74 Change Log

74.0.12 2018-11-29

[security] Fixed case CPANEL-23762: Update cpanel-perl-526 to 5.26.0-17.cp1170 for CVE-2018-18311, CVE-2018-12015, CVE-2018-18312, CVE-2018-18313, and CVE-2018-18314. 74.0.11 2018-11-19

[security] Fixed case SEC-366: PostgreSQL password changes performed in an insecure manner. [security] Fixed case SEC-452: Unauthenticated remote code execution via mailing list attachments. [security] Fixed case SEC-454: Virtual FTP accounts remain after their domain is removed. [security] Fixed case SEC-459: Self-XSS Vulnerability in WHM Additional Backup Destination. [security] Fixed case SEC-461: Stored XSS in WHM ‘Reset a DNS Zone’. [security] Fixed case SEC-462: Open redirect when resetting connections. [security] Fixed case SEC-464: Stored XSS in WHM MultiPHP Manager interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-465: Arbitrary code execution as root via dnssec adminbin. [security] Fixed case SEC-467: Do not enable debug logging in WebDAV transport. 74.0.10 2018-11-01

Fixed case CPANEL-21561: chkservd: avoid spurious failure due to race condition. Fixed case CPANEL-22372: Use the requested password when forcing a root MySQL password reset. Fixed case CPANEL-22460: Update cpanel-php56-Horde-Image to 2.5.3-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-22560: Ensure service subdomains do not end up in userdata on distill. Fixed case CPANEL-23083: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.7-5.cp1166. Fixed case CPANEL-23142: Adjust permission of /var/cpanel/sysinfo.config to be 0644 Fixed case CPANEL-23142: Restore default permissions of multiple config files to be 0644 instead of 0600. Fixed case CPANEL-23583: DNS DCV should log and skip unowned domains not throw an exception. 74.0.9 2018-10-01

Fixed case CPANEL-13225: Fix handling of EOL email when TIERS file can’t be downloaded. Fixed case CPANEL-15706: Fixed issue with support popup in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-18383: Export a Locale: fix Perl warnings Fixed case CPANEL-20425: Restore unofficial technique for signing mail from hostname with DKIM Fixed case CPANEL-20700: Remove MySQL 5.7 limits file on upgrade to MariaDB Fixed case CPANEL-20757: WHM: Avoid link to absent Process Manager feature Fixed case CPANEL-21005: Packman: Populate yum cache as needed (avoid requiring ‘yum makecache’). Fixed case CPANEL-21043: Add clamav binary check to dynamicui.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-21048: Changed user manager contact email validation rules. Fixed case CPANEL-21307: removed the use of utf-8 progma. Fixed case CPANEL-21443: Fix the duplicate Spinner Id issue in EA4 profiles. Fixed case CPANEL-21519: Show the Manage button in Git Version Control when viewed at low screen widths. Fixed case CPANEL-21559: Backup: prevent Perl warning on missing backup directory Fixed case CPANEL-21592: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.7-4.cp1166. Fixed case CPANEL-21595: Ensure “Transfer System Backups to Destination” can be toggled Fixed case CPANEL-21604: Tweak Settings: Suppress spurious rejections for dependent settings. Fixed case CPANEL-21643: Don’t warn about missing license_status template. Fixed case CPANEL-21653: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.27-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21707: Fixed false reboot suggestion when KernelCare is running. Fixed case CPANEL-21749: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.100.1-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21760: Ensure Exim aliases work with localhost Fixed case CPANEL-21783: No longer re-process log entires after multiple tailwatchd restarts. Fixed case CPANEL-21798: Extend the new AlertList tooling to webmail Fixed case CPANEL-21839: Update cpanel-awstats to 7.7-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21873: MultiPHP Manager no longer requests installation of nonexistent packages when alt-php present. Fixed case CPANEL-21894: Restore php cleaner rule so that downgrades work again. Fixed case CPANEL-21903: Enable optimize_eximstats cron in maintenance Fixed case CPANEL-21903: Avoid overwriting exim_tidydb entries in crontab Fixed case CPANEL-21912: Reflect correct GID on file creation error Fixed case CPANEL-21956: Update MySQL56 to 5.6.41-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-21964: Update MySQL55 to 5.5.61-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-22056: Allow exporting SSH keys with ampersands in passphrase Fixed case CPANEL-22094: WHM: print helpful message on low disk condition Fixed case CPANEL-22094: WHM: add error messages with non-200 statuses Fixed case CPANEL-22105: Visitors: avoid log noise when loading page Fixed case CPANEL-22110: Error Pages: avoid log noise on initial page load Fixed case CPANEL-22141: Fix password updates in MariaDB 10.2.16+. Fixed case CPANEL-22199: Ensure that redirects to www. work correctly Fixed case CPANEL-22206: Fix inconsistent restart behavior for cpanel_dovecot_solr in scripts/restartsrv Fixed case CPANEL-22226: Teach Terminal to ignore empty WebSocket data frames. Fixed case CPANEL-22238: WHM API 1: ensure manage_features feature key is correct Fixed case CPANEL-22277: Feature Showcase: ensure abstracts are localized Fixed case CPANEL-22283: Ensure proper crontab entry when modifying upcp cron time Fixed case CPANEL-22361: Prevent tweaksettings actions from corrupting json api Fixed case CPANEL-22363: Add a safety to dotweaksettings to prevent accidental overwrite Fixed case CPANEL-22499: Ensure users are resuspended on restore if they were suspended at the time of backup or transfer. Fixed case CPANEL-22592: Ensure cpsrvd can restart when there are ssl connections Fixed case CPANEL-22604: Ignore Informix php options when migrating Fixed case CPANEL-22776: Enable addaforns and doaddaforns for DNSONLY Fixed case CPANEL-22862: Updating text for Piped Log Configuration in Apache Configuration. Implemented case CPANEL-22608: Prevent pkgacct failures when MySQL is disabled. 74.0.8 2018-09-17

[security] Fixed case SEC-409: ClamAV daemon can be shut off by any local user. [security] Fixed case SEC-428: Self-XSS in WHM ‘Create a New Account’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-433: Self-XSS in WHM ‘Security Questions’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-434: Self-XSS in cPanel ‘Site Software Moderation’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-437: Self-XSS in WHM ‘Style Upload’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-441: Actively stored XSS in WHM ‘File and Directory Restoration’ interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-444: Demo account code execution via Fileman::viewfile API. [security] Fixed case SEC-445: Invalid email_accounts.json prevents full account suspension. [security] Fixed case SEC-446: Self-Stored XSS on ‘Security Questions’ login page. [security] Fixed case SEC-447: Arbitrary file write as root in WHM ‘Force Password Change’. [security] Fixed case SEC-449: FTP access allowed during account suspension. 74.0.6 2018-08-23

Fixed case CPANEL-20490: The cPanel Terminal feature will now use CageFS for CloudLinux users. 74.0.5 2018-08-20

Fixed case CPANEL-22050: Fix wildcard purchases in SSL/TLS Wizard. Fixed case CPANEL-22180: Fix wildcard domain handling in TLS certificate orders. 74.0.4 2018-08-07

Fixed case CPANEL-21573: Ensure passwords are migrated when updating to MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-22044: Minimal support for LTS to LTS to support upgrades directly to 78 Fixed case CPANEL-22053: Daily Process Log: ensure common processes are not excluded Fixed case CPANEL-22059: Fix the EasyApache 4 page “wide character” error. Fixed case CPANEL-22087: Ensure locales can be downloaded 74.0.2 2018-07-31

Fixed case CPANEL-21679: Avoid creating zones for subdomains when resetting a zone Fixed case CPANEL-21680: Fix installs with TMPDIR set to /tmp Fixed case CPANEL-21861: Ensure cpsrvd remains online during update Fixed case CPANEL-21947: Account Termination: avoid warnings about nonexistent zones Fixed case CPANEL-21957: Ensure yum.conf has 644 permissions Fixed case CPANEL-21976: Prevent division by zero error when transferring from 70 and 72 74.0.1 2018-07-23

Fixed case CPANEL-21812: Revert CPANEL-14790 due to a regression in account restoration. 74.0.0 2018-07-17

Fixed case CPANEL-21122: Exception handling for corrupt JSON. Fixed case CPANEL-21431: Fix mysqlconnectioncheck for systems running MariaDB. [security] Fixed case SEC-367: Stored-XSS in WHM File Restoration interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-416: Apache configuration injection due to document root variable interpolation. [security] Fixed case SEC-418: Insecure storage of phpMyAdmin session files. [security] Fixed case SEC-420: SQL injection during database backups. [security] Fixed case SEC-424: File modification as root via faulty HTTP authentication. [security] Fixed case SEC-425: Limited file read via password file caching. [security] Fixed case SEC-426: Arbitrary zonefile modifications allowed during record edits. [security] Fixed case SEC-436: Arbitrary file read during File Restoration. [security] Fixed case SEC-439: Arbitrary zonefile modifications due to faulty CAA record handling. [security] Fixed case SEC-442: File rename vulnerability during account renames. [security] Fixed case SEC-443: Website contents accessible to local attackers through git repos. 73.9980.0 2018-07-02

Fixed case CPANEL-1446: Move and recreate corrupt BW sqlite DB on subdomain creation. Fixed case CPANEL-6541: Implemented swap IPv6 for transfers, dedicated IPv6 not handled. Fixed case CPANEL-8573: Show which integration links are being restored. Fixed case CPANEL-10711: Prefer cpanel user over system user when a domain is owned by both. Fixed case CPANEL-11176: Add link to documentation when transfer blocks upcp. Fixed case CPANEL-12265: Manual changes to a domain’s FPM config were not being honored. Fixed case CPANEL-13195: Exim: add option to enable DSN (RFC 3461). Fixed case CPANEL-13532: Fix DCV when ngnix is proxying the hostname to Fixed case CPANEL-14790: Update SPF records when changing IP4 addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-14896: Make flock() mode based on whether or not file was opened read or read/write. Fixed case CPANEL-16123: Prevent Roundcube config from entering into inconsistent state. Fixed case CPANEL-16168: Suppress JS error on createacct page for cPanel Solo. Fixed case CPANEL-16237: DKIM: ignore nonstandard records when determining status. Fixed case CPANEL-16779: Report failures from CpConfGuard via an exception. Fixed case CPANEL-16925: restartsrv: clean up locks on SIGTERM Fixed case CPANEL-16925: chkservd: clean up locks in all cases Fixed case CPANEL-16925: Always release locks taken by restartsrv. Fixed case CPANEL-16931: Make PHP-FPM daemons restart gracefully. Fixed case CPANEL-17423: Preload template modules before locking httpd.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-17547: Pkgacct: add –skippublichtml and –skipmail options. Fixed case CPANEL-17891: Increase width for longer text on Feature Showcase dialog box. Fixed case CPANEL-18030: Don’t wipe cPHulk tables on MySQL root password update. Fixed case CPANEL-18060: Provide useful messages when failing to check/repair databases in cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-18329: Prevent multiple rndc calls from running at the same time. Fixed case CPANEL-18354: Cleandns: remove named cache file. Fixed case CPANEL-18391: Fork Bomb Protection: avoid limiting wheel users. Fixed case CPANEL-18611: Modify Account: move integration files if necessary. Fixed case CPANEL-18650: Fix breakage in MySQL addon conversion exposed by integration test. Fixed case CPANEL-18711: Correctly auto-detect High Sierra in the cPanel Web Disk UI. Fixed case CPANEL-18722: Allow modifying MX records for some subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-18756: Update cpanel-perl-526-build to 5.26.0-8.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18756: Update cpanel-perl-526 to 5.26.0-8.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18776: Update cpanel-wrap to 72.5-1.cp1172. Fixed case CPANEL-18783: IP Migration: update domain forwarder reserved IP. Fixed case CPANEL-18848: Make incremental backups respect the global cpbackup-exclude.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-18854: Adjust the alert-list styles to work like growls. Fixed case CPANEL-18855: Refactor Backup User Selection with Angular 1.4. Fixed case CPANEL-18897: Update cpanel-perl-526-Amazon-S3 to 0.45-4.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-18909: Fix bug in Cpanel::Sync::v2 where it would fail to delete directories. Fixed case CPANEL-18924: Rotate /var/cpanel/accounting.log. Fixed case CPANEL-18929: Clean old .sql_dump.gz files from backup directories. Fixed case CPANEL-18935: Git Clone URL validation. Fixed case CPANEL-18975: Ensure OpenID Connect works on proxy subdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-18980: Install new self-signed certain when modifying account domain. Fixed case CPANEL-18990: Remove XML serialization from APIs. Fixed case CPANEL-19056: Don’t attempt to obtain locks on non-existent autoresponder files. Fixed case CPANEL-19075: Avoid restarting MariaDB during cPanel update if possible. Fixed case CPANEL-19146: Normalize how publichtmlsubsonly is handled on addon and subdomain interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-19150: Update cpanel-perl-526-Mail-SpamAssassin to 3.004001-6.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19165: Address confusion with the ‘all’ privilege on Manage API Tokens. Fixed case CPANEL-19168: Handle checking and repair databases with ampersands correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-19169: WHM: ensure databases with ampersands can be repaired. Fixed case CPANEL-19172: MySQL Databases: allow searching for databases with ampersands. Fixed case CPANEL-19176: Remove cpanalyticsd from default dormant services. Fixed case CPANEL-19183: Fix File Manager downloads when /home is symlinked. Fixed case CPANEL-19189: Force Password Change: print message if no users. Fixed case CPANEL-19199: Replace absolute path in symlinks with relative path. Fixed case CPANEL-19199: Replace absolute path to generated file with relative path. Fixed case CPANEL-19208: Ftpput: produce better error message on failure to connect. Fixed case CPANEL-19215: Can’t locate /var/cpanel/secdatadir/ip.pag or /var/cpanel/secdatadir/ip.dir. Fixed case CPANEL-19227: Don’t process out EA4 config from excluded htaccess files. Fixed case CPANEL-19247: Replace mariadb-native-client with cpanel-mariadb-connector. Fixed case CPANEL-19319: Prevent tab key from setting forwarders to discard. Fixed case CPANEL-19330: Remove backups config cache when restoring from backups. Fixed case CPANEL-19344: Service Manager: improve description for Exim altport config. Fixed case CPANEL-19389: FPM restart: if one version has an issue report and continue. Fixed case CPANEL-19400: Raise timeout on Horde downloads. Fixed case CPANEL-19404: Preserve package selection on Convert Addon Domain to Account interface. Fixed case CPANEL-19412: Restart systemd-logind when restarting dbus. Fixed case CPANEL-19422: Properly handle DNS zones with certain suffixes. Fixed case CPANEL-19429: Transfer Tool: prevent warning when restoring from different server. Fixed case CPANEL-19483: Remove unused Cpanel::Atom and Cpanel::EntrySpool namespaces. Fixed case CPANEL-19491: Mailperm: bring script up to modern standards. Fixed case CPANEL-19495: Reduce OOM chance and improve Addon domain restore performance. Fixed case CPANEL-19499: Ensure that a user cannot edit a record without the simple or advanced features. Fixed case CPANEL-19510: Remove legacy cpanelpro modules lines from dynamicui.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-19521: Move Geo::IPfree data files to an RPM. Fixed case CPANEL-19535: Update cpanel-squirrelmail to 2012.12.09-2.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19539: IPv6: report actual device name when invalid. Fixed case CPANEL-19539: IPv6: report failure when all users fail to enable. Fixed case CPANEL-19548: Avoid warning when searching empty BoxTrapper queue. Fixed case CPANEL-19557: Transfer Tool: warn if dbs exist but PostgreSQL not installed. Fixed case CPANEL-19570: Add links to Create a New Account in List Account page. Fixed case CPANEL-19581: Update Directory::Queue to release 1.9-4.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19590: Fixed row binding to IDs in Git Version Control lister. Fixed case CPANEL-19594: List Accounts: Change Create a New Account button in the table to a link. Fixed case CPANEL-19604: Disallow multiple domain forwarders. Fixed case CPANEL-19606: Update cpanel-xtermjs-js to 3.2.0-2.cp1172. Fixed case CPANEL-19607: File Protect: update cpanel.config when modifying via scripts. Fixed case CPANEL-19611: Find_outdated_services: be more resilient on failure. Fixed case CPANEL-19641: Strip www. when determining email sender. Fixed case CPANEL-19656: Backups: flag errors from mysqldump. Fixed case CPANEL-19662: Restore user’s DNS zone ownership on account restore. Fixed case CPANEL-19668: VC > Create: Moved cloneURL to top, added auto-fill. Fixed case CPANEL-19673: Pkgacct: skip PostgreSQL databases if it isn’t installed. Fixed case CPANEL-19678: Update cpanel-perl-526 to 5.26.0-7.cp1170 Fixed case CPANEL-19681: Ensure pkgacct can create mysql .create files. Fixed case CPANEL-19686: Fix EA4 toggle bug. Fixed case CPANEL-19702: Filter AAAA on transfer if destination doesn’t use IPv6. Fixed case CPANEL-19703: Version Control: Fixed clone URL validator in UI. Fixed case CPANEL-19704: Fix floating alert list breadcrumb overlap bug. Fixed case CPANEL-19710: Restorepkg: don’t warn about missing home directory. Fixed case CPANEL-19723: Version Control - Button to git-pull from remote. Fixed case CPANEL-19724: Avoid uninitialized TTL value when adding DNS entry. Fixed case CPANEL-19725: Modify Account: avoid warning about absent zone file. Fixed case CPANEL-19730: Transfer Tool: don’t enable Copy Reseller Privileges by default. Fixed case CPANEL-19739: Use anchored matching for excludes when restoring an account. Fixed case CPANEL-19742: Update cpanel-xtermjs-js to 3.3.0-1.cp1172. Fixed case CPANEL-19748: Indicate failure to set quota when quotas disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-19757: Fix EasyApache wizard breaking components. Fixed case CPANEL-19758: Improved PHP-FPM user interface on MultiPHP Manager page. Fixed case CPANEL-19767: Create backups of php.conf when the files change. Fixed case CPANEL-19774: Backups: indicate transport errors in user backup email. Fixed case CPANEL-19774: Backups: flag scp failure as connection error. Fixed case CPANEL-19775: Improve DCV error reporting when a domain is no longer registered. Fixed case CPANEL-19777: Disallow MySQL/MariaDB upgrades when update in progress. Fixed case CPANEL-19783: WHM: Prevent flash of yellow boxes on Initial Setup Assistant Step 3. Fixed case CPANEL-19787: Enable or disable exim spam check via tweaksetting. Fixed case CPANEL-19792: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.26-2.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19794: De-duplicate and update the list of backup excludes in /var/cpanel. Fixed case CPANEL-19798: Update exim to 4.91-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-19800: Use a single inotify setup in queueprocd to avoid a race condition. Fixed case CPANEL-19801: Don’t register failures for whitelisted IPs when 2fa is enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-19803: Add comments field to Remote MySQL entries. Fixed case CPANEL-19809: Change the close-all-file-descriptors method. Fixed case CPANEL-19834: Have forced upcp do yum clean all before yum update. Fixed case CPANEL-19847: Clarify AutoSSL procedure on cPanel provider. Fixed case CPANEL-19856: Tailwatchd: don’t start via /scripts. Fixed case CPANEL-19865: WHM API 1: allow max results for emailtrack_search to be above default. Fixed case CPANEL-19866: Add info about mysql_upgrade possibly outputting errors. Fixed case CPANEL-19875: Fix bug where you couldn’t search by domains in File Restoration UI. Fixed case CPANEL-19876: Don’t erroneously unsuspended when restoring from user backups. Fixed case CPANEL-19878: Add support to the apis for JSON in the requests. Fixed case CPANEL-19878: Make cjt2 nvDataService use Personalization API. Fixed case CPANEL-19878: Modify NVData modules to report errors. Fixed case CPANEL-19878: Personalization API module for WHM API1 and UAPI. Fixed case CPANEL-19878: Add soft_deprecation to NVData API methods. Fixed case CPANEL-19889: Style buttons on the Password Age and Strength security policy interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-19891: Update text for max email account quota showcase. Fixed case CPANEL-19893: Manage Mysql Profiles: Clear the “Activation In Progress” growl after activation. Fixed case CPANEL-19902: Ensure you cannot create an email account without confirming a password. Fixed case CPANEL-19908: Updated messaging on the Purchase Certificate page to be more clear. Fixed case CPANEL-19910: Update MySQL55 to 5.5.60-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19911: Update MySQL56 to 5.6.40-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19914: Make the warning provided when a restore child reaches MAXRSS is readable. Fixed case CPANEL-19915: Refactor Whostmgr::DNS::MX to be more maintainable. Fixed case CPANEL-19917: Re-create metadata in the same order as bin/backup. Fixed case CPANEL-19923: Display host access control form fields when hosts.allow is empty. Fixed case CPANEL-19925: Accomodate CAB Forum ballot 169. Fixed case CPANEL-19926: Use the CJT2 LOCALE object for local_datetime on the Manage Plugins interface. Fixed case CPANEL-19938: Set a reasonable timeout for checking ftp credentials during fullbackup. Fixed case CPANEL-19939: Ensure fullbackup errors are logged to the error_log. Fixed case CPANEL-19950: Ensure enablefileprotect in Tweak Settings picks up manual changes. Fixed case CPANEL-19959: Ftpput now gives better connection failure messages. Fixed case CPANEL-19962: Update pure-ftpd to 1.0.47-1.cp1174. Fixed case CPANEL-19964: Add a missing etc directory when creating email accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-19964: Ensure mail permissions are set correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-19976: Show EA4 recommendations properly. Fixed case CPANEL-19977: SSH Access: note when keys are renamed. Fixed case CPANEL-19987: Populate ForcePassiveIP on pure-ftpd if on NAT. Fixed case CPANEL-19988: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.26-3.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-19991: Update cpanel-perl-526-Archive-Tar-Builder to 2.5002-1.cp1174 and utilize ignore_sockets Fixed case CPANEL-19994: Add IP Address to the right sidebar in cPanel homepage. Fixed case CPANEL-20002: Updated documentation URLs for ModSecurity™ configuration settings. Fixed case CPANEL-20008: Resolve slowdown while parsing many vhost records on the same ip/port. Fixed case CPANEL-20012: Userdomains::CORE skips users with a missing main domain too late. Fixed case CPANEL-20018: Fix capitalization in Manage Reseller’s Shared IP. Fixed case CPANEL-20019: Enforce password age policies for Webmail users. Fixed case CPANEL-20020: WHM: force logout when changing passwords due to age. Fixed case CPANEL-20021: Fixed help message for cpapi CLI tool. Fixed case CPANEL-20022: Fix DCV race condition in TLS Wizard UI. Fixed case CPANEL-20023: Change MultiPHP versions to a human-readable format. Fixed case CPANEL-20033: Perform basic validation on SSL settings for cpsrvd and cpdavd. Fixed case CPANEL-20037: Ensure niceness is reset when starting services. Fixed case CPANEL-20040: Catch metadata generation errors for users in bin/backup. Fixed case CPANEL-20046: CPAddons: avoid warning when email address omitted. Fixed case CPANEL-20048: Use correct ACL for list_users WHMAPI1 call. Fixed case CPANEL-20051: Added tweak setting and action to block detected spammers. Fixed case CPANEL-20064: Don’t display Perl modules with no valid version. Fixed case CPANEL-20070: Cpdavd: avoid undefined value on timeout. Fixed case CPANEL-20077: Fix Manage Plugins UI. Fixed case CPANEL-20079: Avoid making AdminBin calls when restoring an account. Fixed case CPANEL-20085: Update exim to 4.91-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20091: Prevent Content-Type from one request from contaminating later requests. Fixed case CPANEL-20106: Use Cpanel::PwCache::getpwnam instead of getpwnam. Fixed case CPANEL-20108: Fixed bug where wildcard SSL prices are incorrect. Fixed case CPANEL-20110: Ensure /etc/mailips and /etc/mailhelo are updated when changing site IP. Fixed case CPANEL-20111: Use correct package default for maximum allowed message deferrals. Fixed case CPANEL-20114: Edit DNS Zone: add light validation for zone entries. Fixed case CPANEL-20118: Allow a cPanel user to create an SSH key without a passphrase. Fixed case CPANEL-20130: Check user home directory when getting style file. Fixed case CPANEL-20135: Removed cruft from transport table in Backup Configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-20143: Handle stray AutoSSL-excluded proxy subs after disabling proxy subs. Fixed case CPANEL-20165: Prevent redirect loop when redirecting http to https. Fixed case CPANEL-20172: Avoid horde db creation issue when creating account. Fixed case CPANEL-20178: Remove legacy installed ssl storage. Fixed case CPANEL-20185: Ensure the locale is loaded on the WHM Change Root Password interface. Fixed case CPANEL-20187: Ensure faster logouts on Firefox. Fixed case CPANEL-20195: Incorporate locale system. Fixed case CPANEL-20202: Rebuild_dbmap: don’t create files for users which don’t exist. Fixed case CPANEL-20202: Rebuild_dbmap: handle –noop option. Fixed case CPANEL-20203: Set up handling of auto_enable features. Fixed case CPANEL-20206: Resolve Whostmgr::TweakSettings::Mail::init error during install. Fixed case CPANEL-20209: Show the Editor Mode without errors. Fixed case CPANEL-20225: Update spam detection notification to denote action taken, if any. Fixed case CPANEL-20242: Ensure userdir sync errors go to standard error. Fixed case CPANEL-20242: Avoid duplicate logging to error log. Fixed case CPANEL-20253: Avoid unexpectedly loading Cpanel::cPAddons::Globals. Fixed case CPANEL-20257: Use a mutex for DNS reads and writes for DNS DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-20270: Provide Devel::Trace for debugging when needed. Fixed case CPANEL-20273: Teach the locale system to do list_or() correctly via CLDR. Fixed case CPANEL-20276: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.100.0-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20291: Ensure the cpanel-plugins Yum repo is created on upcp. Fixed case CPANEL-20292: Fix other bugs in apache_php_fpm restartsrv driver. Fixed case CPANEL-20300: Speedup bin/update_horde_config –user. Fixed case CPANEL-20311: Use Cpanel::PwCache when possible. Fixed case CPANEL-20312: Fix race failure for gid lookup. Fixed case CPANEL-20317: Make hostname lookup match hostname -f. Fixed case CPANEL-20320: Fix LOCALE errors in Grant cPanel Support Access. Fixed case CPANEL-20327: Backup should only try to load valid modules. Fixed case CPANEL-20330: Set DNT env var in cpsrvd for use in templates. Fixed case CPANEL-20339: WHMAPI1: Ensure starttime passed to emailtrack_stats. Fixed case CPANEL-20340: Prevent overwrite of multiple proxy subdomains matching A records. Fixed case CPANEL-20344: Eximstats_spam_check will now ignore system accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-20345: Changed eximstats_spam_check main output to info. Fixed case CPANEL-20351: Fix message pruning when email user has mdbox and account owner has maildir Fixed case CPANEL-20356: Avoid loading StatsBar on the main index page. Fixed case CPANEL-20357: Resolve performance regression with email pops and webmail page. Fixed case CPANEL-20361: Post transfer, enable IPv6 for account if conditions are met. Fixed case CPANEL-20362: Ensure Whostmgr::TicketSupport::Whitelist always releases locks. Fixed case CPANEL-20363: Update cPanel Errors interface text. Fixed case CPANEL-20371: SSH Access: update PuTTY link to use go.cpanel.net. Fixed case CPANEL-20376: Update cpanel-perl-524-IPC-ShareLite to 0.17-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20378: Update exim to 4.91-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20385: Improve BandwidthDB write transaction performance. Fixed case CPANEL-20387: Add support for SSE arguments via URL path. Fixed case CPANEL-20395: Improve fcgi handler integration to support MultiPHP. Fixed case CPANEL-20400: Ensure git branch does not change until user clicks save. Fixed case CPANEL-20418: Fix bug in metadata creation that led to partial backup failure. Fixed case CPANEL-20428: Improve zone removal speed to avoid named.conf lock being clobbered. Fixed case CPANEL-20435: Fixed grammatically incorrect strings in validation messages. Fixed case CPANEL-20444: Add ID for checkout button in SSL Wizard’s “Advanced” view. Fixed case CPANEL-20453: Improve error reporting when a queueprocd spawned process fails. Fixed case CPANEL-20464: Rsync backup transport: fix saving timeout. Fixed case CPANEL-20470: Display correct nameservers when use registrar nameservers is selected. Fixed case CPANEL-20474: Fixed typo in help output for restartsrv scripts. Fixed case CPANEL-20477: Removed deprecated /scripts/sendaim. Fixed case CPANEL-20478: Resolve performance regression when updating userdomains. Fixed case CPANEL-20479: Create queueprocd plugin directory if missing. Fixed case CPANEL-20487: Ignore disk with broken quotas when temporarily lifting quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-20496: Fix ftp creation when adding account. Fixed case CPANEL-20503: Fixrndc: stop generating and remove rndc.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-20507: Create Account: ensure email reflects correct quota. Fixed case CPANEL-20508: Re-enable users for SpamAssassin when re-enabling SpamAssassin. Fixed case CPANEL-20513: Fix display of default web page when loading the server main IP via HTTP. Fixed case CPANEL-20514: Remove obsolete ftppasslogs config option. Fixed case CPANEL-20516: Normalized section text in Contact Information. Fixed case CPANEL-20519: Add validation and unit tests for JSON FS entries. Fixed case CPANEL-20522: Maintenance: allow restarting outdated services to be disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-20527: Xferpoint: avoid warning about non-numeric comparison. Fixed case CPANEL-20529: Fix form validation for rsync destination form on backup configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-20531: Make PowerDNS do a “purge” along with its “reload”. Fixed case CPANEL-20533: Don’t double encode elements when saving contact information. Fixed case CPANEL-20537: Allow restarts of MySQL by resellers with the ‘Restart Services’ privilege. Fixed case CPANEL-20545: Resolve inconsistancies with calculating domains in /etc/mailhelo. Fixed case CPANEL-20552: Added local symlinks for the event source polyfill. Fixed case CPANEL-20553: Fix fallback to ‘nobody’ user on unknown host for defaultwebpage.cgi. Fixed case CPANEL-20557: Allow restoring cpanel.config without force. Fixed case CPANEL-20559: Warn when a ContactInfo valdiator is missing instead of throwing. Fixed case CPANEL-20563: Exim: add smtputf8_advertise_hosts to config editor. Fixed case CPANEL-20564: Fix cPanel backup downloads when backup dir has trailing slash. Fixed case CPANEL-20572: Add a feature showcase entry for Piped Logging. Fixed case CPANEL-20572: Enable Piped Logging for Apache by default. Fixed case CPANEL-20582: Cpanel::SocketIP: add support for looking up any protocol. Fixed case CPANEL-20582: Transfer Tool: ensure IPv6 hosts can be used. Fixed case CPANEL-20582: Getremotecpmove: switch to use Cpanel::HTTP::Client. Fixed case CPANEL-20587: Add a utility to clean datastore files. Fixed case CPANEL-20588: Wrap UI_Includes in do-not-track checks. Fixed case CPANEL-20590: Update all calls to sqlite3 to use the packaged version. Fixed case CPANEL-20592: Prevent Cpanel::GreyList::Handler from reopening sqlite for each call. Fixed case CPANEL-20595: Correctly handle plus signs in the URI request path for redirects. Fixed case CPANEL-20605: Lazy load more modules in Cpanel::Backup::Metadata. Fixed case CPANEL-20611: Autoresponders: avoid appending extra blank line. Fixed case CPANEL-20613: Fix non-DNS-DCV Market providers’ HTTP DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-20616: Fix notification warnings on fresh install. Fixed case CPANEL-20617: Provide warning for hostname changes. Fixed case CPANEL-20622: Fix issue where IE11 could not change quotas. Fixed case CPANEL-20625: Update dovecot to 2.2.36-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-20629: Fixed uninitialized value warning when addpop is called without password. Fixed case CPANEL-20634: Add include point in WHM for analytics gathering. Fixed case CPANEL-20637: Create a Template Toolkit plugin to retrieve a company ID. Fixed case CPANEL-20640: Update code to remove search.cpan.org. Fixed case CPANEL-20642: Server statistics analysis is now opt-in on new install. Fixed case CPANEL-20644: Improve error handling when pruning missing backups. Fixed case CPANEL-20659: Dcpumon: avoid uninitialized warning. Fixed case CPANEL-20666: Remove stale Feature Showcase entries. Fixed case CPANEL-20669: Ensure cluster dns servers get all zone updates on account restore. Fixed case CPANEL-20685: Update EA3 templates for Apache TLS changes. Fixed case CPANEL-20686: Load Text::CSV only if we must for locale handling. Fixed case CPANEL-20688: PHP auto-select ext works with EOL recommendation. Fixed case CPANEL-20691: Multi requirement alert works with other alerts. Fixed case CPANEL-20695: Use Email::Address::XS for email validation in Market Provider Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-20697: Add an include mechanism to the Getting Started Wizard for analytics gathering. Fixed case CPANEL-20703: Solve SQLITE_BUSY with /var/cpanel/bandwidth_cache.sqlite during restore. Fixed case CPANEL-20705: Fallback to local acceptance when all MX data is missing for a domain. Fixed case CPANEL-20707: Ensure /etc/domainips is updated when account IP is changed. Fixed case CPANEL-20708: Reduce DNS zone serialization overhead. Fixed case CPANEL-20714: Select all names and ids at once when backing up bandwidth data. Fixed case CPANEL-20716: Avoid examining userdata during pkgacct if we can avoid it. Fixed case CPANEL-20717: Fix password file comment parser to handle #s in passwords. Fixed case CPANEL-20719: Restore zone parsing performance. Fixed case CPANEL-20720: Reduce SSL install overhead. Fixed case CPANEL-20728: Upgrade Email::Address::XS to 1.03. Fixed case CPANEL-20733: Improve FTP transport form validation. Fixed case CPANEL-20737: Configuration Cluster: prevent warnings when using an IP address Fixed case CPANEL-20748: Ensure hosts_seen is passed through dns cluster in post data. Fixed case CPANEL-20755: Fixed Backup Configuration Page so validation messages display correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-20758: Update cpanel-perl-526-Git-Raw to 0.79-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20759: Added additional search terms to version control. Fixed case CPANEL-20762: Bootstrap_sandbox: ensure all required Perl modules are present. Fixed case CPANEL-20773: Bump revision for Amazon::S3 RPM in rpm.versions. Fixed case CPANEL-20774: Update cpanel-perl-526-Perl-Critic to 1.130-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20776: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.26-4.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-20780: Avoid uninitialized value warning when adding nameservers Fixed case CPANEL-20791: Fix bad exit code for backups_clean_metadata_for_missing_backups. Fixed case CPANEL-20793: Ensure whostmgr2 –enable-dormant-mode does not warn about double locking Fixed case CPANEL-20795: Raw Access: avoid error log warnings on page load Fixed case CPANEL-20797: Add option to skip EasyApache YUM repo setup during initial install. Fixed case CPANEL-20803: Mail delivery reports must retrieve messages from the final recipient. Fixed case CPANEL-20804: Resolve error during Establish Reverse Trust Relationship for DNS cluster. Fixed case CPANEL-20811: Narrow the cache clearing for DNS DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-20813: Add Privacy Policy link to cPanel, WHM, Webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-20818: Improve AutoSSL’s ancestor-substitution efficiency. Fixed case CPANEL-20819: Update spamassasin rules before attempting to compile them. Fixed case CPANEL-20820: Enable log rotation for spamd_error_log. Fixed case CPANEL-20822: Switch all production code to use File::Slurper from File::Slurp. Fixed case CPANEL-20827: Correctly handle setting zero values via NVData API. Fixed case CPANEL-20831: Add ‘failure_reason’ to DNS DCV API. Fixed case CPANEL-20833: Limit automatic full rpm digest checks to weekend days. Fixed case CPANEL-20838: Preserve “backup disabled” setting when restoring an account. Fixed case CPANEL-20839: Ensure creating the subdomain “l” works Fixed case CPANEL-20842: Cjt2 whm-v1-request option to generate calls for real namespaces. Fixed case CPANEL-20848: Update cpanel-perl-526-Email-Sender to 1.300031-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20850: Privacy policy link in WHM opens in new tab/window. Fixed case CPANEL-20851: Version control now provides feedback on deploy. Fixed case CPANEL-20853: Convert scripts2/statres to use json-api terminate. Fixed case CPANEL-20857: Use CpConfGuard to lookup piped logging setting. Fixed case CPANEL-20861: UAPI Backup::list_backups: provide a helpful message when the backup feature is missing Fixed case CPANEL-20863: Allow UI to cancel the timeout of pulling conversion status APIs. Fixed case CPANEL-20864: Remove zones for addon domains that are subdomains of another domain during account termination Fixed case CPANEL-20867: Remove ClamavConnecter uninstaller. Fixed case CPANEL-20869: Remove logic to convert dnsadmin daemon to a service. Fixed case CPANEL-20870: Remove duplicate install/Init.pm script. Fixed case CPANEL-20871: Remove webalizer cleanup script. Fixed case CPANEL-20872: Remove Hooks database conversion script. Fixed case CPANEL-20874: Remove cphulkdb convertion script. Fixed case CPANEL-20875: Remove paperlantern conversion script. Fixed case CPANEL-20876: Remove bin/check_service_defaults. Fixed case CPANEL-20877: Remove script to uninstall cronconfig addon. Fixed case CPANEL-20878: Adjust install FastMail script. Fixed case CPANEL-20880: Fix Local Destination validation on Backup Configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-20881: Remove reseller migration logic for 11.68. Fixed case CPANEL-20882: Remove ResetPwCache on fresh install. Fixed case CPANEL-20883: Remove spamdconfig plugin uninstall script. Fixed case CPANEL-20884: Add a sanity check for /etc/digestshadow. Fixed case CPANEL-20891: Provide a cpanel-version RPM Fixed case CPANEL-20893: Include Test::Spec. Fixed case CPANEL-20894: Execute tmp deploy script using correct intepreter. Fixed case CPANEL-20896: Imported Repos do not register their remotes. Fixed case CPANEL-20898: Fix double-adding of new users’ zones to nsd.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-20899: Workaround Cyberduck incompatibilities with WebDav and gzip. Fixed case CPANEL-20900: Fix variable reference bug in Add Remote SQL Host page. Fixed case CPANEL-20902: Provide a way to disable the reboot banner. Fixed case CPANEL-20904: Ensure zones are written to disk before they are added to named.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-20905: Avoid spurious reload error when syncing new zones to a DNS cluster. Fixed case CPANEL-20907: Update cpanel-perl-526-Selenium-Remote-Driver to 1.28-1.cp1174. Fixed case CPANEL-20910: Stop sending notification when popbeforesmtp is set. Fixed case CPANEL-20917: Update eximstats_spam_check to ignore mailman. Fixed case CPANEL-20921: Fix-cpanel-perl honors signature verification status. Fixed case CPANEL-20922: Adjust SSLMigration update script. Fixed case CPANEL-20926: Optimize LegacyBackups update script. Fixed case CPANEL-20929: Remove FTPSec install script. Fixed case CPANEL-20932: Avoid double transaction save when updating vhosts. Fixed case CPANEL-20934: Create SpamAssassin user_prefs with correct umask. Fixed case CPANEL-20940: Optimize bin/install_locallib_loginprofile. Fixed case CPANEL-20942: Do not install mailman RPM during dnsonly install. Fixed case CPANEL-20943: Set suspended.page when missing. Fixed case CPANEL-20950: Update S3 Compatible Transport to use ‘S3 Endpoint’ language. Fixed case CPANEL-20954: Show available functions when running api tools. Fixed case CPANEL-20963: Update cpanel-perl-526-Email-Sender to 1.300031-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-20967: Updated the validation logic for restore_config APIs. Fixed case CPANEL-20968: Clean up cpanelsync objects prior to global destruction in updatenow. Fixed case CPANEL-20969: Make AutoSSL forgo DCV when the certificate will not be replaced anyway. Fixed case CPANEL-20972: Fix a FTP transfer failure. Fixed case CPANEL-20980: Update dovecot to 2.2.36-2.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-20985: Update Apache/Domain TLS as appropriate on hostname certificate change. Fixed case CPANEL-20994: Ensure FTP config dir exists during account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-20995: Fix mailman-list-usage permissions. Fixed case CPANEL-20996: Ensure system Perl modules are installed properly on CentOS 6 Fixed case CPANEL-21008: Warn for invalid user outbound spam threshold. Fixed case CPANEL-21024: Make WebVhosts backend logic recognize “ipv6” the same as “mail”. Fixed case CPANEL-21027: Change the owner label to clearly reflect the disabled state. Fixed case CPANEL-21028: Restored service check before queuing of task. Fixed case CPANEL-21029: Don’t remove custom A records for proxy subdomains unless requested. Fixed case CPANEL-21030: Improvements to input range checking in WHM >> Create a New Account. Fixed case CPANEL-21036: Symlink the date time logic for i_cpanel_snowmen locale to en_us locale. Fixed case CPANEL-21037: Fix File::Copy::Recursive warning during fresh install. Fixed case CPANEL-21041: Replace hostname certificate if the new hostname is not covered. Fixed case CPANEL-21045: Fixed word wrap issues in Git Version Control. Fixed case CPANEL-21051: Fixed missing symlink for xterm in webmail. Fixed case CPANEL-21056: Email disable_spam_autodelet now behaves consistently. Fixed case CPANEL-21057: Don’t warn when saving invalid Tweak Settings if not given. Fixed case CPANEL-21058: Update cpanel-perl-526-Mail-SpamAssassin to 3.004001-7.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21061: Maintenance: ensure all status updates are printed. Fixed case CPANEL-21062: Fix DNSOnly fresh installation. Fixed case CPANEL-21068: Supply default value for ‘store’ when calling nvget and nvset. Fixed case CPANEL-21073: Avoid warning about bus connection under jailshell. Fixed case CPANEL-21076: Fix mailing list creation. Fixed case CPANEL-21079: Present “spam” folder as SPECIAL USE Junk since spam is saved here. Fixed case CPANEL-21082: Enable cPHulk brute force country managment on DNSOnly systems. Fixed case CPANEL-21083: Include database check output when check is successful. Fixed case CPANEL-21110: Avoid delay when adding cphulk blacklist/whitelist countries. Fixed case CPANEL-21111: Fix cphulk word wrap. Fixed case CPANEL-21113: Prevent warning when scanning with ClamAV. Fixed case CPANEL-21116: Fixed broken package dependency in IP Migration Wizard. Fixed case CPANEL-21117: Reduce memory overhead for account restoration. Fixed case CPANEL-21131: Ensure the locale is loaded on the WHM ModSecurity Tools Edit Rules interface. Fixed case CPANEL-21143: Avoid warning on Manage SSL Hosts when using Chinese locales Fixed case CPANEL-21148: Make messages on Manage Access IPs interface consistent. Fixed case CPANEL-21152: Distribution Net::CIDR::Lite for use with SpamAssassin. Fixed case CPANEL-21153: Bootstrap system perl with modules by yum then by cpanm. Fixed case CPANEL-21176: Prevent cpsrvd from being killed by SIGHUP/SIGUSR1 when going dormant. Fixed case CPANEL-21178: Prevent cpdavd from being killed by SIGHUP/SIGUSR1 when going dormant. Fixed case CPANEL-21180: Allow admins to disable WHM’s “Terminal” UI via a touch file. Fixed case CPANEL-21182: Ensure existing config is always passed when calculating tweak values. Fixed case CPANEL-21183: Make cPHulkd not die receiving HUP during restart. Fixed case CPANEL-21184: Fix possible infinite loop in AutoSSL exclude restore. Fixed case CPANEL-21186: Add an authentication and application verification system to SSE. Fixed case CPANEL-21191: Fix ownership when removing and re-adding a DNS zone Fixed case CPANEL-21192: Feature showcase announcing S3 Compatible Backup transport. Fixed case CPANEL-21196: Update FTP username validation to accept correct characters. Fixed case CPANEL-21200: Avoid warning when building the Dovecot configuration on a fresh install Fixed case CPANEL-21202: Optimize Version Control Delete. Fixed case CPANEL-21205: Exclude php-fpm from background process killer. Fixed case CPANEL-21210: Fix link to spam page from BoxTrapper. Fixed case CPANEL-21225: Manage screen shows all deployment tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-21227: Git: misidentified empty directory as bare repo. Fixed case CPANEL-21230: Removed feature showcase items no longer needed in 74. Fixed case CPANEL-21233: Log AutoSSL DCV failures to the problems DB on total local DCV failure. Fixed case CPANEL-21235: Record both HTTP and DNS DCV failures in AutoSSL’s problems DB. Fixed case CPANEL-21236: Format DNS DCV in AutoSSL’s logs the same way as HTTP DCV messages. Fixed case CPANEL-21241: Prevent restartsrv_dnsadmin –stop from hanging. Fixed case CPANEL-21243: Fixed Icon Size for Terminal, correcting HTML wrapping. Fixed case CPANEL-21249: Added cloudlinux.com and imunify360.com to common domains. Fixed case CPANEL-21260: Fix bug in date listing for LTS dropdown. Fixed case CPANEL-21270: Updated string escaping to prevent XSS in Backup Configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-21274: Use a hash for identify_ancestor_domains for speed. Fixed case CPANEL-21279: Update version control to respect host key checking tweak setting. Fixed case CPANEL-21280: Update domainips cache when account IP is changed. Fixed case CPANEL-21281: Remove domain registration logic from HTTP DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-21286: Cache user AutoSSL exclusions to avoid extra fetches from disk. Fixed case CPANEL-21295: Only maintain one backup copy of a corrupted BW SQLite db. Fixed case CPANEL-21302: Create feature showcase for Git version control. Fixed case CPANEL-21330: Fix Git Version Control feature showcase maketext. Fixed case CPANEL-21363: Cleanup corrupted bandwidth DBs on account delete. Fixed case CPANEL-21371: Set the meta referrer-policy header to origin in all interfaces. Fixed case CPANEL-21382: Fix country code sorting and colspan mismatch. Fixed case CPANEL-21400: Deduplicate domains in AutoSSL. Fixed case CPANEL-21442: Update cpanel-git RPM to version 2.18.0-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21445: Ensure non-fast installs work properly Fixed case CPANEL-21469: Customer using litespeed were considered as SOLO. Fixed case CPANEL-21474: Temporarily restore Cpanel::LoadFile::Tiny with deprecation notice Implemented case CPANEL-19479: Show nonzero exits in terminal more “gently” than as full-on errors. Implemented case CPANEL-19568: Add public contact details to defaultwebpage.cgi & suspendedpage.cgi. Implemented case CPANEL-19603: Add a disable option to the restorepkg script. Implemented case CPANEL-19651: Add deployment API for Version Control system. Implemented case CPANEL-19712: Improve EA4 ‘System Update’ button UX. Implemented case CPANEL-19745: Create UAPI DCV::check_domains_via_dns. Implemented case CPANEL-19846: Added Usability to List Account and Package editor to cross link. Implemented case CPANEL-19900: Additional control/granularity of SSL notification. Implemented case CPANEL-19919: JSON input support in WHMAPI1 and UAPI command-line tools. Implemented case CPANEL-19955: Install a git template provided by cpanel-git-templates RPM. Implemented case CPANEL-19966: Secure Version Control Deployment events. Implemented case CPANEL-19967: Provide local branches for cloned Version Control objects. Implemented case CPANEL-19996: Allow non-Amazon S3 endpoints in our transport. Implemented case CPANEL-20010: Warning when upgrading from MySQL to MariaDB 10.2. Implemented case CPANEL-20025: Update cpanel-perl-526-cplint to 0.110-1.cp1174. Implemented case CPANEL-20043: Expand Comodo HTTP DCV to include parent domains. Implemented case CPANEL-20101: Teach Comodo HTTP DCV preparation sanity check to try ancestor domains. Implemented case CPANEL-20103: Make package validation messaging less confusing. Implemented case CPANEL-20104: Add include points in cPanel and Webmail for analytics gathering. Implemented case CPANEL-20107: Teach AutoSSL’s local DCV to use ancestor fallback for cPStore. Implemented case CPANEL-20119: Add DNS-based DCV for cPanel Market. Implemented case CPANEL-20132: Track held emails so they can be deleted from the queue later. Implemented case CPANEL-20211: Updated the User Interface in WHM to allow setting of per domain wildcard price. Implemented case CPANEL-20220: Move Dovecot FTS Rescan into a taskqueue subqueue. Implemented case CPANEL-20226: Convert dovecot auth cache flushing to a subqueue. Implemented case CPANEL-20252: Use a subqueue for ftpupdate tasks. Implemented case CPANEL-20293: Add hold to the email_outbound_spam_detect_action. Implemented case CPANEL-20299: Added ability to deploy in Git Version Control. Implemented case CPANEL-20321: Rename GenericS3 transport to S3Compatible. Implemented case CPANEL-20370: Update File and Directory restoration with standard alerts. Implemented case CPANEL-20404: Extend the VersionControlDeployment API. Implemented case CPANEL-20439: Update cpanel-node-packages to release 2.7-1.cp1164. Implemented case CPANEL-20441: Adding new cf files for Spamassassin to improve performance. Implemented case CPANEL-20483: Show country ip address in the cphulk reports. Implemented case CPANEL-20523: Phrasing for AutoSSL Notifications in cPanel. Implemented case CPANEL-20550: Build changes to support plugin development for Wordpress. Implemented case CPANEL-20593: Remove legacy bin/migratessl. Implemented case CPANEL-20608: Updated mb2md conversion script to better handle “From ” lines in mboxes. Implemented case CPANEL-20619: Usability updates for Version Control. Implemented case CPANEL-20620: Add links to API docs for transfers on transfer pages. Implemented case CPANEL-20682: Provide user feedback when cloning repos from remote. Implemented case CPANEL-20694: Ability to set auto-detect threshold for users. Implemented case CPANEL-20706: Vastly improve the speed of restoring mailrouting for many domains. Implemented case CPANEL-20713: Add scripts/find_pids_with_inotify_watch_on_path. Implemented case CPANEL-20724: Teach AutoSSL’s cPanel provider to use DNS DCV as a backup for HTTP. Implemented case CPANEL-20727: Adds UI to WHM Backup Configuration page to support S3 compatible destinations. Implemented case CPANEL-20854: API to get count and remove held messages by users. Implemented case CPANEL-20919: DCV Check will now be skipped if a domain is not registered. Implemented case CPANEL-20931: Share a dns cache between HTTP, Local, and DNS DCV. Implemented case CPANEL-20952: Add feature showcase for spammer automatic actions. Implemented case CPANEL-20961: Add count and delete of held message to UI. Implemented case CPANEL-20962: Update restricted restore with new cpuser option. Implemented case CPANEL-20970: Log timestamps when doing account restores. Implemented case CPANEL-21010: Avoid looking up addon in main userdata when not needed. Implemented case CPANEL-21012: Make AutoSSL .txt logs put the timestamp at the start of line. Implemented case CPANEL-21013: Add feature showcase for AutoSSL notifications. Implemented case CPANEL-21015: Remove old AutoSSL notifications improvements feature showcase entry. Implemented case CPANEL-21016: Add feature showcase for DNS DCV/ancestor DCV. Implemented case CPANEL-21022: Ensure spam box is available by default. Implemented case CPANEL-21157: Fix timeout for validation of transports. Implemented case CPANEL-21373: Update Feature Showcase DNS DCV to be more accurate.