations for WordPress Manager plugin. Implemented case CPANEL-17463: Added a Feature Showcase Item for cPHulk Countries List. Implemented case CPANEL-17470: Added Feature Showcase entry for the Improved AutoSSL Notifications. Implemented case CPANEL-17502: Added Feature showcase for suspend/hold outgoing mail. Implemented case CPANEL-17510: Clarify verbiage in WebMail SpamAssassin page when logged in as cpuser. 69.9999.122 2017-12-18

Fixed case CPANEL-6204: Don’t mention the 8-character limit with MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-8507: Exim: enable retry_defer logging. Fixed case CPANEL-8931: Make Roundcube empty the trash on webmail logout. Fixed case CPANEL-9134: Restore anonymous FTP account visibility in User Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-12563: Reduced scope of kmod match. Fixed case CPANEL-13569: Clear the cache_id when user style has been updated. Fixed case CPANEL-14182: Added support to catch backup restores killed in a non-trappable fashion. Fixed case CPANEL-14401: Move all site publisher templates into RPMs. Fixed case CPANEL-14970: Reset user’s quota cache on account modification. Fixed case CPANEL-14999: Optimize cPanel>Backups>Restore DBs for cPanel users where box has thousands of DBs. Fixed case CPANEL-15057: Set password for mysqladmin when changing root MySQL password. Fixed case CPANEL-15521: Update cpanel-re2c to 1.0.2-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-15586: Use correct settings when rewriting from address. Fixed case CPANEL-15635: Ensure correct serializer is used by taskqueue when restoring backup. Fixed case CPANEL-15651: Change systemd files to use network-online.target. Fixed case CPANEL-15692: Defer loading Locales numf until needed. Fixed case CPANEL-15723: Make param regexes de-duplicatable in xml-api. Fixed case CPANEL-15745: Fix race condition with addon domains and PHP-FPM. Fixed case CPANEL-15753: Ensure locales is lazy loaded in xml-api. Fixed case CPANEL-15754: Use Cpanel::Time::TZ::SubProc in cpsrvd for memory reduction. Fixed case CPANEL-15781: Reduce cache window for mount cache. Fixed case CPANEL-15867: Remove CentOS 7.4 firewalld update. Fixed case CPANEL-15882: Clear plugin cache while processing WHM chrome. Fixed case CPANEL-15898: Refactor actions accessibility for email accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-15927: Start cpanel.service after multi-user.target. Fixed case CPANEL-15946: Fixed bugs related to the collection of security question/answers. Fixed case CPANEL-15976: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.3.1-1.cp1164. Fixed case CPANEL-15998: Update cpanel-perl to 5.26.0. Fixed case CPANEL-16022: Update to JSON::XS 3.04-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-16030: Optimizations to Template Toolkit. Fixed case CPANEL-16041: Wwwacct: exit immediately on garbage prompt response. Fixed case CPANEL-16053: Limited userDomainList directive to only search by username, email, domain. Fixed case CPANEL-16056: Ensure non-ASCII feature list files can be loaded from cache. Fixed case CPANEL-16077: Update Git to version 2.14.2. Fixed case CPANEL-16085: cPanel backup restore assumed all backups were of the configured type. Fixed case CPANEL-16103: Avoid signal deferrable when we are doing rename in place edits. Fixed case CPANEL-16117: Breakout legacy xmlin parser to reduce binary startup time. Fixed case CPANEL-16140: Update DBI to version 1.637-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-16158: Dcpumon: handle missing CPU stats gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-16162: Teach apache AdvConfig to fetch only the requested vhost. Fixed case CPANEL-16172: Reduce the time it takes to discovery logs for backups. Fixed case CPANEL-16176: Optimized pkgacct process spawning and ssl backup. Fixed case CPANEL-16194: Updated WHM to use DOCTYPE html. Fixed case CPANEL-16200: Reduce pkgacct overhead for apache and php. Fixed case CPANEL-16203: Reduce memory required to generate an account backup. Fixed case CPANEL-16204: Optimize loading the MySQL pages in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-16206: Update references from mysql to sqlite in tailwatchd help. Fixed case CPANEL-16208: Reduce dep tree for Cpanel::MysqlUtils in order to improve startup time. Fixed case CPANEL-16209: Reduce memory required for cpanel. Fixed case CPANEL-16235: Improve logging for stats hook failures. Fixed case CPANEL-16241: Lift restrictions on comma in file names of uploaded files. Fixed case CPANEL-16276: Dcpumon: avoid uninitialized value warning when missing URL. Fixed case CPANEL-16282: Update cpanel-perl-526-Test-MockModule to 0.13-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-16320: Make cPHulk more resilient to attacks. Fixed case CPANEL-16322: Increase maximum email quota from 4TiB to 4PiB. Fixed case CPANEL-16335: Adjust spamd minutes until dormant to 15. Fixed case CPANEL-16341: Add “diskusagepercent_float” to list_pops_with_disk, use in UI. Fixed case CPANEL-16342: Make SafeRun::Object throw EPIPE exception rather than SIGPIPE. Fixed case CPANEL-16356: Remove backup staging directories when KEEPLOCAL is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-16364: Prevent textareas from being resized on cPHulk. Fixed case CPANEL-16381: Refresh WHM chrome cache when system conditions change. Fixed case CPANEL-16384: Account for NAT IPs during ipcheck. Fixed case CPANEL-16399: Reject ‘lo’ as an ethernet device in Getting Started Wizard and Basic Setup. Fixed case CPANEL-16411: Improve message about userdata on restore from foreign platform. Fixed case CPANEL-16413: Reduce deptree for Cpanel::IP::Match. Fixed case CPANEL-16420: Ensure user cache updates always provide users. Fixed case CPANEL-16422: Don’t refer to ipv6 subdomain as proxy subdomain. Fixed case CPANEL-16425: Add instructional documentation in Backup Restore UI. Fixed case CPANEL-16429: Rebase cPanel > Customization Company Name in characters. Fixed case CPANEL-16431: Zone Editor: prevent DNSSEC elements from jumping around. Fixed case CPANEL-16455: Add logic to transport to get the date for link_dest comparison from backup. Fixed case CPANEL-16458: Clear TZ before invoking PHP. Fixed case CPANEL-16460: Set-tls-setting: add a –restart option. Fixed case CPANEL-16469: Added the ability for PHP plugin devs to call header/footer strings. Fixed case CPANEL-16473: Force text handling of grep, even if some of the file is binary. Fixed case CPANEL-16485: Ensure restoration system strings are localized. Fixed case CPANEL-16492: Hooks: fix handling of BAILOUT. Fixed case CPANEL-16496: Rename backup_restoration to file_restoration in cPanel and WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-16497: Rearrange positioning of Account Selector and Breadcrumb. Fixed case CPANEL-16499: Ensure modifying an account domain or username will not break a Passenger app. Fixed case CPANEL-16504: Warn the user if roundcube database types are incompatible. Fixed case CPANEL-16505: Fix bug in restartsrv_named invoking restartsrv_base directly on BIND. Fixed case CPANEL-16514: Enhanced restoration error catching and reporting to filter out expected errors. Fixed case CPANEL-16519: Add access control checking to WHM API 1 generate_mobileconfig. Fixed case CPANEL-16521: Update schema files for Roundcube 1.3.1. Fixed case CPANEL-16555: Breakup Cpanel::DnsUtils into Cpanel::DnsUtils::Install. Fixed case CPANEL-16559: Update cpanel-git to 2.14.3-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-16567: Allow custom data for account creation via the API. Fixed case CPANEL-16570: Consolidating stylesheets in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-16587: FTP Accounts: handle odd values for publichtmlsubsonly. Fixed case CPANEL-16604: Ensure that PowerDNS restart failures are correctly detected. Fixed case CPANEL-16605: Corrected namespace in server_supports_events call. Fixed case CPANEL-16610: Additional Cpanel::MysqlUtils deptree reductions. Fixed case CPANEL-16619: Ignore corrupt AutoSSL log catalog entries. Fixed case CPANEL-16633: Reduce queueprocd memory and fork overhead with B::C. Fixed case CPANEL-16634: Reduce dnsadmin memory and startup time with B::C. Fixed case CPANEL-16637: Include /etc/hosts in virtfs. Fixed case CPANEL-16643: Simplify Cpanel::Encoder::Cleaner processing. Fixed case CPANEL-16647: Defer transaction reads until the data is needed. Fixed case CPANEL-16655: Update cpanel-git to 2.15.0-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-16674: Fixed environment to correct parent directory permissions during convert_roundcube_mysql2sqlite. Fixed case CPANEL-16693: Change hardened PHP URL to a go.cpanel URL to ease maintenance. Fixed case CPANEL-16700: PostgreSQL Databases: avoid alerts when PostgreSQL is down. Fixed case CPANEL-16702: Added angular bootstrap capabilities to paper lantern. Fixed case CPANEL-16710: Fixed the left-side padding on the certificate_info_extended template. Fixed case CPANEL-16726: Suppress unecessary warnings in bin/rebuild-templates. Fixed case CPANEL-16747: Use sqlite db for Backup metadata. Fixed case CPANEL-16768: Contact Manager: fix miscapitalization. Fixed case CPANEL-16775: Rebuildhttpdconf: handle missing Apache more gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-16783: Remove mysql dependency from cphulk service configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-16786: Fixed reported Clamd version in Service Status. Fixed case CPANEL-16790: Account Create output now informs whether custom account data is provided. Fixed case CPANEL-16791: Removed 3rdparty folder and consolidated all items in libraries folder. Fixed case CPANEL-16821: Use utf8mb4 for dumping databases when available. Fixed case CPANEL-16823: Update cpanel-perl-524-IO-Socket-PortState to 0.03-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-16828: Fix count filters to use the new filter system. Fixed case CPANEL-16831: Don’t allow cpsrvd to be disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-16860: Replaced file restoration icon for Retro style in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-16863: Fixes placement of cPanel left-sidebar tooltips based on language direction. Fixed case CPANEL-16873: Fixed issue with broken styles in EA3. Fixed case CPANEL-16878: AutoSSL: make PKI validation helper handle IPv6. Fixed case CPANEL-16889: Make sure loading indicator displays for add email displays. Fixed case CPANEL-16890: Provide a better message to resellers when DNS clustering isnt enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-16892: Make quota drop-down reset to default after create. Fixed case CPANEL-16893: Initquotas: don’t process commented out lines. Fixed case CPANEL-16908: Basic WHM Setup: don’t warn about lack of themes. Fixed case CPANEL-16913: Gracefully handle queueprocd failure to schedue or queue a task. Fixed case CPANEL-16921: Ensure pkgacct doesn’t fail with PERL5LIB set. Fixed case CPANEL-16927: Make notify_expiring_certificates ignore AutoSSL when AutoSSL is active. Fixed case CPANEL-16930: Update legacy MysqlUtils function names. Fixed case CPANEL-16933: Make sure we don’t send more than one notice for Daily Email Send Notification Limit. Fixed case CPANEL-16944: Eximstats: handle truncated lines more gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-16948: Consolidated docroot/3rdparty into docroot/libraries in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-16964: Moving symlinks in 3rdparty to libraries. Fixed case CPANEL-16970: Improve error messaging when DNS clustering fails. Fixed case CPANEL-16976: Updated Security Advisor to latest version. Fixed case CPANEL-16977: Pagination for File Restoration in both cPanel and WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-16988: Fixed incorrect MariaDB and MySQL version in Service Status. Fixed case CPANEL-16993: Restartsrv_mysql: adjust password check & fix on –check. Fixed case CPANEL-16995: Updated phrasing to better inform the end user of the problem. Fixed case CPANEL-16998: Reduce memory needed for bin/autossl_check. Fixed case CPANEL-17002: Remove explorercanvas library from the product. Fixed case CPANEL-17005: Remove references to plotkit library. Fixed case CPANEL-17009: File Manager: gracefully handle unreadable .htaccess. Fixed case CPANEL-17011: Optimize ResourceUsage and StatsBar load times. Fixed case CPANEL-17014: Fixed issue with support access page. Fixed case CPANEL-17038: Use the fixed version of Net::Google::Drive::Simple. Fixed case CPANEL-17045: Remove max z-index from footer components. Fixed case CPANEL-17056: Honor API tokens during account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-17058: Use (and assume) nonbuffered I/O in SafeRun::Object. Fixed case CPANEL-17059: Reduce number of hashes in Cpanel::ExpVar::MultiPass. Fixed case CPANEL-17060: Optimize UAPI AJAX calls made right after cPanel login. Fixed case CPANEL-17061: Remove unused jquery files from WHM Theme X. Fixed case CPANEL-17064: WHM: skip footer for downloadable files. Fixed case CPANEL-17064: Ensure downloading an account list performs download. Fixed case CPANEL-17065: Strip out NULs when reading backup excludes. Fixed case CPANEL-17068: Use the uapi binary (rather than cpanl) for CLI UAPI calls. Fixed case CPANEL-17072: Make sure we can start tailwatchd processes with systemd. Fixed case CPANEL-17073: Resolved rejection of forwared messages due to perl error in check_rcpt. Fixed case CPANEL-17090: Implement new metadata v2.0 format in to backup system. Fixed case CPANEL-17091: Update cpanel-pdns to 3.4.11-1.cp1160. Fixed case CPANEL-17100: Remove legacy mysqluserstore. Fixed case CPANEL-17107: Ensure email filter calls enforce feature restrictions. Fixed case CPANEL-17110: Fixed issue with phpMyAdmin. Fixed case CPANEL-17111: EA4 UI Refactor of customize templates. Fixed case CPANEL-17125: Ensure dbmap files cannot be auto-vifived after account deletion. Fixed case CPANEL-17126: Improve error reporting in zonefile transfers. Fixed case CPANEL-17127: Handle fetching disk space after renaming databases. Fixed case CPANEL-17128: Ensure deferred zone creation aborts after account deletion. Fixed case CPANEL-17129: Update exim to 4.89.1-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17131: Restore functionality when dedicated IPs file is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-17132: Restore previous UAPI CLI output format. Fixed case CPANEL-17133: Update cpanel-git to 2.15.1-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-17137: Ensure cPanel Plugin Generator renders properly. Fixed case CPANEL-17146: Added defaults to prevent implosion of userList on search. Fixed case CPANEL-17149: Ensure incremental backups update the homedir for overquota users. Fixed case CPANEL-17155: Remove the spotlight from Webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-17186: Delete DNS Zone: ensure confirmation UI is displayed. Fixed case CPANEL-17192: Angular apps bootstrap from common module. Fixed case CPANEL-17204: Ensure mailips are updated on account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-17211: Imrpoved performance of email accounts list page. Fixed case CPANEL-17217: Remove “Managing DNS Cluster as” from unneeded DNS Cluster interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-17227: Produce consistent locale files. Fixed case CPANEL-17231: Changes ForkSync and ForkAsync to allow better interprocess messaging. Fixed case CPANEL-17233: Remove duplicate unicode double quotation marks. Fixed case CPANEL-17234: Fix database map creation errors on account restoration. Fixed case CPANEL-17238: Reduce the spam with force refreshing the cpaddons. Fixed case CPANEL-17243: Ensure MySQL databases with special characters can be listed. Fixed case CPANEL-17245: Remove outgoing suspensions/holds with pop account. Fixed case CPANEL-17252: Remove certificate PEMs from iContact notification task queue items. Fixed case CPANEL-17253: Ensure timeout is set for each upload attempt. Fixed case CPANEL-17254: Update broken links in DNS Cluster page. Fixed case CPANEL-17256: Fix typos in Transfer Tool. Fixed case CPANEL-17257: IContact: fix remaining use of legacy date and time functions. Fixed case CPANEL-17258: Do a one time check for missing proxy subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-17262: File Restoration now using correct starting point for pagination. Fixed case CPANEL-17264: Ensure tailwatch tiny objects do not load userdomains into memory. Fixed case CPANEL-17267: Improve race safety of Cpanel::DB::Map. Fixed case CPANEL-17270: Implement read-only AutoSSL config access where it’s useful. Fixed case CPANEL-17273: Allow users to enable/disable SpamAssassin on create/modify account. Fixed case CPANEL-17287: Increase column size for quota field. Fixed case CPANEL-17305: Fix false positives for suspended/hold outgoing. Fixed case CPANEL-17310: Angularization of WHM’s Backup Configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-17312: Address a warning when checking for over quota or solr in ExpVar. Fixed case CPANEL-17313: Optimize analytics is_enabled check. Fixed case CPANEL-17314: Stop blocking the load of File::Path in queueprocd. Fixed case CPANEL-17317: Change handlers to defaultHandlers in service test. Fixed case CPANEL-17318: Fixed issues with quick filter and searching in cphulk countries. Fixed case CPANEL-17322: Ensure problems db can be written during autossl_check. Fixed case CPANEL-17325: Swapped order for uid/gid writing to db. Fixed case CPANEL-17329: Add support for localized timestamps in messages. Fixed case CPANEL-17334: Fix bug in mysqlconnection check where it would exit 1 on success. Fixed case CPANEL-17336: Unify cPHulk default handling and resolve missing lookback_period_min. Fixed case CPANEL-17342: Account Creation: Defer SpamAssassin tasks to the task queue. Fixed case CPANEL-17367: Change MySQL User Password: indicate when no users exist. Fixed case CPANEL-17368: CPHulk: Avoid queueing duplicate ‘add_known_ip_for_user’ events. Fixed case CPANEL-17375: Update cpanminus to version 1.7043. Fixed case CPANEL-17376: Make Maria and MySQL install more robust. Fixed case CPANEL-17381: Reduce overload connecting to SQLite in a queueprocd subprocess. Fixed case CPANEL-17383: DSO recommendation is hidden when req pkg exists. Fixed case CPANEL-17385: WHM: Avoid unnecessary blank lines in Account Creation output. Fixed case CPANEL-17386: If the metadata is empty, make sure to create the schema. Fixed case CPANEL-17394: Selecting “Entire MySQL Directory” in WHM saves successfully. Fixed case CPANEL-17395: Ensure cPanel API calls made through the WHM API 0 layer work. Fixed case CPANEL-17400: Updated cPanel and Webmail header to handle long company name strings. Fixed case CPANEL-17406: Backup config can save when monthly is disabled and no dates selected. Fixed case CPANEL-17407: Clean up old metadata files when converting backups to new format. Fixed case CPANEL-17408: Fix dbmap nonexistance bug in transfer tool for MySQL. Fixed case CPANEL-17410: Give update_userdata_cache task a subqueue. Fixed case CPANEL-17413: Accomodate race condition in queueprocd where the pidfile is empty. Fixed case CPANEL-17414: API Tokens: Allow ‘get_password_strength’ API call via the ‘create-acct’ priv. Fixed case CPANEL-17415: Transport save success alert displays name instead of id. Fixed case CPANEL-17429: Only send welcome email if checkbox is checked. Fixed case CPANEL-17434: Fixed deviant string in ea4Util. Fixed case CPANEL-17435: Protect for invalid parameters in scripts/backups_create_metadata. Fixed case CPANEL-17436: Fix “zombie” DB name listing in UI after MySQL DB rename. Fixed case CPANEL-17437: Backup Configuration validation showing failure message. Fixed case CPANEL-17438: Allow renaming DB users to have underscores at end of name. Fixed case CPANEL-17441: Moved pagination control out of scroll container to be fixed. Fixed case CPANEL-17449: Initialize Domain TLS when installing SSL. Fixed case CPANEL-17460: Improve readablity of AutoSSL install notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-17469: Improve reliability of regex looking for backups. Fixed case CPANEL-17473: Ensure pkgacct components are preloaded at compile time. Fixed case CPANEL-17474: Cpanel::API::Email: remove duplicate module load. Fixed case CPANEL-17482: Task Queue Monitor: Format scheduled times in local time, not UTC. Fixed case CPANEL-17489: Adjust IPs list for hostname SSL. Fixed case CPANEL-17497: EA4 redirects to MPM when none is selected. Fixed case CPANEL-17501: Prevent users from abusing outgoing mail adminbin. Fixed case CPANEL-17507: Fetchdiskusagewithextras and buildcache diskusage apis use same path. Fixed case CPANEL-17515: Fix label wrapping for small screens. Fixed case CPANEL-17516: Fix column overlapping issues on email accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-17524: Removed ‘Restoring’ notification when restoration fails. Fixed case CPANEL-17525: Service Status: report BIND version on CentOS 6. Fixed case CPANEL-17526: Avoid destruct order error during mysql backup. Implemented case CPANEL-15657: Convert email accounts to tabbed layout. Implemented case CPANEL-16124: Break apart Cpanel::Encoder::Tiny to make it tiny again. Implemented case CPANEL-16240: Add combined & common LogFormat to WHM Apache conf for ea4. Implemented case CPANEL-16321: Add country ip data from Geo::IPfree. Implemented case CPANEL-16530: Reduce Cpanel::MysqlUtils dep tree. Implemented case CPANEL-16566: Add HTTPD deferred reload time functionality. Implemented case CPANEL-16682: Remove unused fallback_killall from Cpanel::Signal. Implemented case CPANEL-16699: Add a manage disk usage link on default account. Implemented case CPANEL-16749: Provide inline documentation for scripts/notify_expiring_certificates. Implemented case CPANEL-16752: Update Exim for pop account outgoing suspend/hold. Implemented case CPANEL-16776: New ResourceUsage API: pluggable StatsBar replacement. Implemented case CPANEL-16794: Make email quotas easier to enter and display. Implemented case CPANEL-16800: Update Munin and ClamAV plugins. Implemented case CPANEL-16813: Make LoadConfig always return the payload as a reference. Implemented case CPANEL-16814: Adds automatically-generated page-specific help links to cPanel interface. Implemented case CPANEL-16846: API to suspend/unsuspend outgoing email. Implemented case CPANEL-16852: Better in progress notification on add email form. Implemented case CPANEL-16928: Add AutoSSL::CertificateInstalledReducedCoverage notification. Implemented case CPANEL-16951: Added a new API and Interface to rescan fts email indexing. Implemented case CPANEL-16952: Make notify_expiring_cerificates show help even when disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-17016: Add support for detecting and installing KernelCare’s free patch set. Implemented case CPANEL-17036: Use in-house (much lighter) logic for server date/time localization. Implemented case CPANEL-17043: Add MySQL 5.7 support and make default for installs. Implemented case CPANEL-17047: cPanel & WHM changes in support of legacy WordPress addon deprecation. Implemented case CPANEL-17050: Allow UAPI Email spam APIs to run in webmail. Implemented case CPANEL-17057: Put controller-level logic for PaperLantern home page stats into controller. Implemented case CPANEL-17071: Introduced WHM Task Queue Monitor. Implemented case CPANEL-17172: Ability to configure minimum time between Apache graceful restarts. Implemented case CPANEL-17198: Added Hulk backend support for country based white/blacklisting. Implemented case CPANEL-17208: Replace iso_date() and related logic with proper translated dates. Implemented case CPANEL-17214: Remove LVEInfo.pm as CloudLinux provides a newer version. Implemented case CPANEL-17230: Remove ResourceUsage compat shim for CloudLinux as its no longer needed. Implemented case CPANEL-17235: “Manage Spam Controls” UI in Webmail. Implemented case CPANEL-17240: Update cpanel-mydns to Implemented case CPANEL-17260: Introduced CertificateInstalledUncoveredDomains notification. Implemented case CPANEL-17296: Update User Manager to use the new bytes setter. Implemented case CPANEL-17299: Add outgoing suspend and hold to email accounts. Implemented case CPANEL-17304: Added new tab in cpHulk to allow white/black listing of countries. Implemented case CPANEL-17468: Make the ResourceUsage API return 0-max items accurately. Implemented case CPANEL-17490: Added an icon for the Task Queue Monitor.