76 Change Log

76.0.22 2019-06-06

[security] Fixed case CPANEL-27764: Update exim to 4.91-4.cp1170. Fixes CVE-2019-10149. 76.0.21 2019-03-18

[security] Fixed case SEC-477: Unsafe file operations as root in SSL certificate storage. [security] Fixed case SEC-479: Local root via userdata cache misparsing. [security] Fixed case SEC-480: Code execution via addforward API1 call. [security] Fixed case SEC-481: Unsafe terminal capabilities determination using infocmp. [security] Fixed case SEC-483: Open mail relay due to faulty domain redirect routing. [security] Fixed case SEC-484: Limited file read as root via EXIM virtual_user_spam router. [security] Fixed case SEC-487: Demo account code execution via securitypolicy.cgi [security] Fixed case SEC-493: Remote Stored XSS Vulnerability in BoxTrapper Queue Listing 76.0.20 2019-02-06

Fixed case CPANEL-24394: Added the first non-loopback ethernet device as the default ethernet device used by cPanel during the post installation setup. Fixed case CPANEL-25209: IPv6 Support for DCV. 76.0.18 2019-01-21

[security] Fixed case SEC-415: Internal data disclosed to OpenID providers. [security] Fixed case SEC-460: Demo accounts allowed to link with OpenID providers. [security] Fixed case SEC-466: Arbitrary file read via Passenger adminbin. [security] Fixed case SEC-472: Maketext format string injection in Email “store_filter” UAPI. [security] Fixed case SEC-473: Demo account limited arbitrary file write via DCV UAPI calls. [security] Fixed case SEC-474: Maketext format string injection in DCV “check_domains_via_dns” UAPI. [security] Fixed case SEC-476: Limited file write as shared users during connection resets. [security] Fixed case SEC-478: Userdata cache temporary file can conflict with domains. 76.0.17 2019-01-09

Fixed case CPANEL-23980: Accommodate AutoSSL certificates from cPanel L.L.C. CA. Fixed case CPANEL-24716: Avoid replacing third party hostname certs until expiration is imminent. Fixed case CPANEL-24858: Fix phrasing for when an hostname certificate will expire soon. 76.0.15 2018-12-20

Fixed case CPANEL-24355: Fix auto-disable of DNS cluster peers after threshold is met. Fixed case CPANEL-24359: Ensure service authentication via dovecot is always available. Fixed case CPANEL-24511: Fix bug in modifyacct where main domains without SSL vhosts failed to convert to the new domain. 76.0.14 2018-12-13

Fixed case CPANEL-23563: Star Rating directive now shows the correct number of stars. Fixed case CPANEL-23867: Fix warnings in account creation when reseller is resource-limited. Fixed case CPANEL-23908: Prevent pkgacct error when the source and target directory are empty. Fixed case CPANEL-24223: Restore Cpanel::PublicSuffix caching. Fixed case CPANEL-24361: Fix cPanel password resets. 76.0.13 2018-12-10

Fixed case CPANEL-21251: Set sqlite busy timeout to accommodate systems with high contention. Fixed case CPANEL-22957: Correctly parse the patch-type from kcarectl. Fixed case CPANEL-23576: Remove string about BoxTrapper automatically whitelisting addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-23810: Don’t process autodiscover_mail_service when proxysubdomains is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-23879: Fix bug in modifyacct when changing domain name where the old vhost was left around in apache’s configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-23946: Prevent a single user’s missing homedir from stopping log processing. Fixed case CPANEL-24087: Remove legacy accommodation intended to prevent httpupdate overload. Fixed case CPANEL-24113: Update conserve_memory tweaksetting to use new dovecot restart method. Fixed case CPANEL-24167: Prevent bandwidth cache failure during restore with high contention. Fixed case CPANEL-24198: Don’t process system disk usage thresholds when warnings are disabled in Tweak Settings. Fixed case CPANEL-24206: Ensure the DNS and DOMAIN env variables are set for cgi execution. Fixed case CPANEL-24213: Workaround unreadable /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_nonlocal_bind on CloudLinux. 76.0.12 2018-12-05

Fixed case CPANEL-23496: Fix intermittent failures when transferring an account to, or restoring an account on, a system where the account’s PHP version is not present. Fixed case CPANEL-24004: Correctly handle partial DNS DCV record install failure. Fixed case CPANEL-24009: Update cpanel-pdns to 4.1.5-2.cp1174. Fixed case CPANEL-24028: Improved handling of tweak setting values that should not be updated due to dependency issues. Fixed case CPANEL-24055: Supply a removed variables list for MySQL 5.7 upgrades. Fixed case CPANEL-24057: Resolve unsafe setting of non-blocking during Apache restart. Fixed case CPANEL-24078: Make ea3 migration needs-experimental message stand out and prompt. 76.0.11 2018-11-29

Fixed case CPANEL-23398: Improve error reporting when the license is invalid. Fixed case CPANEL-23497: Fix PHP version for restricted transfers when version not present. Fixed case CPANEL-23735: New MySQL databases created in cPanel will now appear in phpmyadmin. Fixed case CPANEL-23887: Update cpanel-php72-turba to 4.2.22-5.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-23903: Add backwards compatibility for exim-altport service names in chkservd. Fixed case CPANEL-23906: Make FTP UIs depend on service instead of role. Fixed case CPANEL-23931: Terminal: Make cpsrvd adopt PAM’s process limits at a mininum as root. Fixed case CPANEL-23941: Handle net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind setting with MySQL. Fixed case CPANEL-24001: Fix infinite loop when reading MySQL version. Fixed case CPANEL-24006: Fix spurious error on removal of an account with no webvhosts config. Fixed case CPANEL-24012: Ensure legacy whostmgr2 –updatetweaksettings loads all values. Fixed case CPANEL-24022: Ensure email delivery works when the cPanel license is invalid. Fixed case CPANEL-24056: Fix logic of parent-zone check when removing a subdomain. Fixed case CPANEL-24068: Fix reinstall option for migrate_ea3_to_ea4 on CloudLinux. Fixed case CPANEL-24090: Fix “www.” auto-included domain in SSL purchases. Fixed case CPANEL-24101: Ensure WHM Classic landing page show Email icon. Implemented case CPANEL-24027: Make Domains UI feature-aware. 76.0.10 2018-11-29

[security] Fixed case CPANEL-23762: Update cpanel-perl-526 to 5.26.0-17.cp1170 for CVE-2018-18311, CVE-2018-12015, CVE-2018-18312, CVE-2018-18313, and CVE-2018-18314. 76.0.9 2018-11-21

Fixed case CPANEL-23279: Allow the addition of non-www -> www wildcard redirects. Fixed case CPANEL-23744: Warn when dovecot config cannot be updated Fixed case CPANEL-23787: Update PowerDNS to 4.1.5. Fixed case CPANEL-23788: Add a toggle to allow users to switch between the new “Default” view and the old (sea of icons) “Classic” view.

Fixed case CPANEL-23801: Fix deprecated /e invocations of preg_match in Squirrelmail. Fixed case CPANEL-23828: Ensure Total DCV failure exception is readable in AutoSSL. Fixed case CPANEL-23831: bin/postgrescheck fails with colons in pgpass. Fixed case CPANEL-23855: Make AutoSSL show HTTP DCV OK messages for non-ancestor-DCV providers (e.g., Let’s Encrypt). Fixed case CPANEL-23861: Select the correct value when loading settings with undefined values in Global Apache settings. Fixed case CPANEL-23865: Ensure non-www to www. redirects are properly configured over Fixed case CPANEL-23868: Update cP AutoSSL pending queue on subdomain deletion. Fixed case CPANEL-23873: Allow termination of accounts with a missing or corrupt DB map. Fixed case CPANEL-23874: Ensure /etc/userips is updated when changing the IP address for an account. Fixed case CPANEL-23890: Prevent DNS DCV from aborting if a single record fails to install. Fixed case CPANEL-23907: Prevent upgrades from EA3 to EA4 from writing an empty yum.conf file when the /scripts/checkyumdisable is present. Fixed case CPANEL-23927: Prevent Manage SSL Vhosts from failing with missing nobody userdata. Fixed case CPANEL-23937: Gracefully handle exceptions that occur when accessing .htaccess files. Fixed case CPANEL-23939: Retry termination of apps bound to ports when starting services. Fixed case CPANEL-23950: Only attempt to process argument values that are defined with the API tooling. Fixed case CPANEL-23961: Don’t process values for mailbox check thresholds when skipboxcheck is enabled. 76.0.8 2018-11-19

[security] Fixed case SEC-366: PostgreSQL password changes performed in an insecure manner. [security] Fixed case SEC-452: Unauthenticated remote code execution via mailing list attachments. [security] Fixed case SEC-454: Virtual FTP accounts remain after their domain is removed. [security] Fixed case SEC-459: Self-XSS Vulnerability in WHM Additional Backup Destination. [security] Fixed case SEC-461: Stored XSS in WHM ‘Reset a DNS Zone’. [security] Fixed case SEC-462: Open redirect when resetting connections. [security] Fixed case SEC-464: Stored XSS in WHM MultiPHP Manager interface. [security] Fixed case SEC-465: Arbitrary code execution as root via dnssec adminbin. [security] Fixed case SEC-467: Do not enable debug logging in WebDAV transport. 76.0.7 2018-11-13

Fixed case CPANEL-23613: Ensure license file is updated when a purchase is made. Fixed case CPANEL-23694: Ensure Horde setup functions when called from the setup module. Fixed case CPANEL-23749: Suppress certificate purchase controls in TLS Status when the “tls_wizard” feature is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-23805: Display “/” rather than an empty string when confirming redirect from the docroot of a domain. Fixed case CPANEL-23808: Make buildeximconf call perlpkg with cPanel perl. Fixed case CPANEL-23812: Adjust time of mysqluserstore cron to avoid conflicts with update_db_cache. Fixed case CPANEL-23815: Make AutoSSL set CAA records prior to external DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-23818: Trap all errors from auto-setting CAA records. Fixed case CPANEL-23840: Ensure the base SSL context is used for the hostname. Fixed case CPANEL-23845: Make cpsrvd listen on HTTP ports only if WebServer role is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-23850: Accommodate duplicate keys in my.cnf when updating. Fixed case CPANEL-23854: Remove forceful FQDN check from Simple Setup. 76.0.6 2018-11-08

Fixed case CPANEL-22063: Implement hot restarts for tailwatchd. Fixed case CPANEL-22603: Ensure http -> https redirects added via cPanel work. Fixed case CPANEL-23329: Git version control will run deployment inside cagefs. Fixed case CPANEL-23544: Avoid warnings when handling undefined/unlimited values while fetching packages available for account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-23647: Ensure transferred domains hosted elsewhere do not get the ip changed. Fixed case CPANEL-23648: Use service subdomain urls when enabled in notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-23661: Fix bug in scripts2/settz where FPM configs are not rebuilt. Fixed case CPANEL-23678: Migrate MySQL account suspensions from 5.6 to 5.7 before unsuspend. Fixed case CPANEL-23759: Make switching on/off dormant mode do a hard restart. Fixed case CPANEL-23770: Allow creation of virtfs mounts for accounts using jailshell even when the jailapache tweak setting is set to “off”. Fixed case CPANEL-23786: Ensure CAA updates go into the correct zone file. Fixed case CPANEL-23796: Only fetch SSL hosts when the sslinstall feature is enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-23803: Fix cPStore HTTP DCV for subdomains of unowned domains. Fixed case CPANEL-23804: Ensure autoresponders are created/modified correctly. Implemented case CPANEL-23795: Transfer system: Fallback to ssh for cpmove file cleanup when API fails. 76.0.5 2018-11-06

Fixed case CPANEL-22596: Fallback to lookup_mail_user if mailbox_format.cpanel file missing. Fixed case CPANEL-23314: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.3-2.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-23687: Ensure python pickle sanitization preserves integer keys. Fixed case CPANEL-23689: Fix subitems in dynamicui.conf not rendering the correct title or breadcrumb information. Fixed case CPANEL-23733: Add workaround for dovecot double counting of INBOX.INBOX Fixed case CPANEL-23734: Update example MYIP URL in scripts/build_cpnat –man 76.0.4 2018-11-06

Fixed case CPANEL-21276: Git version control no longer removes files from repository. Fixed case CPANEL-23675: Fix jailshell to see /etc/cpanel/ea4/is_ea4 Fixed case CPANEL-23748: Ensure dnsadmin children terminate cleanly. 76.0.3 2018-11-02

Fixed case CPANEL-23192: Install compat-MySQL51-shared with MySQL. Fixed case CPANEL-23673: Improve retry logic when dnsadmin needs to be restarted. Fixed case CPANEL-23685: Fix “serveralias” lines in web vhost config files. 76.0.2 2018-11-01

Fixed case CPANEL-23373: Display document root path in the cPanel Domains interface. Fixed case CPANEL-23469: Make full backup downloads match acceptable naming scheme. Fixed case CPANEL-23517: Enforce PAM’s limits in cPanel Terminal. Fixed case CPANEL-23528: Make /scripts/check_users_my_cnf output failure from MySQL client. Fixed case CPANEL-23531: Eliminate redundant and unnecessary error messages displayed by the PECL installer. Fixed case CPANEL-23532: Set cPanel PHP Applications to use the server timezone. Fixed case CPANEL-23549: Fix superfluous DAV port determination logic (and Horde restores). Fixed case CPANEL-23589: Invalidate local dovecot configs containing references to the deprecated dovecot-wrap binary. Fixed case CPANEL-23603: Avoid DNS DCV when all HTTP failing domains are uncontrolled. Fixed case CPANEL-23605: Fix faulty HTTP/DNS DCV handling in TLS Wizard. Fixed case CPANEL-23610: Avoid race condition when calling rndc reconfig. Fixed case CPANEL-23622: Fix EA4 migration to reflect ea-tomcat85 is in main repo. Fixed case CPANEL-23623: The script to migrate EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 will now fail with a warning on 32-bit systems. Fixed case CPANEL-23652: An error no longer occurs on creation of a new subdomain. Implemented case CPANEL-23582: Avoid superfluous warnings about duplicate domains in userdata files. Implemented case CPANEL-23584: Make WHM Greylisting UI show correct defaults. Implemented case CPANEL-23621: Make cpsrvd serve TLS correctly for service subdomains via service ports. Implemented case CPANEL-23642: Make cPanel AutoSSL provider accept junk subdomains in vhost config files. 76.0.1 2018-10-25

Fixed case CPANEL-22645: Fix memory limits for shells spawned within cPanel. Fixed case CPANEL-22818: Workaround mysqldump crash with a large number of roundcube user_ids. Fixed case CPANEL-23384: Adjust greylist default defer time to 5 minutes. Fixed case CPANEL-23400: Include mod_fcgid in migration from ea3 to ea4. Fixed case CPANEL-23407: Update cpanel-perl-526-IO-SigGuard to 0.12-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-23409: Ensure ErrorDocument is honored when using PHP-FPM. Fixed case CPANEL-23429: Prevent iContact and roots emails from being outgoing spam scanned. Fixed case CPANEL-23457: Ensure openid apis normalize the service name. Fixed case CPANEL-23461: Add a single newline to the end of autoresponder body. Fixed case CPANEL-23468: Add owner to DB map during account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-23492: Correctly report errors that occur when disabling cphulkd. Fixed case CPANEL-23525: Make cpses_tool aware of mysql being disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-23526: Ensure listing ssl vhosts includes auto domains. Fixed case CPANEL-23540: Ensure .xml files can be run though the cpanel engine. Fixed case CPANEL-23552: Fix domain name changes when RoundCube uses MySQL. Fixed case CPANEL-23555: Prevent inadvertent root crontab line removals. Fixed case CPANEL-23558: Indent DCV entries an extra level in AutoSSL logs. Fixed case CPANEL-23559: Resolve error changing account password with passwordforce file. Fixed case CPANEL-23585: Allow /scripts/restartsrv_cpipv6 to restart cpipv6. 76.0.0 2018-10-16

Fixed case CPANEL-17007: The File Manager’s default directory will be updated when an account is rearranged onto another volume. Fixed case CPANEL-22391: DNS DCV should log and skip unowned domains not throw an exception. Fixed case CPANEL-22560: Ensure service subdomains do not end up in userdata on distill. Fixed case CPANEL-22787: Ensure piped logging is properly enabled on EA3 systems. Fixed case CPANEL-23011: DNS zone editor allows CIDR notation as label. Fixed case CPANEL-23171: Fix Mailman URLs upon disabling or enabling the service. Fixed case CPANEL-23176: Improvements to the domains interface. Fixed case CPANEL-23188: Update PowerDNS to version 4.1.4. Fixed case CPANEL-23220: Resolve slowdown when check for remote MySQL. Fixed case CPANEL-23289: Update cpanel-php-composer to version 1.7.2. Fixed case CPANEL-23312: Update cpanel-git to version 2.19.1. Fixed case CPANEL-23334: Update ClamAV to version 0.100.2. Fixed case CPANEL-23352: Make sure that PostgreSQL UIs are present in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-23357: Updated messaging on AutoSSL to better describe the ratings. Fixed case CPANEL-23366: Update phpMyAdmin to version 4.8.3. Fixed case CPANEL-23396: Ensure Cpanel::Net::Accept returns the same object type. Fixed case CPANEL-23416: Only set MySQL and PostgreSQL passwords if service is provided. Fixed case CPANEL-23420: Display correct path in cPanel Domain addition alert. Fixed case CPANEL-23434: Prevent queueprocd from stalling when there are deferred tasks. Implemented case CPANEL-23463: The AutoSSL usability column is now excluded from the summary. 75.9999.218 2018-10-09

Fixed case CPANEL-20684: Overwrite empty cPanel AutoSSL provider cron.d files. Fixed case CPANEL-20752: Remove duplicate addon domains displayed in the MultiPHP Manager when clicking edit for “System PHP Version”. Fixed case CPANEL-21689: Redirect invalid upgrade_type requests back to upgrade selection UI. Fixed case CPANEL-22216: Fix wording in Try Again dialogues when managing unreadable local-only repositories in Git Version Control. Fixed case CPANEL-22526: Ensure phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin open in named tabs. Fixed case CPANEL-22649: Restore post restore statusmsg for cpconftool whmconf module. Fixed case CPANEL-22761: Ensure FTP accounts on subdomains are updated when the main domain name changes. Fixed case CPANEL-22762: Document roots are now properly updating for new domains. Fixed case CPANEL-22795: Subdomains now being created on the right root domain. Fixed case CPANEL-22803: Updated subdomain validation. Fixed case CPANEL-22804: Now clearing alerts on view change in Domains UI. Fixed case CPANEL-22817: Have Firewall Service pull in Port Authority configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-22871: Update cpanel-pdns to 4.1.3-3.cp1174. Fixed case CPANEL-22901: WHM Restore Modules Summary: Fall back to parent breadcrumb. Fixed case CPANEL-22904: Docroot directive now escapes the document root in the link. Fixed case CPANEL-22931: Suppress warnings encountered when getting max # of colors used by scripts printing to terminals. Fixed case CPANEL-22940: Hide Convert to Addon Domain when the WebServer role is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-22942: Change the way the cjt2 pagination template is loaded to reduce the number of additional requests since it will now be bundled into the cjt2.*.cmb.min.js files. Fixed case CPANEL-22959: Fix the Try Again button when using HTTP-based clone URLs in the Manage screen of Version Control. Fixed case CPANEL-22964: Split Mail Role into send, receive, and local. Fixed case CPANEL-22989: Synchronize crontab logic after service enable/disable. Fixed case CPANEL-23060: Ensure the retro style layout looks correct in debug mode. Fixed case CPANEL-23096: cPHulk: Ensure invalid configuration values are marked upon load. Fixed case CPANEL-23098: Change migrate_ea3_to_ea4 to quickly bail on CloudLinux when EA4 is already installed and a revert is not intended. Fixed case CPANEL-23129: Clean up the first view for Initial Setup. Fixed case CPANEL-23131: Fix failure in bin/update_roundcube_db when no schema updates are needed. Fixed case CPANEL-23142: Restore default permissions of multiple config files to be 0644 instead of 0600. Fixed case CPANEL-23142: Adjust permission of /var/cpanel/sysinfo.config to be 0644. Fixed case CPANEL-23149: Fix Horde Free/Busy check in cpdavd for the main account. Fixed case CPANEL-23154: In the global Apache configuration do not allow both FollowSymLinks and SymLinksIfOwnerMatch to be disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-23159: Improve validation of getdomainowner(). Fixed case CPANEL-23160: Fix the deployment time in Git Version Control. Fixed case CPANEL-23177: Fix “Graceful Server Reboot” UI in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-23191: Fix overlay in Password Strength Configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-23206: WHM Setup: Fix intro section overlap. Fixed case CPANEL-23212: Update cpanel-perl-526-Mail-SpamAssassin to 3.004002-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-23223: Add port authority and user service manager support to account changes. Fixed case CPANEL-23229: Mailman creation must not exception when include disk usage disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-23254: Reduce AutoSSL post expire notification period to 3 days. Fixed case CPANEL-23269: Fix bug in Apache Tweak Setting ‘root_options’ verify function which caused spurious install failures. Fixed case CPANEL-23283: Fix Apache global configuration root options on initial install. Fixed case CPANEL-23284: Additional package step is shown only when they are available. Implemented case CPANEL-23058: Consider the mysql/mysqld service as disabled if set to remote profile. Implemented case CPANEL-23062: Forgo Roundcube restoration via MySQL if there is no MySQL server. Implemented case CPANEL-23064: Document Root field no longer displays when there’s no webserver. Implemented case CPANEL-23073: Preview Links in the Domain list are now SSL aware. Implemented case CPANEL-23081: Redirect old graceful reboot UI to new landing page. Implemented case CPANEL-23182: A new warning will be presented when modifying the document root. Implemented case CPANEL-23183: Add X-Forwarded-For header to cpsrvd to cpdavd proxy. Implemented case CPANEL-23202: A New Feature Showcase now Appears for AutoSSL Ratings. Implemented case CPANEL-23219: Save MySQL/PostgreSQL restore files when DBs are disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-23271: Improve phrasing on the Server Profile Review Changes view. 75.9999.199 2018-09-20

Fixed case CPANEL-315: Cpconftool makes backups with world-readable permissions. Fixed case CPANEL-7082: Modify an Account: Allow clearing contact email. Fixed case CPANEL-8677: Clean up duplicate named.conf zone entries in scripts/cleandns. Fixed case CPANEL-8819: Add inline functionality to the table in MultiPHP Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-9930: Expire mounts cache when /etc/fstab changes. Fixed case CPANEL-10587: Prohibit global email filters with recipients that cause recursive delivery. Fixed case CPANEL-11494: Update IPv6 range file with account name changes. Fixed case CPANEL-13225: Fix handling of EOL email when TIERS file can’t be downloaded. Fixed case CPANEL-13602: Implemented proper archive rotation of user modsec2 logs in $HOME/logs/. Fixed case CPANEL-13831: Prohibit progression in the backup wizard when users are over quota. Fixed case CPANEL-13831: Disable backup upload/restore in cPanel when the user is over quota. Fixed case CPANEL-13856: The input boxes in Zone Editor will acoomodate narrower screens now. Fixed case CPANEL-14325: Fix Webmail header issue of pushing the right menu to the second row. Fixed case CPANEL-15094: Create temporary symlinks in a user’s home directory for Apache domlogs while cpanellogd is processing them. Fixed case CPANEL-15407: WHM: Avoid making load average requests when the browser tab is not visible. Fixed case CPANEL-15490: Show disk usage properly after conversion to mdbox. Fixed case CPANEL-15706: Fixed issue with support popup in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-16349: Ensure timeouts are respected by rsync backup transporters. Fixed case CPANEL-16377: Allow server administrators to control what files are cleaned by scripts/clean_user_php_sessions. Fixed case CPANEL-16719: Don’t list info_log as an autoresponder. Fixed case CPANEL-17148: Added a loading indicator to File and Directory Restore when a user is selected. Fixed case CPANEL-17306: initquotas: Allow journaled quotas on Virtuozzo. Fixed case CPANEL-17306: initquotas: Remove kernel check. Fixed case CPANEL-17941: Report more verbose errors during rsync prune failures. Fixed case CPANEL-18335: Keep the 18px right border so it’s the right amount to keep the header and body aligned. Fixed case CPANEL-18569: Correctly report status when spamd is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-18622: Refactor js to correctly position and style the modal of validation message of WHM Edit DNS page, also indicate if an invalid DNS value is empty. Fixed case CPANEL-18671: Fix wrong link issue when searching from the cPanel’s app search box. Fixed case CPANEL-18726: RedirectMatch directives are now displayed properly and can be deleted from the Redirects interface. Fixed case CPANEL-18987: Provide a link to rebuild RPM database in WHM when it’s corrupted. Fixed case CPANEL-19197: Raise limit of largest Mailman mailing list data store. Fixed case CPANEL-19527: File Manager will warn user about uploading a folder via Drag and Drop. Fixed case CPANEL-19560: Ensure cancelled email messages are recorded in reports. Fixed case CPANEL-19644: Display expand/collapse button in WHM according to hide_navigation flag in the template file. Fixed case CPANEL-19898: Manage MySQL Profiles: Hide the ssh option when adding a localhost profile. Fixed case CPANEL-19949: Make filesys info and diskcheck aware of symlinked homedirs. Fixed case CPANEL-20149: Modify Account: Ensure Apache creates a new certificate if necessary. Fixed case CPANEL-20239: Fixed false reboot suggestion when KernelCare is running. Fixed case CPANEL-20254: Ensure new resellers can use the WHM PHP class header. Fixed case CPANEL-20346: Email Routing: Make autodetect setting honor MX entries. Fixed case CPANEL-20425: Restore unofficial technique for signing mail from hostname with DKIM. Fixed case CPANEL-20426: Module Installers: Properly format the error message when pear is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-20426: WHM Module Installers: Improve rendering of error message. Fixed case CPANEL-20660: Add iNotify to transport errors with enhanced logging. Fixed case CPANEL-20671: Exclude PHP session directory from system backups. Fixed case CPANEL-20700: Remove MySQL 5.7 limits file on upgrade to MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-20743: Add a srs_placeholder_pre block to the exim config template. Fixed case CPANEL-20753: Update DNS Zone Selection screen to support a large amount of zones. Fixed case CPANEL-20757: WHM: Avoid link to absent Process Manager feature. Fixed case CPANEL-20766: Support Tomcat migration from EA3 to EA4. Fixed case CPANEL-20937: Correctly clean up domain’s DKIM and SPF records & key files. Fixed case CPANEL-20944: Handle parentheses in zone file TXT records. Fixed case CPANEL-20945: No longer show the WHM update blocker banner during delayed updates. Fixed case CPANEL-20955: Improve SFTP form validation in Backup Configuration. Fixed case CPANEL-20978: Ensure percentage is set correctly when restoring accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-20997: Update geoipfree-data for 76. Fixed case CPANEL-20998: Allow adding shared IPv6 address in reserved subrange. Fixed case CPANEL-21005: Packman: Populate yum cache as needed (avoid requiring ‘yum makecache’). Fixed case CPANEL-21007: Ensure restorepkg uses a reasonable default for disabled modules. Fixed case CPANEL-21039: Fix typo displayed when resetting DNS zone. Fixed case CPANEL-21043: Add clamav binary check to dynamicui.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-21046: Correct change-contact bug in WHM > List Accounts when account is over quota. Fixed case CPANEL-21048: Changed user manager contact email validation rules. Fixed case CPANEL-21049: Quotacheck: Restructure user data to live in one variable. Fixed case CPANEL-21052: Disable SpamAssassin during xfer when spamd is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-21054: Remove allow_weak_checksums from upcp. Fixed case CPANEL-21054: Remove allow_weak_checksums tweak setting. Fixed case CPANEL-21054: Remove MD5 as valid checksum for GPG verification. Fixed case CPANEL-21059: Disable multiple RPM targets on fresh install for DNSOnly. Fixed case CPANEL-21065: Allow deletion of addon domains with repetition of the main domain. Fixed case CPANEL-21071: Update WHMAPI1 backup_set_list, backup_user_list and backup_date list to return a list of backups available on transport destinations when KEEPLOCAL=0 in the backup configuration. Also add a new WHMAPI1 call, backup_list_transported which will list transported backups regardless of the value of KEEPLOCAL. Fixed case CPANEL-21071: Record history of backup transports so that users are able to discern what backups are available when KEEPLOCAL=0. Fixed case CPANEL-21071: Display the backups available on transport destinations in the “restore a full backup” WHM page when KEEPLOCAL=0 in the backup configuration. Also disable restoring backups in that configuration, as that is currently unimplemented. Fixed case CPANEL-21097: Reset Resellers: Show interface only when resellers exist. Fixed case CPANEL-21103: When corrupt metadata is found, fix only the corrupted files. Fixed case CPANEL-21139: Ensure long comments wrap properly on WHM Greylist interface. Fixed case CPANEL-21219: Make TIERS.json cache time 3 minutes. Fixed case CPANEL-21226: Stop converting Roundcube database on updates. Fixed case CPANEL-21237: Do not update default and suspend pages for EA4 on version change. Fixed case CPANEL-21247: Prevent xfertool from running during restore that is not a transfer. Fixed case CPANEL-21248: Avoid backing up authn links where there are none. Fixed case CPANEL-21250: Update cPanel-TaskQueue RPM to release 0.850-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21262: Added ‘create account’ to dynamicui.conf. Fixed case CPANEL-21284: Fixed color contrast issues in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-21287: Include order item id when certificate orders are still pending. Fixed case CPANEL-21297: Updated Feature Showcase Responsive Styles to work on mobile devices. Fixed case CPANEL-21312: Prevent cpgreylistd from being killed by SIGHUP when restarting. Fixed case CPANEL-21314: Ensure update banner is shown first. Fixed case CPANEL-21322: Avoid showing an AJAX error when Firefox’s page reload interrupts it. Fixed case CPANEL-21327: No longer re-process log entires after multiple tailwatchd restarts. Fixed case CPANEL-21343: Make Homedir restore distinguish “no homedir files” from failure. Fixed case CPANEL-21348: WHM user selector: Stop account-info spinner if the API call fails. Fixed case CPANEL-21359: Ensure IPv6 addresses are bound on boot on CentOS 6. Fixed case CPANEL-21365: Reduce AutoSSL retry wait time to 4 days. Fixed case CPANEL-21366: Update Application Manager text to be consistent with API calls. Fixed case CPANEL-21375: Fix incorrect outgoing mail suspension status for addon and sub-domains. Fixed case CPANEL-21384: Don’t send signals to ProFTPd when it’s not in use. Fixed case CPANEL-21387: Added help text for logchmod teak setting. Fixed case CPANEL-21403: Retain PHP-FPM configs when the main domain name is changed. Fixed case CPANEL-21407: Invalidate onetime auth token older than one hour. Fixed case CPANEL-21407: Purge onetime auth token files. Fixed case CPANEL-21414: Don’t display FTP accounts for deleted domains. Fixed case CPANEL-21422: MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade: Fix fatal error in UI. Fixed case CPANEL-21430: Indicate that only mount points are considered for HOMEMATCH. Fixed case CPANEL-21437: Ensure multiple queueprocd processes are not started. Fixed case CPANEL-21438: Fix redirect to SSL on non-standard port. Fixed case CPANEL-21440: Copy a Locale: Remove use of /scripts/. Fixed case CPANEL-21449: Add CAA records in DNS for Comodo AutoSSL. Fixed case CPANEL-21452: Update cpanel-perl-526-Crypt-Passwd-XS to 0.601-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21456: Avoid errors and delays when removing domain forwarder. Fixed case CPANEL-21465: Deprecate installruby. Fixed case CPANEL-21488: Update proftpd to 1.3.6-3.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21490: updatesupportauthorizations: Don’t create missing .ssh directories. Fixed case CPANEL-21494: Don’t perform MySQL connection check when MySQL is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-21497: Modernize Cpanel::LogMeIn to use the JSON login system. Fixed case CPANEL-21512: Honor /etc/ftpusers for pure-ftpd. Fixed case CPANEL-21519: Show the Manage button in Git Version Control when viewed at low screen widths. Fixed case CPANEL-21522: Better indicate where user’s local Perl modules are installed. Fixed case CPANEL-21528: Fixed off by one error in email account list pagination. Fixed case CPANEL-21533: userdata_update: Preserve ipv6 subdomains Fixed case CPANEL-21537: Update cpanel-pdns to 4.1.3-2.cp1174. Fixed case CPANEL-21561: chkservd: Avoid spurious failure due to race condition. Fixed case CPANEL-21568: Terminate WebSocket and SSE processes on logout. Fixed case CPANEL-21581: Significantly improve UI performance when many IPs are bound Fixed case CPANEL-21586: Improve WHM Backup Configuration user interface Fixed case CPANEL-21592: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.7.7-4.cp1166. Fixed case CPANEL-21595: Ensure “Transfer System Backups to Destination” can be toggled. Fixed case CPANEL-21599: Allow Terminal UI to use shells that are not in /etc/shells. Fixed case CPANEL-21600: Fix DKIM files permission check. Fixed case CPANEL-21601: Allow installing PowerDNS on fresh installs. Fixed case CPANEL-21604: Tweak Settings: Suppress spurious rejections for dependent settings. Fixed case CPANEL-21616: Exim: Retry more frequently if we are a secondary MX. Fixed case CPANEL-21618: WHM: Emit Content-Security-Policy headers when requested. Fixed case CPANEL-21618: Add Content-Security-Policy protection to Shell Fork Bomb Protection. Fixed case CPANEL-21618: Implement foundational Content-Security-Policy nonce support. Fixed case CPANEL-21618: Add Content-Security-Policy to various locale-related pages. Fixed case CPANEL-21618: Add tweak setting to control Content-Security-Policy. Fixed case CPANEL-21618: Implement basic template support for Content-Security-Policy nonces. Fixed case CPANEL-21620: Add ‘chksrvd’ search keyword to WHM menu. Fixed case CPANEL-21626: cPHulk’s dbprocessor is more resilient to crashes. Fixed case CPANEL-21641: Remove the apache admin binary’s GETDOMAINIP function. Fixed case CPANEL-21643: Don’t warn about missing license_status template. Fixed case CPANEL-21650: Don’t run postgrescheck when postgres is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-21653: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.27-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21691: Update cpanel-php72 to 7.2.7-6.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-21702: Patch Net::Whois::IANA to fix “Bad starting address” issues. Fixed case CPANEL-21707: Fixed false reboot suggestion when KernelCare is running. Fixed case CPANEL-21710: Resolve error loading PerlIO scalar module in WHMAPI. Fixed case CPANEL-21715: EasyApache3 EOL deprecation message on WHM homepage. Fixed case CPANEL-21716: In EA4 environment, the old page with open_basedir tweak options is removed. It can now be done through MultiPHP INI Editor. Fixed case CPANEL-21722: WHM: Reduce form movement after expanding row on List Accounts interface. Fixed case CPANEL-21723: Allow syncing empty contact email to cpuser file. Fixed case CPANEL-21723: Allow setting contact email for users without quota. Fixed case CPANEL-21725: Update cpanel-pam-cpses RPM to release version 72.0-2.cp1172. Fixed case CPANEL-21726: Avoid incorrect wildcard lookup for localhost in TLS cache. Fixed case CPANEL-21740: API functions to manage ssh keys in known_hosts. Fixed case CPANEL-21742: Ensure the MyDNS MySQL password satisfies the validate_password policy requirements on DNSOnly systems. Fixed case CPANEL-21749: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.100.1-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21760: Ensure Exim aliases work with localhost. Fixed case CPANEL-21776: Obscure password entry field when importing SSH key. Fixed case CPANEL-21783: No longer re-process log entires after multiple tailwatchd restarts. Fixed case CPANEL-21792: Update cpanel-pam-hulk to 72.0-2.cp1172. Fixed case CPANEL-21797: Improve Backup Configuration transport form save button disabled state when no options are changed. Fixed case CPANEL-21806: Avoid spurious error with setting up external authentication via WHM API 1. Fixed case CPANEL-21807: Resolve failure to restore many parked domains. Fixed case CPANEL-21808: restorepkg: Properly handle restoration of a renamed account with digest authentication. Fixed case CPANEL-21823: rescan_user_dovecot_fts: Fix typo in –help output. Fixed case CPANEL-21827: Improve validation and workflow for Google transport form. Fixed case CPANEL-21837: Clarify language about custom HELO and IP addresses for Exim. Fixed case CPANEL-21839: Update cpanel-awstats to 7.7-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21840: Improve validation feedback for WHM Backup Configuration page. Fixed case CPANEL-21843: Fix Backup Config destination list to show more than 10 entries. Fixed case CPANEL-21852: Make the blocker text for staggered rollouts less confusing. Fixed case CPANEL-21862: Fix “%s” appearing in stats bar values. Fixed case CPANEL-21862: Ensure some phrases with “bytes” are translated. Fixed case CPANEL-21864: Make all alertList error alerts are dismissable. Fixed case CPANEL-21866: Update cpanel-perl-526-Test-MockModule to 0.15-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-21867: Ensure Perl modules can be installed via perlinstaller. Fixed case CPANEL-21871: Lower retry values for new zones. Fixed case CPANEL-21872: WHM API killdns: Provide more helpful error on incorrect invocation. Fixed case CPANEL-21873: MultiPHP Manager no longer requests installation of nonexistent packages when alt-php present. Fixed case CPANEL-21880: Better validate send_welcome_email argument to add_pop uapi. Fixed case CPANEL-21882: Improve error handling for corrupt custom PHP-FPM settings. Fixed case CPANEL-21891: WHM search box will now display “EasyApache 4” in the side menu when typing “ruby”, “gems”, or “passenger” into the search box. Fixed case CPANEL-21903: Avoid overwriting exim_tidydb entries in crontab. Fixed case CPANEL-21903: Enable optimize_eximstats cron in maintenance. Fixed case CPANEL-21908: Backup Configuration: Grey out unusable options with remote MySQL. Fixed case CPANEL-21911: Added a check for the alt-passenger package so that the “Apache mod_userdir Tweak” page will display the same warning as if the regular passenger package is installed. Fixed case CPANEL-21912: Reflect correct GID on file creation error. Fixed case CPANEL-21914: Ensure users can log in with passwords with slashes. Fixed case CPANEL-21916: Add prompts to allow users to address common known_host issues in the Create screen of Git Version Control. Fixed case CPANEL-21920: List Accounts: Ensure Change Plan button works. Fixed case CPANEL-21923: setupftpserver: Fix incorrect usage message. Fixed case CPANEL-21925: Don’t include deleted accounts when reporting the total accounts for a reseller. Fixed case CPANEL-21931: Verify existence of package when creating an account. Fixed case CPANEL-21933: Allow creating remote MySQL profiles using IPv6 addresses. Fixed case CPANEL-21934: List Accounts: Don’t display Create Account button if not valid. Fixed case CPANEL-21937: check_cpanel_apache_aliases: Only run on EA3 systems. Fixed case CPANEL-21949: Don’t restart dbus when it’s updated. Fixed case CPANEL-21956: Update MySQL56 to 5.6.41-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-21962: Raw Access: Escape filenames in UI. Fixed case CPANEL-21964: Update MySQL55 to 5.5.61-1.cp1162. Fixed case CPANEL-21968: Avoid hang when restarting MySQL if my.cnf needs adjustment. Fixed case CPANEL-21980: Add the ability to retry failed connections to the remote repository when managing a repository in Git Version Control. Fixed case CPANEL-21983: Improve error message on corrupt backup metadata. Fixed case CPANEL-21993: WHM: Allow Set Zone Time to Live interface to support a large amount of zones. Fixed case CPANEL-22010: Removed no longer needed htaccess comments added by PHP-FPM handler code. Fixed case CPANEL-22012: Fix setting PHP version when document root is missing. Fixed case CPANEL-22026: Properly escape passwords containing colons in .pgpass. Fixed case CPANEL-22030: Make backup transport backup dir optional. Fixed case CPANEL-22045: Add support for direct upgrades prior to the next LTS (LTS to LTS). Fixed case CPANEL-22052: Validate name for custom styles when they’re uploaded. Fixed case CPANEL-22055: Correct misleading text in Daily Process Log. Fixed case CPANEL-22056: Allow exporting SSH keys with ampersands in passphrase. Fixed case CPANEL-22060: Improve documentation and performnance of loading cpanel.config. Fixed case CPANEL-22069: Remove .htaccess entries when disabling Directory Privacy. Fixed case CPANEL-22073: Update cpanel-postgresql to 9.2.23-1.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-22078: Make ftpxferlog.offsetftpsep a reserved domain. Fixed case CPANEL-22078: Make ftpxferlog a reserved username. Fixed case CPANEL-22085: Change Google Drive default timeout to be 30 seconds. Fixed case CPANEL-22086: Fix result message when downloding raw Apache logs in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-22094: WHM: Print helpful message on low disk condition. Fixed case CPANEL-22094: WHM: Add error messages with non-200 statuses. Fixed case CPANEL-22103: Fix transfer tool warnings for PHP version “inherit”. Fixed case CPANEL-22106: Prevent duplicate dovecot queueprocd tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-22107: Prevent duplicate notifications queueprocd tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-22108: Prevent duplicate PHPFPM queueprocd tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-22109: Prevent duplicate cpHulk queueprocd tasks. Fixed case CPANEL-22112: Connect to the correct IP when redirected during DCV. Fixed case CPANEL-22122: Fix typos in EA4 Migration preflight check. Fixed case CPANEL-22123: Default WebDAV backup destination port to 80. Fixed case CPANEL-22130: Ensure CentOS 6 EOL warning is rendered. Fixed case CPANEL-22141: Fix password updates in MariaDB 10.2.16+. Fixed case CPANEL-22150: Improve validation for WHM Backup Configuration transport forms. Fixed case CPANEL-22169: Pure-FTPd: Preserve disabled ForcePassiveIP when NAT is active. Fixed case CPANEL-22179: Don’t display EA 3 deprecation warning on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-22181: Update pure-ftpd to 1.0.47-2.cp1174. Fixed case CPANEL-22184: Allow more email address characters in zones. Fixed case CPANEL-22193: Account Restoration: Fall back to default package if package missing. Fixed case CPANEL-22197: Prevent cpsrvd graceful restarts from killing terminal. Fixed case CPANEL-22199: Ensure that redirects to www. work correctly. Fixed case CPANEL-22206: Fix inconsistent restart behavior for cpanel_dovecot_solr in scripts/restartsrv. Fixed case CPANEL-22210: Fix notifications to users from SSL Pending Queue. Fixed case CPANEL-22226: Teach Terminal to ignore empty WebSocket data frames. Fixed case CPANEL-22227: Terminal: Fix MS Edge & IE JavaScript on logout. Fixed case CPANEL-22229: Don’t run unnecessary checks when subdomain docroots are being confined to public_html. Fixed case CPANEL-22234: Update cpanel-perl-526-Template-Toolkit to 2.27-10.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-22238: WHM API 1: Ensure manage_features feature key is correct. Fixed case CPANEL-22253: Teach cPStore market provider to handle certain “NotFound” errors. Fixed case CPANEL-22255: Make cPanel AutoSSL provider handle more cPStore errors. Fixed case CPANEL-22264: Remove legacy dovecot authentication. Fixed case CPANEL-22267: API call php_set_old_fpm_flag was not working. Fixed case CPANEL-22269: Locale Export: Avoid warning about untranslated phrases. Fixed case CPANEL-22270: Fix Google Drive transport form to hide contents of Client Secret. Fixed case CPANEL-22272: Fix Custom Transport Backup Directory field validation. Fixed case CPANEL-22276: Avoid 403 error with suexec on new account creation. Fixed case CPANEL-22282: Ensure MariaDB CLI functions in jailshell. Fixed case CPANEL-22283: Ensure proper crontab entry when modifying upcp cron time. Fixed case CPANEL-22288: Ensure from address is updated in Horde preferences when the domain is changed. Fixed case CPANEL-22298: Update cpanel-perl-526-Net-SSLeay to 1.85-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-22305: WHM Home page redesign. Fixed case CPANEL-22307: Avoid listing editor backup files as autoresponders. Fixed case CPANEL-22318: apitool: Accept files as arguments. Fixed case CPANEL-22334: Ensure make reseller ‘own self’ gets set when creating an account. Fixed case CPANEL-22353: In WHM’s Zone Editor, the input fields will no longer be various sizes, nor automatically adjust the sizes as you type. Fixed case CPANEL-22361: Prevent tweaksettings actions from corrupting json-api. Fixed case CPANEL-22363: Add a safety check to dotweaksettings to prevent accidental overwrite. Fixed case CPANEL-22364: Prevent set_tweaksettings API from clobbering tweak_unset_vars. Fixed case CPANEL-22372: Use the requested password when forcing a root MySQL password reset. Fixed case CPANEL-22373: Fix “Empty Query” exception in mysqlpasswd script. Fixed case CPANEL-22376: Remove user virtfs mounts when disabling jailapache. Fixed case CPANEL-22384: Improve reserved docroot checks during subdomain creation. Fixed case CPANEL-22385: Rebuild httpd.conf and restart httpd after adjusting the autodiscover proxy subdomains tweak setting. Fixed case CPANEL-22394: Ensure manually added root-level resellers can login. Fixed case CPANEL-22396: Ensure restore system declares failure when all modules are missing. Fixed case CPANEL-22400: Fix changing the account contact email when modifing an account. Fixed case CPANEL-22402: Update cpanel-squirrelmail to 2012.12.09-4.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-22404: Fix malformed header line in WHMAPI1 servicestatus call. Fixed case CPANEL-22413: Remove the use of authorized_keys2 which has been deprecated. Fixed case CPANEL-22414: Update EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 migration link. Fixed case CPANEL-22415: Removed reference to nonexistent instructions on EA4 migration page. Fixed case CPANEL-22425: Identify what PHP version a domain inherited inline. Fixed case CPANEL-22426: Fix impacted domains warning message in MultiPHP application. Fixed case CPANEL-22435: Fix disabling SpamAssassin during xfer when spamd is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-22442: Ensure remote profiles are updated when MySQL root password is changed. Fixed case CPANEL-22445: Terminate active shell sessions when a user is switched to noshell. Fixed case CPANEL-22450: Improve missing FPM RPM warning in Multi PHP Manager. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Add support to cpaddons for custom uninstall scripts similar to how the install supports a list of parameterized scripts. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Extent cpaddon admin url generation to include a way that the addon developer can make changes to the url at install time. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Enhance cpaddon template expansion with slugify and uri encoder helpers. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Added template expansion to the optional cron generation for cpaddon installs. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Moved the optional cpaddon admin and other url links into the table on the Manage tab of cPanel Site Software. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Preserve the addon developer specified order for preconditions from the cpaddon METADATA so the processing order will be be as the addon developer indicated. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Define permissions for files and folders in cpaddon. Fixed case CPANEL-22455: Add suexec to the utility that checks if a site will be running as the owner or running as ‘nobody’. Fixed case CPANEL-22459: Fix bug where restartsrv didn’t see EA3 tomcat as a valid service. Fixed case CPANEL-22462: Updated create/edit filter pages to use correct trademark for Apache SpamAssassin™. Fixed case CPANEL-22470: Update WHM API/UI to operate w/ private instance Tomcat 8.5. Fixed case CPANEL-22473: Improvements to WHM Home page. Fixed case CPANEL-22488: Include the REMOTE_HOST in the api_tokens_log. Fixed case CPANEL-22489: Don’t rebuild DNS config when –help is passed to rebuilddnsconfig. Fixed case CPANEL-22492: Ensure maxmem changes are immediately applied when updating in tweak settings. Fixed case CPANEL-22499: Ensure users are resuspended on restore if they were suspended at the time of backup or transfer. Fixed case CPANEL-22507: Prevent IO::File warning on cpdavd-dormant startup. Fixed case CPANEL-22517: Improve Backup Configuration destination validation reporting. Fixed case CPANEL-22520: Avoid uninitialized value warnings when querying grants for MySQL® users without a password. Fixed case CPANEL-22521: Fix MySQL user suspension with MariaDB. Fixed case CPANEL-22523: Redesign cPanel and WHM File and Directory Restoration. Fixed case CPANEL-22527: Replace “Proxy Subdomain” in the UIs with “Service Subdomain”. Fixed case CPANEL-22528: Update cpanel-squirrelmail to 2012.12.09-3.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-22529: Enabled system_needs_reboot whmapi on DNSOnly systems. Fixed case CPANEL-22541: Fix bug causing leftover DNS configuration after account termination when using PowerDNS. Fixed case CPANEL-22544: Improve performance for moving and suspended pages. Fixed case CPANEL-22548: Hide left navigation on fresh installs in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-22556: Enabled use of set_cphulk_config_key API on DNSONLY. Fixed case CPANEL-22557: Prevent MySQL from being disabled if Roundcube is using it. Fixed case CPANEL-22558: Ensure cphttpd uri decodes PATH_INFO. Fixed case CPANEL-22564: Fixed issue with SOLO license on WHM Home page. Fixed case CPANEL-22568: Update /etc/ssldomains during IP migration. Fixed case CPANEL-22571: Set default state for initial install in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-22578: Restore successful update alerts to MultiPHP Manager application. Fixed case CPANEL-22591: Ensure cpsrvd can restart when there are ssl connections. Fixed case CPANEL-22597: Fix WHMAPI1 DB calls that require the Cpanel::Mysql module. Fixed case CPANEL-22598: Ensure account suspensions properly take effect and lock MySQL users on systems running MySQL 5.7. Fixed case CPANEL-22604: Ignore Informix php options when migrating php.ini files. Fixed case CPANEL-22614: Ensure that changing the contact email address in Basic WebHost Manager® Setup is properly reflected in the httpd.conf file. Fixed case CPANEL-22632: Restore legacy login template fallback. Fixed case CPANEL-22634: Avoid saving an empty crontab for root when logging directly into to the cronconfig page in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-22654: Avoid warning when branding package has not been set. Fixed case CPANEL-22657: Prevent error while access autodiscover under cphttpd. Fixed case CPANEL-22660: Ensure Postgresql interfaces work when MySQL is disabled. Fixed case CPANEL-22667: Gather contact email and default nameservers during initial setup after the first login on new installations. Fixed case CPANEL-22682: Ensure disable file is observed correctly for all MySQL versions. Fixed case CPANEL-22686: Support private instance tomcat 8.5 in migrations from EA3. Fixed case CPANEL-22701: Fix Save and Validate for Additional Destinations in WHM Backup configuration UI. Fixed case CPANEL-22706: Ensure a memory warning is shown when Tomcat is enabled for users. Fixed case CPANEL-22709: WHM: Ensure MySQL Upgrade interface works in all browsers. Fixed case CPANEL-22725: Alerts will now use alertService instead of growl notifications. Fixed case CPANEL-22731: Fix cPanel File and Directory Restore “On disk” display. Fixed case CPANEL-22733: Ensure cPanel can access PostgreSQL when MySQL is offline. Fixed case CPANEL-22735: Improve regex validation for reserved subdomain docroots. Fixed case CPANEL-22737: Fix missing validation message for webdav transport’s “port” field. Fixed case CPANEL-22743: Cleanup legacy login pages. Fixed case CPANEL-22745: Prevent services not installed from reporting as enabled. Fixed case CPANEL-22754: Remove obsoleted cpanel-php56 RPMs. Fixed case CPANEL-22755: Better Transitions on Domains Page. Fixed case CPANEL-22769: Fix HTML Escaping for Message Column in Validation Results table. Fixed case CPANEL-22771: Fix Cpanel::ArrayFunc::Any::any error while removing accounts. Fixed case CPANEL-22772: Fix backup_destination_add to deal with HTML entities. Fixed case CPANEL-22776: Enable addaforns and doaddaforns for DNSONLY Fixed case CPANEL-22789: Ensure CustInfo properly formats infotext locale strings. Fixed case CPANEL-22794: Fixed error during creation and altering of domain. Fixed case CPANEL-22796: Fix WHM MultiPHP Manager ‘Select All’ table option. Fixed case CPANEL-22800: Update cpanel-git to 2.19.0-2.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-22807: Create Domain form now anticipates incoming domains. Fixed case CPANEL-22810: Fix saving tweak settings that are “other” or “control” fields. Fixed case CPANEL-22815: Keep the previously selected domain after creating an email account. Fixed case CPANEL-22822: Fixed upgrade link on create domain page. Fixed case CPANEL-22824: Add upgraded flag to rpm.versions. Fixed case CPANEL-22828: Ensure configurationOptions for associated domains only show when valid. Fixed case CPANEL-22829: Fix table striping on Multi-PHP Manager page in WHM. Fixed case CPANEL-22834: Update cpanel-git to 2.19.0-1.cp1170. Fixed case CPANEL-22839: WHM: Fix validation in Simple Setup. Fixed case CPANEL-22852: Ensure the back button works on the WHM Create Support Ticket Wizard. Fixed case CPANEL-22859: Fixed values for MySQL ssh host key. Fixed case CPANEL-22860: Report ssh errors while trying to setup a remote MySQL profile. Fixed case CPANEL-22861: Fix text for Piped Log Configuration interface. Fixed case CPANEL-22863: Ensure MySQL still appears in the UI when MySQL is remote. Fixed case CPANEL-22865: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.2-2.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-22866: Show node type in the WHM banner. Fixed case CPANEL-22879: Remove broken image in ClamScanner API1 scanhomedir. Fixed case CPANEL-22882: Prevent error when checking for Feature Showcase inclusions. Fixed case CPANEL-22888: Replace Special FTP Accounts icons with Font Awesome icons. Fixed case CPANEL-22899: Update to Hover to Show in cPanel’s Bandwidth page for the pie graph. Fixed case CPANEL-22911: Update cpanel-php72-horde to 5.2.18-5.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-22911: Update cpanel-php72-Services-Weather to 1.4.7-5.cp1176. Fixed case CPANEL-22969: EULA: Added is_dnsonly check. Fixed case CPANEL-23016: Mark new profiles “Experimental”. Fixed case CPANEL-23028: Fix Horde free/busy checks to cpdavd when NAT is involved. Fixed case CPANEL-23031: Update cpanel-perl-526-Selenium-Remote-Driver to 1.30-1.cp1174. Fixed case CPANEL-23052: Tomcat 8.5 is now available through EasyApache 4. Fixed case CPANEL-23055: Update Roundcube to 1.3.6 upstream release. Implemented case CPANEL-20761: Use local timzone in date localization on TLS Status page. Implemented case CPANEL-21022: Ensure spam box is available by default. Implemented case CPANEL-21203: Adjust Comodo certificate domain limit to 1000. Implemented case CPANEL-21332: Use standard “.well-known/pki-validation” default relative DCV dir. Implemented case CPANEL-21370: Enable/Disable Tomcat 8.5 on user domains in WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-21418: Update PowerDNS to version 4. Implemented case CPANEL-21534: Teach cpsrvd to do limited httpd work when httpd itself is disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-21549: Make Cpanel::Plugins use the new mirrorlist-using cP plugins YUM repo. Implemented case CPANEL-21575: Alter “Manage SSL Hosts” in WHM for the case where httpd is disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-21587: Multi select support for Tomcat UI Show warnings when disabling Tomcat 8.5. Implemented case CPANEL-21654: Remove SSL sharing feature. Implemented case CPANEL-21667: Teach cpsrvd & cpdavd’s SNI handler to work with service subdomains. Implemented case CPANEL-21685: Fixed bug in Backup Transport configuration UIs where the saved state of ‘Transfer System Backups to Destination’ was not presented onload when editing previously saved transports. Implemented case CPANEL-21824: Avoid network error on login to non-existent account. Implemented case CPANEL-21876: Add framework to support server profiles and roles. Implemented case CPANEL-21944: Add manager for cPanel user-specific ports. Implemented case CPANEL-21945: Add manager for cPanel user managed && monitored services. Implemented case CPANEL-21945: Add Ubic RPMs. Implemented case CPANEL-21987: Make bandwidth display aware of server profiles and roles. Implemented case CPANEL-22015: A new domain manager, and creation tool has been added to cPanel. Implemented case CPANEL-22023: Hide Email items when Mail role is disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-22025: Use getrandom syscall for random data when available. Implemented case CPANEL-22027: Add role parameter to StatsBar and ResourceUsage. Implemented case CPANEL-22116: Separate out x3 branding system from dynamicui. Implemented case CPANEL-22166: Enable PFP-FPM by default for accounts on new installs and add a feature showcase highlighting the option. Implemented case CPANEL-22198: WHM > AutoSSL now provides better details to help choose a provider. Implemented case CPANEL-22215: Documentation update to PHP-FPM feature showcase. Implemented case CPANEL-22237: Enable quotas by default on new installs. Implemented case CPANEL-22259: Disable webmail service with the Mail role is disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-22280: Make profiles and roles aware of needed services. Implemented case CPANEL-22301: Remove PHP-FPM by default from Feature Showcase. Implemented case CPANEL-22319: Account preferences feature now lets users to set their preferences for various settings. At the moment, system notifications can be set. Implemented case CPANEL-22332: Update cPanel internal PHP to upstream version 7.2.7. Implemented case CPANEL-22335: Make cphttpd serve Mailman. Implemented case CPANEL-22389: Add an API and UI to activate server profiles. Implemented case CPANEL-22420: Add new EULA page. Implemented case CPANEL-22469: Hide feature showcase on fresh installs. Implemented case CPANEL-22476: Make sure accounts can be created when MySQL is disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-22534: Improve performance of storing SQL grants. Implemented case CPANEL-22570: Fix enabling/disabling of Save button for Backup Configuration. Implemented case CPANEL-22573: Fix transfers when MySQL is disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-22608: Prevent pkgacct failures when MySQL is disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-22613: Add Database Node to the profiles list. Implemented case CPANEL-22637: Squirrelmail is no longer installed during new installations of cPanel & WHM. Implemented case CPANEL-22662: Impute disabled roles from enabled roles in server profiles. Implemented case CPANEL-22664: Ensure non-role aware services can be restarted. Implemented case CPANEL-22668: Remove dnsadmin from the DNS Role service list. Implemented case CPANEL-22673: A KernelCare suggestion link now exists on the graceful reboot page. Implemented case CPANEL-22681: Make WHM and cPanel aware of MySQL/PostgreSQL being disabled. Implemented case CPANEL-22685: Users can now get more detailed pending certificate information. Implemented case CPANEL-22689: Remove legacy MySQL database cleanup from updateeximstats. Implemented case CPANEL-22693: Sync MySQL grants from grants files to MySQL on service enable. Implemented case CPANEL-22705: Implement updated config panel brings better controls to the domains UI. Implemented case CPANEL-22711: Adding a Feature Showcase Entry for the Domains UI. Implemented case CPANEL-22730: A New Feature Showcase entry for EV/OV Status Details. Implemented case CPANEL-22963: Make account creation aware of remote MySQL being enabled.